FAQs on CS New Training Structure (After CSEET) from Feb 2020

Frequently Asked Questions on CS New Training Structure: As you know that, The Company Secretaries (Modification) Laws, 2020 have actually come into force w.e.f. 3 February,2020 In order to assist in the students, the caknowledge is provising numerous questions relating to CSEET and New Training Structure. examine more details for CSEET & New Training Structure under amended CS Regulations, 2020.

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Question 1– I am appearing for CSEET Exam, which training structure applies to me?

Ans: Under New Training Structure, there shall be consistent training for 24 months suitable to all executive lose consciousness trainees in the following way:–LRB- .

  • One month EDP (i.e 15 days direct and 15 days online mode) and
  • 21 months useful training in company and PCS and
  • Corporate Leadership Advancement Programme not less than 30 days however not surpassing 60 days as figured out by the Institute.

Question 2– I am a CS executive passed student and currently commenced my training. Is the new training structure relevant to me?

Ans: You can finish your training according to previous training structure, nevertheless, you can likewise switchover to new training structure in order to complete your staying training.

Question 3– I am a CS executive passed trainee and have not yet began my training. Which training structure applies to me?

Ans: You can start your practical training in accordance with earlier guidelines within 06 months from the date of start of the brand-new guidelines i.e from 03.2020 to till 03.

Concern 4– I am a CS executive old student and going to appear in June 2020 examination. Will the new training structure applicable to me?

Ans: Yes, the new training structure will be applicable to you as the last date for registering your training under previous regulations is 03.082020, whereas your outcomes will be released on 25 th August, 2020.

Concern 5– I am a trainee of Professional program and completed 15 days Academic training program likewise and going to appear in June2020 Can I register for 12 months training after outcome declaration on25

Ans: No, the brand-new training structure will apply to you as the last date for registering your training under old guideline is 03.082020

Concern 6– I am a CS executive pass trainee, finished 06 months of my training out of 15 months training and terminated the exact same. Can I finish my balance training of 9 months training or I require to register under brand-new policy?

Ans: You can begin your balance training within 06 months from the date of commencement of brand-new policy i.e. till 03.082020, stopping working of which you will be switchover to brand-new training structure.

Concern 7– I am pursuing training under the PCS/company for duration of 36 months and completed 14 months of training. If I take switchover to brand-new training structure the number of months of training applies to me?

Ans: After passing CS executive program, you can take switchover to brand-new training structure and finish your balance training for 07 months.

Concern 8– I am a foundation lose consciousness trainee. Can I begin my practical training now?

Ans: Yes, you can begin your training on or prior to03 You can likewise begin your useful training for 21 months after finishing your executive program under new training structure.

Concern 9– If I have finished my 15 days Academic Program and passed CS executive test but not yet started my practical training, which training structure is applicable to me?

Ans: CASE I: if you will begin your useful training before03 CASE II: if you will begin your practical training after 03.2020, you have to complete EDP training and useful training of 21 months as per new policies.

Question 10– Can I undergo my training in a company if whole time company secretary is not there?

Ans: No according to brand-new guidelines, you can’t undergo training in a business not having an entire time business secretary.

Question 11– I am taking switchover to complete my training under New Policy. Whether I need to do MSOP or CLDP training?

Ans: You are needed to do Residential CLDP training under brand-new regulations.

Question 12– I am an executive pass out trainee and having work experience, can I make an application for exemption from Practical training under new regulations?

Ans: Yes, You can apply for exemption after passing expert test according to the authorized guideline of the Institute.

Concern 13– I am an executive passed trainee and appearing for expert test in June2020 Can I request exemption after passing professional exam under earlier Regulation?

Ans: No, you can’t apply for exemption under previous guidelines after 3 rd August, 2020


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