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Francis Lee Bailey Jr. net worth is
$5 Million

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Francis Lee Bailey Jr. Wiki Biography

Francis Lee Bailey Jr. was born on the 10th June 1933, in Waltham, Massachusetts USA and is a famous lawyer now retired, who served in a number of major cases from the 1960s, most famously ii the case of O. J. Simpson. His law licence was denied by the Maine State Bar Association and the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in 2014.

How much is the net worth of F Lee Bailey? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his net worth is over $5 million, as of the data presented in late 2016.

F. Lee Bailey Net Worth $5 Million

To begin with, Bailey was raised in Waltham, where he attended Cardigan Mountain School and then Kimball Union Academy, from where he matriculated in 1950. He began his studies at Harvard University, but in 1952 decided to join the US Marine Corps. Two years after joining, he received his aviator wings and served as pilot of combat aircraft, and then as a legal officer until his resignation in 1956.

Concerning his professional career as a criminal defence attorney, he built a reputation as a highly successful lawyer. He was involved in a number of high profile cases, including Sam Sheppard, who in 1954 was convicted in the murder of his wife Marilyn. It was believed that the case was the inspiration for the television series “Fugitives” (1963-1967). Bailey was hired by the brother of Stephen Sheppard to assist in the appeal of his brother. In 1966, Bailey successfully argued the case before the Supreme Court which was followed by a verdict of not guilty. Among others, Bailey participated in the case of Dr. Carl A. Coppolino, accused of murdering his wife, Dr. Carmela Coppolino and his neighbour Lt. Col. William Farber. The prosecution’s case rested on the claim that Coppolino injected his victims succinylcholine chloride, which at that time was undetectable. Bailey successfully defended Coppolino for the death of Lt. Col. William Farber, however, Coppolino was sentenced for murdering his wife; he was paroled after serving 12 years of his sentence.

However, probably the most famous case was of former star footballer O J Simpson. His famous interrogation of Detective Mark Fuhrman effectively destroyed the latter’s credibility, particularly his claims that he never used the word nigger to describe blacks at any time during the past 10 years. After the trial that lasted for more than eight months, Simpson was pronounced to be innocent.

Bailey’s other famous cases included the self-confessed ‘Boston Strangler’, Albert DeSalvo, Patty Hearst, George Edgerly (with the use of a lie-detector test – Bailey subsequently hosted the show “Lie Detector” in 1983), and Ernest Medina – charged with the My Lai massacre in Viet Nam. All added to Bailey’s fame and generally to his net worth.

Moreover, Bailey presented an RKO television special, which was a mock trial examining several expert witnesses on the subject of the Paul is Dead rumour (Beatle Paul McCartney).

Finally, in the personal life of the lawyer, he has been married four times and currently lives with his partner Debbie Elliot. From 1960 to 1961, Bailey was married to Florence Gott, then from 1963 to 1972 to Froma Portney, from 1972 to 1980 he was married to Lynda Hart, and finally from 1985 to 1999 to Patricia Shiers. He has three children.

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Full Name F. Lee Bailey
Net Worth $5 Million
Date Of Birth June 10, 1933
Place Of Birth Waltham, Massachusetts, US
Profession Former attorney, lawyer, criminal defense attorney
Education Cardigan Mountain School, Kimball Union Academy, Harvard College, United States Marine Corps, Boston University School of Law
Nationality American
Spouse Patricia Shiers (m. 1985–1999), Lynda Hart (1972-1980), Florence Gott (1960-1961), Froma Portney (-div. 1972)
Children Bendrix L. Bailey, Brian Bailey, Scott F. Bailey
Parents Grace Mitchell
IMDB www.imdb.com/name/nm0047258
Movies The Fugitive (1963–1967, as personage)
TV Shows “Lie Detector” show (1983), “RKO television special”
# Fact
1 Former Publisher of the 70s men’s (adult) magazine, Gallery.
2 Attended the Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, New Hampshire, a private boarding school located not far from Dartmouth College.
3 On November 21, 2001, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the permanent disbarment of Bailey (that is, he was stricken from the roll of lawyers admitted to practice before the state’s courts) for his misconduct in the 1994 DuBoc case specifically, for misappropriating client funds. In 1994, Bailey and Robert Shapiro represented Claude DuBoc, characterized by the federal government as a marijuana trafficking kingpin, eventually negotiating a verbal plea bargain deal with the U.S. Attorney in Florida in which DuBoc agreed to turn over his assets to the federal government. His assets included shares of the company BioChem worth approximately $6 million at the time of the plea bargain but which had appreciated by an additional $14 million by the year 2000, when the government sought to collect the stock, which had been deposited with Bailey as a caretaker. Pleading poverty to the press, Bailey refused to turn over the stock to the federal government, claiming in court that he was entitled to the appreciation of the stock in lieu of payment of his legal fees. In 2000, he was sent to prison for 44 days for contempt of court. After Shapiro testified for the federal government that it was entitled to the appreciated value of the stock, Bailey eventually quit his claim and surrendered the stock and was let out of prison. His conduct in this case led to his permanent disbarment in Florida. In a reciprocal disciplinary ruling, Bailey was disbarred by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2003. The Masschusetts disbarment was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in a decision issued on June 9, 2006. Bailey earlier had been disbarred by the state of New Jersey for one year, in 1971. Bailey also had been censured in 1970 when a Massachusetts judge said his attitude showed “a self-esteem of such proportions as to challenge description” and recommended disbarment. By the dawn of the 21st Century, Bailey — one of the most famous and sought-after trial attorneys in the 1960s and ’70s — was essentially ruined.
4 Godfather of one of Robert Shapiro‘s children. Shapiro had successfully defended Bailey on a drunk driving charge in the early 1980s. In 1994, the two defended O.J. Simpson on charges that he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Shapiro recruited Barry Scheck, Robert Kardashian, and Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. to form the so-called “Dream Team”; Shapiro later told an interviewer that Cochran hijacked the case from him. During that trial, Bailey accused Mark Fuhrman of being a rogue cop who framed Simpson due to racism; Shapiro had accused the cop that arrested Bailey for DUI of going rouge. Simpson’s acquittal gave Bailey a brief resurgence of his reputation, which had been tarnished by his loss in the Patricia Hearst case in which Hearst had accused him of incompetence.
5 Was spoofed by actor Tim Conway on The Carol Burnett Show (1967) as “F. Lee Bunny”, a lawyer who just happens to resemble a rabbit.
6 Some of his more famous clients have included: Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler) (convicted -1965), Sam Sheppard (acquitted -1966), Dr. Carl Coppolino (acquitted -1966), Capt. Ernest Medina (acquitted -1971), Patricia Hearst (convicted -1976), O.J. Simpson (acquitted -1994)
7 Bailey was the inspiration for the Clinton Judd character in the TV series, _”Judd, for the Defense” (1967)_
8 Hosted short-lived TV chat show, “Good Company” (1967)
9 Famous lawyer and author of many true crime books.

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