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Paul David Hewson net worth is
$700 Million

Paul David Hewson Wiki Biography

Paul David Hewson, known professionally as Bono, The Mirrorball Man, B-Man and Bon Vox, is an Irish singer, musician, film score composer, guitarist, philantropist, lyricist and one of the richer celebrities who has estimated net worth of $700 million. Nowadays he is considered to be one of the richest persons in the world thanks to his $90 million investment in Facebook which has become extremely popular during the past few years. Together with his investment group Elevation Partners, Bono owns 2.3% of Facebook. But today not so many people know how rich Bono is, but almost everyone knows that he is the lead vocalist of the famous rock band U2. And that is one of the main sources of Bono’s net worth.

Bono Net Worth $700 Million

Paul David Hewson, who later become Bono, was born on May 10, 1960, in Dublin, Ireland. He attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School. As a teenager Bono was involved in a surrealistic street gang “Lipton Village”, where he met Guggi, former member of the ghost/punk band “The Virgin Prunes” and he remains Bono’s best friend until today.

After building up a huge amount of net worth, Bono could let himself buy some properties. That’s how he became the owner of Killiney mansion, which is located in Dublin, Ireland. It is considered to be a perfect quiet place where you can literally touch nature which is everywhere around you. The second property that Bono owns is a New York apartment located in the north tower of The Sam Remo building in Manhattan, New York. This one was purchased by Steve Jobs in 1982 and later Bono bought it for $15 million. His apartment is located on the top 27th floor of the building with a beautiful landscape from the windows. This amazing building has 3,500 square feet of space inside and 1,300 more of terrace. The neighbors of the house are also noteworthy, and include Steven Spielberg, Demi Moore, Steve Martin and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Furthermore, Bono owns Exe bord du Mer Mansion – this is a luxurious villa with 4 floors inside located on the beachfront at Eze-bord de-mere.

Except these properties Paul David Hewson’s net worth was high enough to purchase the beautiful 140 feet long Cyan yacht. Firstly U2’s lead vocalist was only renting the yacht for a vacation with his family, but later purchased it for $30 million and repainted. It is known that today Bono’s net worth rises even more because a weekly charter price on the yacht is about 250,000 dollars. And when Bono is tired from enjoying his vacation near the water, he can always use his U2 360 Blue Line MD-83 F-GMLK Airbus – this amazing jet can be recognized by the lettering “U2 360” on its tail. Furthermore, he is an owner of 4 cars – 1980 Mercedes 450 SEL, Maserati Quattroporte, Volkswagen Tiguan and Tesla Roadster. Looks like Bono definitely knows how to spend his always increasing net worth.

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Full Name Bono
Net Worth $700 Million
Date Of Birth May 10, 1960
Died January 5, 1998, Stateline, Nevada, United States
Place Of Birth Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Height 5′ 6″
Profession Singer, Musician, Film Score Composer, Businessperson, Songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Activist, Lyricist, Film Producer
Education Mount Temple Comprehensive School
Nationality Republic of Ireland
Spouse Ali Hewson (m. 1982)
Children Eve Hewson, Jordan Hewson, John Hewson, Elijah Hewson
Parents Iris Hewson, Brendan Robert Hewson
Siblings Norman Hewson
Nicknames Paul David Hewson , bono , Bono Vox , B-Man , Bon , The Mirrorball Man
Awards MTV Europe Music Free Your Mind Award, NAACP Image Award – Chairman’s Award, NRJ Music Award of Honor, Glamour Man of the Year Award, Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics, Echo Award for Social Commitment Honor, NME Award for Best Male Singer
Music Groups U2 (Since 1976), Band Aid (1964 – 1984), Band Aid 30 (Since 2014), Passengers
Nominations Academy Award for Best Original Song, Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, NME Award for Villain of the Year, Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Song, NME Award for Hero of the Year, MTV Video Music Award for Quadruple Thre…
Movies Linear, White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue, Across the Universe, A Closer Walk, The Million Dollar Hotel, Bono: Big Daddy, U2: The New Recruits: U2 Today
# Trademark
1 Runs around the stage at live concerts
2 High vocal range
3 Gretsch Irish Falcon Guitar
4 Songs about politics
5 Often wears a rosary given to him by Pope John Paul II
6 Religious symbolism in songs
7 Often wears black clothes
8 Wears goggle-like sunglasses
# Quote
1 As a teenager, Bowie (David Bowie) was our Elvis (Elvis Presley). They shared the same birthday and they both took music somewhere no one thought it could go. It was his other-worldliness that took us all away.
2 [on financial accountability in the entertainment world] The real enemy is not between digital downloads or streaming, the real fight is between opacity and transparency. The music business has historically involved itself in quite considerable deceit.
3 [on Bob Geldof and “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”] I thought he was ringing up to say, “I like your album”, but no, he told me the album was shite but despite that fact would I like to be part of his song?
4 As an activist, I have pretty much been doing what Nelson Mandela tells me since I was a teenager. He has been a forceful presence in my life, going back to 1979 when U2 made its first anti apartheid effort. And he’s been a big part of the Irish consciousness even longer than that. Irish people related all too easily to the subjugation of ethnic minorities. From our point-of-view, the question as to how bloody South Africa would have to get on its long road to freedom was not abstract.
5 More than anyone, it was Mandela who rebooted the idea of Africa from a continent in chaos to a much more romantic view, one in keeping with the majesty of the landscape and the nobility of even its poorest inhabitants. He was also a hardheaded realist, as his economic policy demonstrated. To him, principles and pragmatism were not foes; they went hand-in-hand. He was an idealist without naiveté, a compromiser without being compromised.
6 Nelson Mandela had humor and humility in his bearing, and he was smarter and funnier than the parade of world leaders who flocked to see him.. He could charm the birds off the trees – and the cash right out of wallets.. Mandela lived a life without sanctimony. you try it; it’s not easy.. Laughter, not tears was Mandiba’s preferred way. One of his cellmates told me that price Mandela paid for working in the limestone mine was not bitterness or even the blindness that can result from being around the bright white reflection day after day. Mandela could see, but the dust damage to his tear ducts had left him unable to cry. For all this man’s farsightedness and vision, he could not produce tears in a moment of self-doubt or grief.
7 [on creativity] If you were of sound mind, you wouldn’t need 70K people a night screaming ‘I love you’.
8 Pop music has dated much better than a lot of rock music.
9 I had one of the worst haircuts in the ’80s. I know that it launched a million second-division soccer players. But the truth of it, if I’m really honest, is that I thought I looked like David Bowie.
10 [on meeting Freddie Mercury at Live Aid] So when Freddie Mercury comes up to me, he goes, “Hello. Mmmmm. We’ve all agreed that we like you.” And I went, “Oh?” And he had me up against a wall and Freddie was being really playful with me. And I walked off and I went, “He’s really very camp, isn’t he?” Somebody said, “Queen?”
11 [on Elton John] He’s the King and Queen of England.
12 We were like the bastard children of The Clash who actually believed that music could change the world.
13 [on Apple designer Jonathan Ive] Jony Ive is himself classic Apple. Brushed steel, polished glass hardware, complicated software honed to simplicity. His genius is not just his ability to see what others cannot, but also how he applies it. To watch him with his workmates in the holy of holies, Apple’s design lab, or on a night out, is to observe a very rare esprit de corps. They love their boss and he loves them. What the competitors don’t seem to understand is you cannot get people this smart to work this hard just for money. Joni is Obi-Wan.
14 This whole concept of celebrating the millennium, the whole concept of celebrating a particular minute in time, what is it? What’s it all about? It’s bollocks, isn’t it? It is.
15 [on Third World aid] The Irish people are amazing. What’s so incredible about the Irish people is that if you poll them — I think it’s over 62 per cent — even though they are hurting and there’s a lot of pain in the country, they don’t want to cut the aid budget. That just humbles me.
16 [on Bill Clinton] He is by far the most beloved American since JFK for all of us Irish.
17 [on criticisms of tax avoidance made against U2] We pay millions and millions of dollars in tax. The thing that stung us was the accusation of hypocrisy for my work as an activist. I can understand how people outside the country wouldn’t understand how Ireland got to its prosperity but everybody in Ireland knows that there are some very clever people in the Government and in the Revenue who created a financial architecture that prospered the entire nation. It was a way of attracting people to this country who wouldn’t normally do business here and the financial services brought billions of dollars every year directly to the Exchequer. What’s actually hypocritical is the idea that then you don’t use a financial services center in Holland. The real question people need to ask about Ireland’s tax policy is: ‘Was the nation a net gain benefactor?’ and of course it was – hugely so. So there was no hypocrisy for me. We’re just part of a system that has benefited the nation greatly and that’s a system that will be closed down in time. Ireland will have to find other ways of being competitive and attractive.
18 The problem with voting is no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.
19 We’re delighted, of course, that people are owning up to being U2 fans.
20 I’m representing the poorest and the most vulnerable people. I’m throwing a punch, and the fist belongs to people who can’t be in the room, whose rage, whose anger, whose hurt I represent.
21 [on Elvis Presley] Elvis’ music has been my greatest inspiration.
22 [on Live Aid (1985)] That day changed my life and started me on this incredible adventure, that is the possibility that our generation could be remembered for something other than the Internet … the first generation to eradicate extreme poverty … I want to spend the rest of my life doing that, the band mouth off and complain, but they support me.
23 [on receiving an honorary British knighthood] You have permission to call me anything you want – except sir, all right? Lord of lords, your demigodness, that’ll do.
24 The stage is but a platform shoe.
25 On visiting the White House: I’d like to think that I’ve always left the White House with more than I arrived. Not only budget commitments, cutlery, silverware, candelabras, one or two Bush family photos… OK, one Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington – it was in the bathroom, nobody could see– I’ll give it back.
26 I’m the Fidel Castro of speechifying. We’ve got a few hours, don’t we?
27 What about this idea of liberty? Not liberty for its own sake, but liberty for some larger end – not just freedom from oppression, but freedom of expression and worship. Freedom from want, and freedom from fear because when you are trapped by poverty, you are not free. When trade laws prevent you from selling the food you grow, you are not free. When you are dying of a mosquito bite for lack of a bed net, you are not free. When you are hungry in a world of plenty, you are not free. And when you are a monk in Burma this very week, barred from entering a temple because of your gospel of peace, it is an affront to the thug regime, well then none of us are truly free.
28 On wearing his trademark sunglasses: Without them, I’m an amorphous mass.
29 Great music is written by people who are either running toward or away from God.
30 Brian Wilson believes in angels. I do too and you only have to listen to the string arrangement of ‘God Only Knows’ for fact and proof of angels.
31 I know sometimes you shouldn’t judge your audience by the fans you meet, especially if they’re in a flowerbed in your garden at home but U2 fans are different, they’re very humane.
32 I hate the idea of being in the UK Hall of Fame to be honest with you. We don’t want to be in any Hall of Fame until we’re retired or dead.
33 The world is more malleable than you think. We can bend it into a better shape. Ask big questions, demand big answers.
34 I represent a lot of people [in Africa] who have no voice at all… They haven’t asked me to represent them. It’s cheeky but I hope they’re glad I do.
35 It would be wrong for me to say, ‘Yes, we can change the world with a song.’ But every time I try writing, that’s where I’m at. I’m not stupid. I’m aware of the futility of rock & roll music, but I’m also aware of its power.
36 Look, I’m sick of Bono and I AM Bono.
37 [talking about The Edge] And that’s not always a given – that he would want to play guitar. He might be into keyboards this album, and you have Larry and Adam going “oh fuck, he’s into the keyboards now. We’ll never get a rock song out of him”.
38 [about The Edge] He’s an owl!
39 When I write, it’s there. There’s no staring at a blank page.
40 U2 is sort of song writing by accident really. We don’t really know what we’re doing and when we do, it doesn’t seem to help.
41 I think ABBA have a pure joy to their music and that’s what makes them extraordinary.
42 [on his paintings] I love art too much to call these anything other than marks on paper.
43 [recalling his late father’s influence] Overcoming my dad telling me that I could never amount to anything is what has made me the megalomaniac that you see today.
44 [Hot Press, March 2000] Marriage is this grand madness, and I think if people knew that, they would perhaps take it more seriously. The reason why there’s operas and novels and pop tunes written about love is because it’s such an extraordinary thing, not because it’s commonplace, and yet that’s what you’re told, you grow up with this idea that it’s the norm.
45 I could go onstage, unzip my pants, and hang my dick out, and people would think it was a statement about something.
46 Never trust a man who tells you it’s from the heart, never trust a man smoking a cigar, never trust a cowboy or a man who wears shades…
47 It costs a fortune to look this trashy.
48 [in 1987] Everyone argues, then we do what I say.
# Fact
1 Writing music with The Edge for an upcoming new rock-opera musical based on Spiderman. [May 2007]
2 Bono visited Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia. [August 2006]
3 Bono performed a duet with Yuriy Shevchuk live in Russia [August 2010]
4 His group, U2, has given 3 successful concerts of their Vertigo tour in Spain: Barcelona (7), San Sebastián (9) and Madrid (11). [August 2005]
5 U2 just gave a concert in Monterrey, Mexico and are still in Mexico for their concerts on the 15th and 16th. Their next stop is Brazil as they continue with the fourth leg of the Vertigo Tour. [February 2006]
6 Awarded an honorary knighthood, therefore not allowed to have the title ‘Sir’ Bono [March 2007]
7 Godafather of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s children Vivienne and Knox.
8 He gives millions of dollars every year to charity.
9 Is the only rock musician to be nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and the Nobel Peace Prize.
10 Good friend of Neil Jordan. Named first daughter, Jordan Hewson, after him.
11 Two notable fellow musicians were consoled by his band’s music during their final moments. Jazz legend Miles Davis developed a fascination with their 1984 album “The Unforgettable Fire” and listened to it repeatedly during the last few months of his life. U2‘s 2000 song “In a Little While” was the last song ever heard by punk rocker Joey Ramone, who sang along with the lyrics with his family.
12 Bono’s silhouette is used as the icon for the “Artists” tab of the music component of the iPhone and iPod Touch.
13 Ranked #17 on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists.
14 U2 were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame for their outstanding contribution to British music and integral part of British music culture. [November 2004]
15 Is a huge fan of Elvis Presley.
16 Resides in Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland and shares a villa in Èze, France and an apartment at The San Remo in New York City with The Edge.
17 The U2 songs “I Will Follow”, “Mofo”, “Out of Control” and “Tomorrow” focus on his mother’s death.
18 Initiated “Product Red” along with Robert Shriver to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
19 Was named in the annual honor list as an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE).
20 U2 won the 2004 Q Icon Award.
21 U2 won the 2001 Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution.
22 U2 won the British Phonographic Industry Award for International Group in 1988.
23 U2 won the Brit Award for International Group in 1989.
24 U2 won the Brit Award for International Group in 1990.
25 Was featured twice as a contestant on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. In 2006, he fought Chris Martin in the episode “Changing of the Guard”, even though he was killed by Yoko Ono in the 1999 episode “Celebrity Deathmatch International”.
26 Good friends with The Killers front-man Brandon Flowers.
27 First Grammy-winning artist to say “fuck” during the 1994 live Grammy telecast
28 Was named by TIME Magazine as one of their ‘Persons of the Year’ for 2005 along with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates.
29 Illustrated the children’s book “Peter and the Wolf” with his daughters, Jordan Hewson and Eve Hewson, in 2003. The royalties went to the Irish Hospice Foundation.
30 His mother, Iris, died of a brain hemorrhage in 1974. Bono was just 14 years old.
31 Voted the most powerful personality in the music industry by music execs.
32 Was a school boy chess champion.
33 Mother’s name was Iris.
34 In 2005, he was one of 166 people nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on Third World debt relief and increasing AIDS awareness.
35 Along with his wife Ali Hewson and New York designer Rogan, he created the high-fashion casual wear line called “Edun” (which is “nude” spelled backwards and pronounced Eden). It was designed as a socially conscious company to support developing countries.
36 He and his daughter Jordan share a birthday. She was born on his 29th birthday.
37 Supports Celtic Football club
38 Co-wrote (with The Edge) the theme song to GoldenEye (1995), performed by Tina Turner. [1995]
39 U2 were voted the 22nd Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Artists of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
40 Sings the line ‘well tonight, thank God it’s them, instead of you’ in the Band Aid 20 2004 cover of “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, the exact same line he sang on the original version back in 1984.
41 Addressed the British Labour Party annual conference in Brighton, England. [September 2004]
42 Was one of the keynote speakers at Liberal Party of Canada’s Leadership Convention in November 2003, where Paul Martin was elected as Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister of Canada.
43 He is the only person, who has been nominated for an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, and for the Nobel Prize.
44 Bono was a member of Band Aid but was absent when the ensemble came to perform “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” on BBC TV’s Top of the Pops (1964) leaving Paul Weller to mime the line Bono had sang on the record.
45 His stage name comes from Bono Vox, a hearing aid retailer. Bono Vox is Latin for “good voice”
46 Wrote a song with The Edge for Roy Orbison, “She’s a Mystery to Me”. It is included on Orbison’s last album “Mystery Girl” (1989).
47 His father, Robert Hewson, died of cancer in Dublin. [August 2001]
48 Children: Jordan Hewson (born on his 29th birthday, 10 May 1989), Memphis Eve Hewson (born 7 July 1991), Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q (born 18 August 1999) and John Abraham (born 21 May 2001).
49 Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of the rock band U2.
50 Wife Alison gave birth to their 4th child, John Abraham Hewson, 7 lbs 7 oz, in Dublin Ireland. Now has two daughters and two sons. [May 2001]
51 Wrote the song “The Sweetest Thing” after missing his wife’s birthday. When the song was rerecorded, his wife, Ali Hewson, received all the proceeds of its sale. She gave them, in turn to a charity for victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
52 He has written songs either for, or with, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Keith Richards, Luciano Pavarotti, Sinéad O’Connor and Howie B. among several others.
53 Luciano Pavarotti called Bono’s father relentlessly, so that he would try and convince his son to write a song for him.
54 At one point in in their career, less than ten paying customers were on hand for a U2 show. In the early 1990s, U2 was the biggest export in all of Ireland.

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