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Akira Toriyama net worth is
$45 Million

Akira Toriyama Wiki Biography

Akira Toriyama was born on 5 April 1955, in Nagoya, Japan, and is a well known Japanese manga artist, as well as a game artist, character designer and art director, who began his career in his early 20s, and is probably best known for what is regarded as his finest work, Dragon Ball .

How rich is Akira Toriyama? Currently, Akira Toriyama’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million, accumulated mostly from his career as a manga artist, during a career spanning almost 40 years since his debut in this art industry in the late 1970s.

Akira Toriyama Net Worth $45 Million

Toriyama probably began his drawing career as early as elementary school, as a simple form of entertainment because there was apparently little else to keep young children amused and interested. Professionally his first job was working at an advertising agency in Nagoya, where he designed posters for almost three years. After quitting this job, Toriyama participated in an amateur contest named “Jump”, really in order to win money. Although Toriyama didn’t win the competition, he was later contacted and encouraged by Kazuhiko Torishima, who would later become his editor.

In 1978, Toriyama debuted with a series of two one-shot manga entitled “Wonder Land”, which was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump, a weekly manga anthology. Toriyama’s break-through occurred a couple of years later in 1980 with the publication of a manga series about a perverted professor and his robot Arale, entitled “Dr. Slump”. By the end of the series in 1984, Akira Toriyama had become a known name in the manga industry. In addition, “Dr. Slump” earned him a prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award in 1981, and was adapted into a series that aired on TV from 1981 to 1986.By the year 2008, “Dr. Slump” had sold over 35 million copies in Japan alone. Such a successful start in the manga industry heavily contributed to Akira Toriyama’s public recognition, as well as his net worth.

However, Toriyama’s most successful work to date was published in 1984 in Weekly Shōnen Jump under the name of “Dragon Ball”, which instantly caught the attention of the public. Initially an adventure/gag manga, “Dragon Ball” was later modified to represent a martial arts fighting series. Toriyama worked on this manga for 11 years, and produced 519 chapters, resulting in a total of 42 volumes. “Dragon Ball” has sold over 156 million copies in Japan, and a total of 230 million copies worldwide.

“Dragon Ball” soon began to be considered “the most influential shōnen manga”, as well as the “second best-selling manga of all time”. Eventually, this manga series was adapted into several TV anime, such as “Dragon Ball”, “Dragon Quest”, “Dragon Ball Z”, and “Dragon Ball GT”. “Dragon Ball Z” alone lasted for 291 episodes, and was yet again adapted into 16 films. Needless to say, Toriyama managed to gather a large sum of money from the sales. The popularity of “Dragon Ball” manga series spread worldwide, and was eventually turned into several video games, including “Dragon Quest Monsters”, “Super Dragon Ball Z”, and “Dragon Ball Online”.

A remarkably successful anime artist with a net worth of $45 million, Akira Toriyama became an influential person in the industry, and was even commissioned to illustrate characters for “Dragon Ball” games. Toriyama’s unique drawing style that defies the traditional conventions of manga series, his visually different characters and an interesting choice of alphabet to convey the message behind the pictures is what has drawn a large audience towards his work.

In his personal life, Akira is married to Yoshimi Kato, and the couple have two children.

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Net Worth $45 Million
Date Of Birth April 5, 1955 (age 60
Place Of Birth Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Profession Mangaka, Designer, Game artist, Writer, Art Director
Nationality Japan
Spouse Nachi Mikami (m. 1982)
Children Sasuke Toriyama
Nicknames Toriyama Akira
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1369987
# Trademark
1 Characters drawn in a clean line and design.
# Quote
1 About Blue Dragon (2007): “This may be my final anime, I’m a little worried (about it). There’s incredible pressure, but at the same time, there’s a sense of accomplishment – that it’s worth doing. Blue Dragon will be a masterpiece, not simply because I’m working hard on it, but because the staff is expecting nothing less.”
2 His favourite “Dragonball” character: I believe mine would be Piccolo. He was the first character in my manga where I was like, “He has a scary face, but he’s so cool!” It really is cliché when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels great drawing it!
3 About Drunken Master (1978): If I hadn’t seen this movie, I would never have come up with Dragonball.
# Fact
1 In Japan, May 9 is officially known as Goku Day, after his hero Goku (May 9, or 5-9, can be written in Japanese as as “go”-“ku”).
2 He claims not to plan his stories in the long-term.
3 He planned to end “Dragon Ball” with the Frieza saga (where Goku faces Frieza, the destroyer of his planet), but his publishers persuaded him to carry on the saga to include the Android, Cell and Buu sagas.
4 His “Dragon Ball” protagonist Son Goku was voted in a 2009 poll by Mania.com as the most iconic anime hero of all time.
5 His “Dragon Ball” manga extended only up to the end of the DBZ series and the third anime series Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî (1996), was an original work (and thus considered by some fans to be non-canon); however, Toriyama was involved in that series by supervising its production, although this was limited.
6 He is a fan of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) and would often listen to its musical scores while drawing.
7 His favourite animated film is Walt Disney‘s 101 Dalmatians (1961).
8 His favourite character from the “Dragon Ball” saga is Piccolo.
9 He cites the works of cartoonists Osamu Tezuka and Walt Disney and kung-fu comedian Jackie Chan as an influence on his work.
10 Has a son, Sasuke (born April 1987) & a girl (October 1990).
11 Is friends with Eiichiro Oda, who credits Toriyama as an influence on his manga “One Piece”. The two worked together on a crossover called “Cross Epoch”, where both “Dragon Ball” and “One Piece” characters had to get to a tea party (but a series of misadventures kept getting in their way).
12 He often carried out crossovers between his works “Dragon Ball” and “Dr Slump”. In Dragon Ball: Doragon bôru (1986), Dr’s Slump’s home Penguin Village appears for a few episodes in the General Blue saga. Likewise, Arale Norimaki, Dr Slump’s daughter, makes a few cameo appearances throughout the Dragon Ball saga; in a similar manner, when Toriyama started a new “Dr Slump” series following the end of “Dragon Ball”, Goku made a cameo appearance.
13 Contrary to popular belief, Toriyama DID have a role in anime-only material on Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto (1989). He created Bardock and Pikkon, and it was his idea to have Yamcha as a baseball player.
14 His favourite PC game is Myst (1993).
15 Enjoys watching movies starring Jackie Chan.
16 Mostly known as the creator of the popular anime “Dragon Ball”, the most popular series of which is Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto (1989) (released in the West as Dragon Ball Z (1996)).

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