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Diablo Cody net worth is
$20 Million

Diablo Cody Wiki Biography

Brook Busey-Maurio, better known by the pen name Diablo Cody, is an American screenwriter, producer and director. She first became known for her candid chronicling of her year as a stripper in her “The Pussy Ranch” blog and in her memoir Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an …

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Full Name Diablo Cody
Net Worth $20 Million
Date Of Birth June 14, 1978
Place Of Birth Lemont, Illinois, United States
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)
Profession Screenwriter, Journalist, Author, Memoirist, Exotic dancer, Television producer, Film Producer, Film director, Stripper
Education University of Iowa, Benet Academy
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Dan Maurio (m. 2009), Jon Hunt (m. 2004–2007)
Children Marcello Daniel Maurio
Parents Pam Busey, Greg Busey
Siblings Marc Busey
Nicknames Brook Busey , Brook Maurio , Brook Busey-Hunt , Brooke M. Busey
MySpace http://www.myspace.com/diablocody
IMDB http://imdb.com/name/nm1959505
Awards Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay
Nominations Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay – Motion Picture, Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Episodic Comedy
Movies Ricki and the Flash, Paradise, The Magic Bracelet, Young Adult, Burlesque, Jennifer’s Body, Juno, Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament
TV Shows United States of Tara, One Mississippi
# Trademark
1 Her writing frequently centers on a woman or girl with a public and obvious external struggle who is also hiding a much more personal internal struggle.
# Quote
1 You know, there’s this whole idea that virginity is a sacred flower or something, and an imbalance in the way that women’s sexuality is presented – and I hate that. So I want to write a film that challenges that.
2 I don’t know what a ‘personal trainer’ would be in Minneapolis, probably some guy who makes you go out and chop wood.
3 The weirdest thing about directing in general is that you’re surrounded by these actors that you respect, and they’re so good at what they do, and they’re asking you what they should be doing. That’s directing, but to me it was such a mind-fuck because it’s like you’re asking me what you should do in this scene? I have no idea. I’m just the hack that wrote the script! It’s crazy the amount of trust people put in you. It’s a tremendous amount of pressure.
4 I really like writing. I always hear people using that old quote, ‘I don’t like writing. I like having written’. I don’t feel that, like I’m sad when I’m done writing something. I think it’s gotten harder. With something like ‘Juno’, I didn’t think anybody was going to read it, whereas something like ‘Paradise’, I’m writing it thinking I might actually direct this and people are going to comment on it and watch it. It’s really hard to do that kind of thing, especially when you’re perceiving how the audience will react.
5 To enjoy being famous, you need to have a screw loose.
6 Having your film made is the award. That alone is the miracle.
7 The best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are.
8 When you’re in a competitive environment, always give out the impression that you don’t care. It makes people want you more. If you act desperate, it’s over. I think a passive attitude is helpful.
9 [on screenplay-writing for actresses] The attitude toward women in this industry is nauseating. There are all sorts of porcine executives who are uncomfortable with a woman doing anything subversive. They want the movie about the beautiful girl who trips and falls, the adorable klutz.
10 If this whole writing thing doesn’t work out, I’ll be getting right back on the pole.
11 I’ve been told that I’m incompetent, socially retarded, maladjusted. I still know that I couldn’t function in reality. Los Angeles is a good place for me.
12 I have never been an ambitious person, and my participation in this industry is a fluke, but only male writers can afford to be coy and self-deprecating.
13 Stripping toughened my hide, but exposing myself as a writer has been a lot more brutal.
# Fact
1 Had her second child, a son, in 2012 with her husband Dan Maurio.
2 Hobby is riding roller coasters. Husband, Daniel Maurio, proposed to her while they were riding a roller coaster.
3 Gave birth to a son at age 32. Marcello Daniel Maurio, on Tuesday (July 27, 2010). This is the first child for Diablo and her husband, Chelsea Lately (2007) staff member Daniel Maurio.
4 Friend of Chelsea Handler.
5 Former freelance journalist. When she was living in Minneapolis, she was the associated arts editor for “City Pages”, an alternative weekly.
6 One of 105 people invited to join AMPAS in 2008.
7 When Juno (2007) star Ellen Page hosted Saturday Night Live (1975), Diablo Cody was impersonated by Andy Samberg in Ellen’s opening monologue.
8 Has been a recurring columnist for Entertainment Weekly since December 2007. Her column appears on the last page of the magazine.
9 Resides in Los Angeles, California.
10 She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in media studies.
11 Is the only author to have been inducted into Dave’s Book Club on Late Show with David Letterman (1993).
12 Attended Benet Academy, a college-preparatory Catholic high school, located in Lisle, Illinois, USA. Another student who attended was Tim McGrath.
13 Took her pen name on a trip to Cody, Wyoming. “Diablo” is Spanish for “devil”.
14 Ranked #38 on Entertainment Weekly’s 2007 list of the 50 Smartest People in Hollywood (issue #968, December 7, 2007).
15 After marriage, she and her husband, Jon Hunt, combined and hyphenated their last names. She went by Brook Busey-Hunt and he was Jon Busey-Hunt. Diablo Cody is a pen name.
16 Noted in her books to have stripped under the names Bonbon, Roxanne, and Cherish.
17 Has a former step-daughter referred to as Peanut in her book.
18 Grew up in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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