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Alexa Vega net worth is
$12.5 Million

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Alexa Vega Wiki Biography

Alexa Ellesse PenaVega is a Miami, Florida-born American actress as well as a singer, probably best known for her performance in the movie series “Spy Kids” as Carmen Cortez. Born on 27 August 1988, Alexa has both Colombian and American heritage. One of the successful actresses when it comes to the American film industry, Alexa has been active in her profession since 1993.

An artist skilled at both acting and singing with successful careers, how rich is Alexa as of early 2016? As of now, Alexa counts her net worth at $12.5 million; obviously, most of her present wealth has been amassed due to her successful involvement in showbiz as an actress while her being a singer has also helped her earn a lot of money over the years.

Alexa Vega Net Worth $12.5 Million

Raised in Oscala, Florida and California, Alexa started her journey as an actress at the very young age of six. Her first role was in the television series “Evening Shade” in which she appeared as Emily Newton, a recurring character. With time, Alexa became more prominent on television and performed in several TV shows including “To Have & To Hold”, “Ladies Man”,” Ruby & The Rockits” and others. Until today, Alexa has continued to be a part of television and more recently, she appeared in shows like “The Tomorrow People”, “Nashville” and “Dancing With The Stars” among others. Surely, all of these projects have been significant in adding to her net worth.

Although television has been a major part of her life, Alexa is more popular for being a Hollywood actress. She initiated her career in Hollywood with the role of Priscilla in the movie “Little Giants” in 1994. Later, she was noted for her appearance in the movie “Twister”, but her breakthrough performance came in 2001 when she starred in the movie “Spy Kids” as Carmen Cortez. As the movie went on to become successful, two sequels were released in which Alexa also had parts.

Other of Alexa’s notable movies apart from the “Spy Kids” series include “Remember The Daze”, “Innocent”, “The Hunters”, “The Remaining” and many more. On a recent note, Alexa has been working on the upcoming movie “The Murder Pact” and is appearing on television as a contestant in the show “Dancing With The Stars”. Needless to say, all these projects have been helpful in making Alexa a multi-millionaire at the present.

Apart from acting, Alexa is also a successful singer who has notably sung soundtracks for movies including “Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams” and “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over”, “Ruby & The Rockits” and “The Devil’s Carnival” among others, which have also added to her net worth.

As for her personal life, 27 years old actress has been living a married life with her spouse Carlos Pena, Jr. since 2014. Previously, she was married to Sean Covel for two years until divorce in 2012. For now, Alexa is enjoying her career as an accomplished actress and singer whose present net worth of $12.5 million has been catering to her life.

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Full Name Alexa Vega
Net Worth $12.5 Million
Date Of Birth August 27, 1988
Place Of Birth Miami, Florida, United States
Height 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Profession Actress, Singer
Nationality Americasn
Spouse Carlos Pena, Jr. (m. 2014), Sean Covel (m. 2010–2012)
Parents Baruch Vega, Gina Rue
Siblings Makenzie Vega, Krizia Vega, Cruz Hudson Rue, Greylin James, Margaux Vega, Jet James
Nicknames Alexa Ellesse Vega , Lex , Alex , Alexa PenaVega , Alexa Ellesse Pena-Vega , Alexa Ellesse PenaVega
Awards ALMA Awards for Favorite Movie Actress – Comedy/Musical (2011), Black Reel Award for Newtork/Cable- Best Actress (2007), Imagen Award for Best Actress – Television (2012), Young Artist Award – Best Performance in a Feature Film (2003)
Nominations YoungStar Award (2000), Young Artist Awards, NCLR Bravo Awards (1996), Imagen Foundation Awards
Movies “Machete Kills” (2013), “Little Giants” (1994), “Twister”, “Spy Kids”, “Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams”, “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over”, “Ruby & The Rockits”, “The Devil’s Carnival”
TV Shows “To Have & To Hold”, “Ladies Man”, “The Tomorrow People”, “Nashville”, “Dancing With The Stars” (2016), “Ruby & The Rockits” (2009)
# Quote
1 I am taking belly dancing now. My hips are double-jointed, so I can do it really easily.
2 Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to play the young role as long as I can because once that ship has sailed, there’s no getting back on it.
3 I don’t want to get stuck playing the same character over and over again.
4 I love taking on roles that I haven’t yet done in my career.
5 I’ve been through a marriage, and I’m still very fond of my ex-husband; but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that relationships are about compromise.
6 I’d like to go to NYU business school and then go on to film school.
7 When a casting agent sees me, he kind of knows what he’s getting.
8 I’m already a tiny person, so now I’m trying to go to the gym to add muscle. I need it!
9 Growing up on a set is completely different than coming onto a brand new set for the first time.
10 I really wanted to pursue music, but all those other girls are doing it and it is annoying.
11 When you’re younger, there aren’t very many kid actors. It’s a lot easier to get jobs.
12 I really don’t get nervous when I perform -it’s more of an exciting feeling than anything else. But put me in a classroom with kids my age and have me take a test and yeah, I’ll be nervous!
13 My mom sent me to regular high school because she wanted me to have that experience and not say that I missed out, but I didn’t like it at all. I’m more comfortable in the world that I’m in, I grew up in it so when I get around normal kids in regular high school I don’t know what to do. I feel more secure in an adult environment.
14 You always hear these stories of people who grew up in Hollywood, and they’re like, ‘We lost our childhood.’ But I was very fortunate.
15 I get to play characters that kind of shock people and I enjoy doing that. I like characters that have meaning and get people in the heart. I want to be able to get people to cry or make people angry or sad.
16 What makes Johnny Depp so brilliant is you truly have no idea what kind of character he’s going to play next.
17 My mom always bails me out of things when I get in trouble.
18 I like to play paintball in my back yard.
19 I have three friendships that have lasted a long time, but everybody else has come and gone.
20 Natalie Portman is one of my favorites, and Jodie Foster. Those two are amazing actresses.
21 I really look up to actors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett who have a strong background in theatre.
22 I love doing comedy. It’s a lot of fun.
23 I hang out with all the crew on set. It just makes it easier to work. You feel more comfortable around everyone.
24 I love working with Darren Lynn Bousman. He is such a cool director with really great ideas.
25 Coming into high school, it’s scary. You don’t know which group to be in, and I can’t stand that it’s so cliquey.
26 I just feel so sexy when I’m salsa dancing and wearing the salsa clothes. I love dancing, and the salsa is just so sexy.
27 There will always be someone being picked on at school, and it’s not going to go away.
28 Honestly, I usually have way more guy friends than girlfriends.
29 Kids need to open up to their parents. And parents should realize that when kids are pushing you away, that’s the time to really step in.
30 Never compromise yourself.
31 I always think it’s hard for any young actor to make that transition to more grown-up roles. Because you don’t want to alienate your audience who has been supportive of you for so many years, so you kind of have to tiptoe through that process.
32 People are expecting me to still be fourteen years old. It cracks me up, especially when people see me walk by with my husband. They’re like, ‘What? You’re married? You’re not old enough to be married.’ Thank you. I’m glad that you think that.
33 The Internet has become a tool to pick on people and ruin someone’s life. I don’t think parents realize what’s going on. Just because you’re not at school doesn’t mean kids aren’t harassing you on the computer.
34 I used to be so intimidated by spin classes. I’d always go by and see people on their bikes looking so intense. But one day my sister and I worked up the courage to go in, and now we’re hooked!
35 I don’t know how I didn’t kill any one of my sisters. For this one horror film we were making, I made my own harness for my sister. I wrapped her in all these ropes, but then also put a noose around her neck and hung her from a tree. Now I think, ‘What if my harness didn’t work?’ I’m so lucky that nothing ever happened.
36 If a script comes together, and you end up liking the people who are part of it, that’s when you can make magic happen. It’s a huge combination of trying to find something you think you can deliver on and a director you think you can collaborate with to make a good picture.
37 I don’t expect people who’ve enjoyed ‘Spy Kids’ will enjoy ‘Repo! the Genetic Opera!’
38 I guess if you are making more money than your mom and dad, you can set your own boundaries.
39 I consider my mom and all my sisters my friends.
40 I was raised by a very strict, good mother, so I won’t be getting out of line anytime soon.
41 Having to go back and forth between school and filming would sometimes be frustrating because I loved school. It was my chance to be around other people my age. But when you’re leaving school to go to a set that’s filled with kids your age, then it’s fine.
42 The Internet has become a tool to pick on people and ruin someone’s life. I don’t think parents realize what’s going on.
43 When you have people catering to you non-stop, you lose it. You need someone to kick you in the butt every now and then!
44 I think it really makes a difference when you know the people that you’re working with, when you develop a relationship.
45 I need a SUV, for me and my four sisters. So, I’ve narrowed it down to four, kind of expensive, cars.
46 I actually have a stash of wigs for Halloween. But only for that. Not to play dress-up.
47 Well, because I’m naturally a tomboy, when I have sleepovers with girls, they end up going home and crying.
48 Guys are so easygoing and girls are a little harder to please, but that’s okay.
49 I think I am too old to be doing teen movies. I am just kind of annoyed, because you have all these teen movies coming out with usually either Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff doing four of the exact teen movies over and over again.
50 I don’t know what to say when I have a crush on somebody. I kind of lose my words. I really try to start a conversation, and I can’t. It’s horrible.
# Fact
1 Gave birth to her 1st child at age 28, a son named Ocean King PenaVega on December 7, 2016. Child’s father is her husband, Carlos PenaVega.
2 Friend of AnnaLynne McCord.
3 (January 4, 2014) Married for the 2nd time her boyfriend of a year Carlos PenaVega following a 5-month-long engagement.
4 On the set, filming the movie Walkout (2006) for HBO. [July 2005]
5 Playing the role of ‘Penny Pingleton’ in the Broadway production of “Hairspray”. [April 2007]
6 Her favorite actor is Rupert Grint.
7 On the set of Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002), she received her first kiss at the age of 13, with a young stuntman, after calling her mother and receiving assurances that it was all right.
8 Spy Kids (2001) director, Robert Rodriguez, bought her a new car for her 16th birthday. She wanted a Range Rover so she can drive her four sisters around and put a surfboard on top.
9 At 15, placed fourth in the hottest female teen stars in February 2004.
10 Is an experienced gymnast.
11 She can speak Spanish fluently.
12 Her father is Colombian. Her mother, who is of British Isles origin, has deep roots in Florida.
13 She enjoys freshwater fishing.
14 Has two half-sisters named Greylin James (b. 2000) and Margaux Vega (b. 1981). She also has a half-brother named Jet James (b. 2005).
15 Older sister of Makenzie Vega and Krizia Vega.

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