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CA Final Elective Papers Review July 2021 (May 2021 attempt), Hello Guys here we are going to share a discussion on CA Final Elective Papers New Syllabus July 2021. CA Final Elective Papers includes Paper-6A: Risk Management, Paper-6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets, Paper-6C: International Taxation, Paper-6D: Economic Laws, Paper-6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards, Paper-6F: Multidisciplinary Case Study. Download and Check Review of CA Final Elective Papers July 2021. Keep visit to our site for more latest updates.

Services and Capital Markets, International Taxation, Economic Laws, Global Financial Reporting Standards and Multi-disciplinary case study. Students have to opt for one out of these six papers keeping in mind their desired area of specialization. Also Check CA Final Result, CA Final Pass Percentage, CA Final Toppers

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Review of CA Final Elective Papers July 2021

In the Revised Scheme of Education and Training, the concept of electives has been introduced at the Final level in line with the school of thought that specialisation is the key to developing professionally competent chartered accountants. As per this school of thought, an emerging chartered accountant has to be geared up to assume new roles as consultants and advisors, necessitated on account of growing business complexities, dynamic changes in legislations and regulatory requirements and client expectations.

Consequent to borderless economies, it has become imperative that subjects which transcend borders be added in the curriculum, for instance, Global Financial Reporting Standards and International Taxation. In fact, globalisation, capital mobility and increased trade and services have resulted in the whole world virtually becoming one market and consequently, international taxation has become a key concern area both for business enterprises engaged in cross border transactions as well as for tax administrations of the concerned States.

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CA Final Elective Papers Review July 2021

  • Elective Review
  • RM – very tough
  • International Tax
  • Average / Above Average
  • Economic Law – Average but lengthy
  • FSCM & GFRS – Below Average (Easy but lengthy)
  • ISCA – Average
User Review
Arjun International tax ne bht ghumaya aj
Heena 6D was quite lengthy
Himmat Eco law is too lengthy
Jitu RM Worse than Nov 20
Kiran Law too Lengthy
Vihan Economic law is easy but lengthy
Anita Againnnnnn RM tough
Cool 40-50 marks are directly from module and case studies in FSCM
rahul Yes law is too lengthy but 1 case study direct from the digest
Lokesh Economic law Mai to case study 3 bilkul same to same case study digest ki case study 22 the…. Maza aa gya 25 number pure fix sure short
KK Eco very easy one case study from case Case digest
Joshi Risk management was hard man. Really hard. Nothing was found in SM
Priyanka Economic Law lengthy but Good
Deepali International tax was not average it was a technical and conceptual one
Venkat Kya bigada h rm walo nai😒😒😢😢 Nov b then again
Monika Rm gets worst to worst every attemp….
Hope bonus marks make some sense
Urban Mutual Fund ka first one bhi wrong tha i guess on the basis of structure konsa nahi h pucha tha and options mai 3 nahi the ek open ended tha
Neha FSCM ne dil jeet liaaa ❤️❤️❤️
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Brief Overview of All Papers

6A Risk Management

The study material of Elective Paper – Risk Management is prepared by mentioning the current scenarios in the Risk Management wherever required. The chapters are prepared in such a manner so as to give the readers an insight into the Risk Management presently operating in India and abroad. Similarly, students will also get familiarized with the various concepts of Risk Management.

6B Financial Services & Capital Markets

The Elective Paper 6B – Financial Services and Capital Markets is a blend of theory and practical. The Study Material has been segregated into two parts i.e. Part A and Part B. Part A consists of Chapter 1 to 17 as mentioned in the syllabus and Part B consists of SEBI Regulations as depicted in detailed contents of Part B of the Study Material.

6C International Taxation

Elective Paper on International Taxation: Paving way for specialization in this key concern area of businesses engaged in cross border transactions and tax administrations.

The syllabus of this elective paper on International Taxation is divided into two parts: Part I comprises of “Taxation of International Transactions and Non-resident Taxation in India” covering Transfer Pricing provisions under the Income-tax Act, 1961, Non-resident Taxation, Double Taxation Relief, Advance Rulings as well as an Overview of the Law and Procedures under the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015. Part II comprises of “Other aspects of International Taxation” covering Taxation of ECommerce Transactions, Overview, Features, Application and Interpretation of Tax Treaties, Anti Avoidance Measures and Overview of Model Tax Conventions.

6D Economic Laws

The primary purpose of Economic Laws is not regulatory. They are the enabling Acts to authorise businessmen and society to organise and to operate their business large or small with the advantage of the corporate mechanism. They are drawn with a view to facilitate efficient management of business and society and adjustment to the needs of change. It consists of rules with regard to behaviour, both at the time of action and the steps taken to rectify an unlawful action.