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Bam Margera net worth is
$50 Million

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Bam Margera Wiki Biography

Brandon Cole Margera, to the public known as Bam Margera, is a widely known American television, as well as radio personality, professional skateboarder, actor, film editor and producer, and a stunt performer. Bam Margera is perhaps mostly recognized as a member of a stunt and prank crew “Jackass”, which was co-created by his friend Johnny Knoxville. The group became famous in the early 2000s, mainly due to a variety of dangerous pranks they performed on film, some of which resulted in many injuries. The fame of “Jackass” helped Margera and Knoxville, as well as other member of the team to successfully establish themselves in the entertainment industry.

Bam Margera Net Worth $45 Million

One may wonder how rich is Bam Margera? According to sources, Bam Margera’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million. The main source for Bam Margera’s net worth and wealth is the entertainment industry. Bam Margera was born in 1979, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Bam is an older brother of Jess Margera who is a famous drummer for an alternative metal band “CKY”. Bam Margera started his career by making videos of himself and his friends and labeling them as CKY (“Camp Kill Yourself”) video series. The earliest videos featured Margera’s friends who would later become his partners on “Jackass”, as well as other projects. CKY videos included Ryan Dunn, Chris Raab, Brandon Novak and Brandon DiCamillo. With the release of four CKY video series, the fame of the group grew steadily and soon enough they were noticed by a film and television producer Jeff Tremaine who invited them to join what would soon become “Jackass”. “Jackass” soon proved to be a highly successful project, as they not only managed to attract large viewership to the show, but released several commercially profitable full-length movies. Bam Margera appeared in the very first “Jackass: The Movie” that grossed over $79 million in the box office, “Jackass Number Two”, and “Jackass 3D” that managed to gross more than $170 million in the box office sales. Needless to say, Bam Margera’s net worth was on the rise at the time. After three seasons with “Jackass”, Margera continued his successful solo career. In 2003, Margera debuted with a reality television series “Viva La Bam”, and several years later debuted with another series titled “Bam’s Unholy Union” that featured his fiancée at the time Missy Rothstein.

Even though Bam Margera is mostly known as a television personality, he has been actively partaking in other projects as well. Margera is a professional skateboarder and is currently a part of “Team Element” with sponsorships from Fairman’s Skateshop and Speed Metal Bearings. Margera has also starred and directed several independent movies, including “Haggard”, “Minghags” and “Bam Margera Presents: Where the Fuck is Santa?”. In addition to that, Margera has been featured in several games created by his fellow pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk, such as “Pro Skaters 3”, “Underground” and “American Wasteland”. Margera also owns record label called “Filthy Note Records” and has directed music videos for many bands. Bam Margera’s net worth currently amounts to $45 million.

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Full Name Bam Margera
Net Worth $50 Million
Salary $45 million
Date Of Birth September 28, 1979
Place Of Birth West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession Stunt Performer, Professional skateboarder, television personality, radio personality, television producer
Education West Chester East High School
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Nicole Boyd (m. 2013), Missy Margera (m. 2007–2012)
Parents Phil Margera, April Margera
Siblings Jess Margera
Nicknames Brandon Cole Margera , Bam Bam , Brendan Margera , Brandon Margera , Bamargera , Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera
Record Labels “Filthy Note Records”
Music Groups “CKY”
Nominations MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo, Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Male Reality Star, London, United Kingdom
Movies “Viva La Bam” (2003-2006), “Jackass Number Two”, “Jackass 3D” (2010), “Jackass 3.5” (2011), “Bam’s Unholy Union”,, “Bam Margera Presents: Where the Fuck is Santa?”
TV Shows “Jackass”, “Viva La Bam”, “Bam’s Unholy Union”, “CKY“ (Camp Kill Yourself”), video-games: “Pro Skaters 3”, “Underground”, “American Wasteland”
# Trademark
1 His ice blue eyes.
2 Constantly torments his parents, Phil and April, in Jackass stunts
# Quote
1 I’m Bam Margera. And I feel like kicking my dad’s ass, all day today.
# Fact
1 He along with Dave England and Ehren McGhehey never went to Japan with the rest of the Jackass crew during filming of “Jackass The Movie”.
2 Doing Motion Capture sessions with Neversoft for upcoming video game, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (2006). [October 2006]
3 Starring in his own reality show on MTV, Viva la Bam (2003), along with Ryan Dunn, ‘Raab Himself’ and many others. [November 2003]
4 Broken engagement to Jennifer Rivell. [April 2005]
5 Engaged to Jennifer Rivell. [July 2003]
6 Making a film called “The Dream Seller” (The Dream Seller is a nickname for long-time friend and fellow skater Brandon Novak), set to come out in June 2006. [2005]
7 Recording for voice-over as himself in Tony Hawk‘s Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (2004), (PS2). [2004]
8 Filming “Dream Seller”, a movie about longtime friend and fellow skater, Brandon Novak. [2006]
9 Bam Margera, Brandon Novak and Nicole Boyd are in the band “F*ckface Unstoppable”.
10 His favorite Cradle of Filth album is “Nymphetamine”. He also has the title tattooed on his arm.
11 He is friends with Cradle of Filth vocalist, Dani Filth.
12 Was best friends with Ryan Dunn.
13 Friend of Katherine von Drachenberg.
14 Among the guests at his wedding to Missy Rothstein were Ryan Dunn, Tony Hawk, Jess Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuña, Katherine von Drachenberg and Jeff Tremaine. Iggy Pop and The Stooges also performed at his wedding.
15 Attended Tony Hawk‘s wedding to Lhotse Merriam in Tavarua, Fiji. [January 2006]
16 Most episodes of Bam’s show had shown him to own both a red 2003 Hummer H2 and a purple Lamborghini Gallardo as well as a Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG with a heartagram on the front instead of the Mercedes-Benz logo. In Season Five, however, showed the H2 being dropped off a cliff by Vincent Margera as revenge for constant torment. The Lamborghini has been modified with help from friend Billy Idol to include a sunroof (a rough rectangle crudely cut with a reciprocating saw). Bam bragged that his was the only vehicle of its kind with a sunroof. Since the end of filming on Viva la Bam (2003), Bam has replaced the red H2 with a blue H2. Bam recently purchased a light blue Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster.
17 Margera owns his own record label; Filthy Note Records. He has signed Swedish hard rock band Vains of Jenna to it and has produced their first video “No One’s Gonna Do It For You”.
18 Is known for his fear of snakes. During a prank war on Viva la Bam (2003), Johnny Knoxville tackled Bam and trapped him while Ryan Dunn put a snake on him. Also, in the Jackass Number Two (2006) movie, the cast members tricked Bam by trapping him in a truck with a devenomized cobra. He cries of fear during this scene.
19 In the DVD commentary for Jackass: The Box Set, Margera said that Element Skateboards pays him two million dollars a year to wear their clothing.
20 Has a weekly Sirius Satellite Radio show called Radio Bam on Faction 28. Hosts it from his home most of the time and airs Monday nights at 7 est.
21 He is seen on the intro of The Dudesons.
22 He cites Chris Raab as his only reason for attending high school, and dropped out after Raab got expelled for smearing feces on a locker (as told in Landspeed: CKY (1999)).
23 Bam starred in the Bloodhound Gang’s music video to “Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo.” He was driving a banana shaped car.
24 Plays the keyboard in a band started by Bam and ‘Brandon DiCamillo’ called Gnarkill. Gnarkill consists Bam and Dico, Jess Margera, Rich Vose, and Matt Cole.
25 Bam entered the famous Gumball 3000 rally in 2006 with Ryan Dunn, Mike Vallely, and Tony Hawk.
26 As a professional skater in the January of 2005, Margera successfully landed The Loop in Phoenix, Arizona. He became the 13th known skater to land it, and was the first street skater to successfully land it.
27 Is currently engaged to Missy Rothstein. He proposed to her in the King of Prussia Shopping Mall. [2006]
28 Was arrested for unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, after trying to pass through a security check-point at LAX airport in Los Angeles with brass knuckles. He was released the next morning after Johnny Knoxville posted a $20,000 bond. [March 2006]
29 He got his nickname Bam from his grandfather because he ran into walls quite often.
30 His favorite movies are Good Will Hunting (1997), Mallrats (1995), The Lost Boys (1987), Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993).
31 His favorite skaters are Boulala, Penny, Maldonado, Keri Getz, Saari, and Hoofbite
32 Dropped out of high school in 11th grade, but later got his GED.
33 His sponsors are Element, Adio, Volcom, Diakka, Elestric, Spitfire, Destroyer, Jone’s Soda, Cky.
34 Uses the heartagram symbol of the Finnish rock band, HIM, as the symbol for himself.
35 Sponsors include Element Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Adio Footwear, Electric Visual, and Fairman’s skate shop.
36 He landed the loop in Phoenix, Arizona and became the 13th known skater to land it, and was the first street skater to successfully land it.
37 Has his own production company called “Bam Margera Productions”
38 Has broken up with longtime girlfriend/fiancée Jennifer Rivell [April 2005]
39 Nephew of Vincent Margera.
40 Became engaged to longtime girlfriend Jennifer Rivell on June 5, 2003, her 30th birthday
41 His father is of Italian and German descent, and his mother has English, Irish, Welsh, and German ancestry.
42 Used the money he made from Jackass (2000) to make Haggard (2003)
43 His brother, Jess Margera, plays drums in the band Camp Kill Yourself (Camp Kill Yourself), whose music has appeared in numerous skate videos.
44 Son of Phil Margera and April Margera.
45 Younger brother of Jess Margera.
46 Has been skateboarding since 1988.
47 Family: mom April, dad Phil, and brother Jess.


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