Are Security Guards Customer Service?: Role, Responsibility

The world of customer care is more complicated than in the past. It used to be an easy exchange of items, services or information would be a straightforward deal. We are now in the middle of a really different landscape.

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These days, it seems client service staff members are frequently put into the role of the impromptu cops officer.

As a result, it is more crucial than ever to assign people roles and ensure they are capable of doing the work their company expects.

Specialists like those who take part in security guard services, which is the core of our conversation today. Are they consumer service? Do they have an obligation to patrons and customers of an organization?

We take a look at the answers to these concerns in detail, right down below.

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Are Security Guards Customer Support?

When identifying whether security guard services are a client service gig, the response can be simple. Security guards are worked with by a company to secure a particular place, things or group for an agreed-upon length of time.

Indeed, this is a near-exact meaning of customer care. However, it may feel a bit cheap to some, which is easy to understand. When most people consider security guard services, they are not thinking of the legal obligation between 2 services. Instead, their attention is probably on our next concern.

Do Guard Have a Responsibility to a Customer’s Customers?

This is where things begin to get challenging. Is the intoxicated right to be upset when refused entrance to the bar? Is the reveller justified in requiring a refund after being by force eliminated from the place? Well, to get to the bottom of this, we must initially take a look at what legislation governs security specialists in Canada.

Initially, security services are a provincial concern. Each province, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, will have its own special legislation requirements for these people. Nevertheless, some standards and rules are consistent throughout the country, including:

  • Security personnel must provide you the opportunity to leave the premise prior to an arrest and can ask you to do so
  • Security personnel can detain people who will not leave facilities or are breaking other laws
  • Like all Canadians, security personnel can carry out a citizen’s arrest if they see you dedicating a criminal offence
  • Guard can search detained people but in a really minimal capability

While each jurisdiction will have its own distinct judgments and specifications, these overarching guidelines will likely stay in location.

Who Specifies a Security Guard’s Function?

Ultimately, guard are private workers. As a result, their company, whether a security specialist or place, will determine the expectations of the role. If these conditions enable guard to ask people to leave or remove them when non-compliant, that is just the fulfillment of a customer care arrangement.

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