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Daniel Baldwin net worth is
$400 Thousand

Daniel Baldwin Wiki Biography

Daniel Leroy Baldwin was born on 5 October 1960, in Massapequa, New York USA of German, French, Scottish, Irish and English heritage. As well as other members of the Baldwin family, he is best known as an actor. Baldwin has five brothers and sisters, three of whom – Alec, William and Stephen – are also actors.

So how rich is Daniel Baldwin? Sources estimate his current net worth to be over $400,000, most of which he has accumulated by working as an actor, producer and director continuously for many years.

Daniel Baldwin Net Worth $400,000

Daniel Baldwin was born into a family of successful artists, most of whom were also actors or working in the film industry which made it easier for Daniel to start pursuing this career path himself. Daniel made his first television appearance in 1988 in the TV film entitled “Too Good to Be True”. A year later he appeared in his first feature film “Born on the Fourth of July” which was nominated for and won a few Academy Awards and thus greatly helped in Daniel’s early career, including building his net worth.

In the next few years Daniel had a few small roles in films, but it was his role in the police procedural TV show “Homicide: Life on The Street” that gained him noticed and which has become one of the most successful roles of his career and has helped build-up his net worth. For reasons unknown, Daniel decided to leave the show after three seasons, in 1995 even though he had received mostly positive reviews. In 1998, Daniel’s drug addiction problem started to get in the way of his career and he lost a promising role in the comedy film “It had to Be You” after getting arrested. In 2000 Daniel returned to the screen, when he played a small role in the crime drama “The Sopranos”, and then in the movie adaptation of the popular TV show “Homicide: The Movie” both of which roles have also contributed to his net worth.

In the next few years, Daniel mostly appeared in smaller and less significant films such as “Our Fathers” in 2005 and “Moola” in 2006. During his career, Daniel has also appeared in reality TV shows “Celebrity Fit Club”, “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!” and “Celebrity Wife Swap”.

In his personal life, Daniel Baldwin has been married three times and is currently engaged to the entrepreneur Robin Sue Hertz Hempel. Between 1990 and 1996, Daniel was married to Elizabeth Baldwin and in 1994 they had a daughter named Alexandra. Daniel also has a son named Atticus who was born in the same year as a result of his relationship with actress Isabella Hoffman. With his second wife, Joanne Smith, he has two daughters: Avis Ann (born in 2008) and Finley Rae Martineau (born in 2009). They divorced in 2012. Daniel is known for having a drug addiction and has been arrested several times, for both drug possession and car theft.

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Full Name Daniel Baldwin
Net Worth $400 Thousand
Date Of Birth October 5, 1960 (age 54
Place Of Birth Massapequa, New York, United States
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession Actor, Film Producer, Film director
Education Berner High School, Ball State University
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Joanne Smith-Baldwin (m. 2007), Elizabeth Baldwin (m. 1990–1996)
Children Kahlea Baldwin, Alexandra Baldwin, Finley Rae Martineau Baldwin, Atticus Baldwin, Avis Ann Baldwin
Parents Alexander Baldwin, Carol M. Baldwin
Siblings William Baldwin, Alec Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Jane Sasso, Elizabeth Keuchler
Nicknames Daniel Leroy Baldwin , Daniel R. Baldwin , Danny
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/danielbaldwin
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000838
Music Groups Anthem Lights
Movies Vampires, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Mulholland Falls, Paparazzi, Trees Lounge, Stealing Candy, The Pandora Project, Born on the Fourth of July, Hope Lost, King of the Ants, Grey Gardens, Knight Moves, Anonymous Rex, Twisted Desire, Active Stealth, Stripperland, Nine Dead, Bare Witness, S…
TV Shows truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest…, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Celebrity Fit Club, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Homicide: Life on the Street, Sydney
# Quote
1 Where I am right now I’m pretty good at. You know, I understand that there’s a problem. I’m addressing it. I’m doing the work that I have to do.
2 I thought, ‘My God, I’m gonna make $15,000 a week for 13 weeks.’ What would I do with that kind of money? You know, I had never seen anything like that before in my life.
3 What this does for me emotionally, psychologically and spiritually – to look in the mirror and not be ashamed – has been very important in not relapsing.
4 I tell people, if you really want me to look that good, why don’t you cough up about $2 million more and hire Alec or Billy? If you want me to do it, this is what you get.
5 It’s difficult to talk about, you know, my inadequacies, my inability to stay sober when I’m a relatively bright man and I’ve had a lot of great blessings and a lot of great opportunities.
6 I prefer to say that I am a beautiful person. But the addict is a horrible person.
7 I would never do another sitcom. It was so boring I wanted to pull my fingernails off.
8 My little son, Atticus, desperately needs his dad and I haven’t been there for him… and that’s sad.
9 The one thing that disturbs me about Alec is that people don’t realize that he’s really funny.
10 There’s the person that’s the addict, and then there’s the person that’s who you are.
11 If you ask me if I think I will be sober in 24 hours time I can say yes, but in two years I can’t tell you. I could be dead.
12 I’d just turned 50, weighed 285, and my doctor had read me the riot act about my health.
13 For me, for the type of addict I am, when I start getting those swirly thoughts and stuff, and they talk about slippery places, slippery people and slippery things, you know, I need to – I needed to take my cell phone and eliminate all the phone numbers, change the phone numbers so no one I knew before could call me or reach me.
14 At the end of the spectrum when you get to that 12th step, when you have that spiritual awakening we make ourselves available to help other people.
15 Homicide is the best material I’ve had the chance to do.
16 I’ve been sober now for a couple of years and I’m taking my sobriety very seriously – one day at a time and I am moving forward in my career.
17 I believe as a born-again Christian that once you’ve had a chance to drink from the well, it becomes your responsibility to replenish the well.
18 The addict will screw you over and lie to you and do all kinds of things.
19 I mean, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword being a celebrity and being an actor as I’m sure you know. Your public laundry is constantly aired out and I thought that maybe I could do some good.
20 I don’t really drink very much, although I have abused alcohol in the past.
# Fact
1 Living with new girlfriend in Malibu, California. And expecting their first baby together. [July 2007]
2 Lives in British Columbia, Canada with his wife and children. [December 2000]
3 Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon. [May 2010]
4 Lives in Southern California. [2006]
5 Daniel stated in an interview that he grew up, and was friends, with the DeFeo children. The entire DeFeo family was murdered November 13, 1974 by the oldest son, Ronald DeFeo, inspiring the movie Amityville Horror.
6 He and his wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin, are parents of a girl, named Finley Rae Martineau, born August 7, 2009 in Los Angeles.
7 Daniel and his new wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin, became the parents of a girl, Avis Ann, on January 17, 2008, in Los Angeles. Avis Ann weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. Daniel and Joanne met at a rehab facility where he was a patient and she worked as a chef at the treatment center.
8 He was the third child in a large Catholic family, of English, Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, and German descent. His sister, Beth, was the oldest, then Alec and Daniel. Three years later, Billy was born, followed by Jane and, finally, Stephen.
9 Starting in December of 2006, Daniel allowed “Primetime” to follow his progress through drug rehabilitation, in order to shine a light on the mind of an addict and to share the personal issues that landed the 46-year-old into rehab for the ninth time.
10 Daniel describes his acting brothers as Alec being the big star, Stephen the born-again Christian, Billy the popular one with the girls, and he being the troublemaker.
11 Daniel’s father, Alexander Rae II, was a high school history teacher and head football coach at Massapequa High School. He died of lung cancer in 1983 at the age of 55.
12 Shortly after landing his first solid acting job at the age of 29 on the sitcom Sydney (1990) in 1989, Daniel claimed he began using cocaine.
13 Had a very public relapse in 2005 on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club (2005), on which he erupted during filming. Daniel admitted to becoming addicted to pain medication and eventually left the show.
14 An Estonian lifestyle magazine, “Heat”, has a monthly movie column dedicated to him, entitled “Who is Daniel Baldwin?” which discusses and satirizes Hollywood’s somewhat mediocre and B-list actors.
15 Brother-in-law of Chynna Phillips and Hilaria Baldwin.
16 Son of Carol M. Baldwin.
17 Refused to appear on Saturday Night Live (1975) with his brothers for a “Family Feud” sketch. He was replaced by Tim Meadows, who was “the cousin”.
18 Is the only one of the four Baldwin brothers to not receive a Razzie nomination.
19 Son, Atticus, was named after a character in Daniel’s favorite movie To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
20 Is often called “Danny” by family members.
21 Cousin of actor Joseph Baldwin.
22 Brother of Alec Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin, Jane Sasso, and Elizabeth Keuchler.
23 Lived with Isabella Hofmann (1994-2005). Son, Atticus Baldwin, born July 13, 1996.
24 Father of 5 children: Daughter Kahlea Baldwin (born 1985) with first wife, Cheryl Baldwin. Daughter Alexandra Baldwin (born 1994) with second wife, Elizabeth Baldwin. Son Atticus Baldwin (born 1996) from his relationship with Isabella Hofmann. Daughters Avis Ann Baldwin (born January 17, 2008) and Finley Rae Martineau Baldwin (born August 7, 2009) with current wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin.
25 Admitted to hospital in “critical condition” after he was found in his hotel room suffering from a suspected drugs overdose. [February 1998]

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