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Frederick Charles Willard net worth is
$10 Million

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Frederick Charles Willard Wiki Biography

Frederick Charles Willard was born on 18 September 1939, in Shaker Heights, Ohio USA, and is an actor, comedian, voice actor and writer, perhaps best known for his improvisational comedy, and for his role in the TV sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

A famous actor, how wealthy is Fred Willard? Sources state that Willard has amassed a net worth over $10 million, as of mid-2016. He has accumulated his wealth largely through his involvement in the film and television industry.

Fred Willard Net Worth $10 Million

Willard attended Kentucky Military Institute and the Virginia Military Institute, and was enrolled in the Army, after which appearing on the “Ed Sullivan Show” with his comedy act in 1962 eventually enabled him to perform comedy at Chicago’s famed “Second City” in 1965, in which he played a nightclub manager. He then founded an improve comedy troupe called the Ace Trucking Company, which performed regularly on “This Is Tom Jones” show. His net worth was established.

Willard made his film debut with a minor role in the 1968 “Teenage Mother”, and went on to make appearances in several other movies and television series. In 1977-78 he played Jerry Hubbard, sidekick of television talk-show host Martin Mull, in the “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” parody spinoffs “Fernwood 2 Night”, “Forever Fernwood” and “America 2-Night”. His popularity began to rise, along with his net worth.

Willard continued to land numerous television roles during the ’80s, such as in the reality television series “Real People”, the series “The Love Boat” and “D.C. Follies”, and a number of television films. His film appearances of the time include “Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall”, “Moving Violations” and “Roxanne”, and the Christopher Guest mocumentary “This Is Spinal Tap”.

He entered the ’90s as the host of the television show “Access America”, and went on to appear in the series “Family Matters”, “Roseanne”, “Sister, Sister” and “Mad About You”, while also taking several supporting film roles. All added to his net worth.

In the early 2000s Willard had recurring roles in the series “Maybe It’s Me” and “A Minute with Stan Hooper”. He continued his collaboration with Guest, appearing in his mocumentaries “Best in Show”, “A Mighty Wind” and “For Your Consideration”, winning several nominations and awards, as well as intensifying his wealth. During this time he joined the cast of the hit sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”, playing Hank MacDougal, the role which brought him three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, and which significantly contributed to his rising popularity. He also appeared in the series “Back to You” and “Modern Family”, as well as in many other series and films of the time. His sold-out run of “Fred Willard: Alone At Last!” show earned him Los Angeles Artistic Director Awards for Best Comedy and Best Production, improving his net worth.

In 2012 Willard hosted the improvisational comedy series “Trust Us With Your Life”, and the reality series “Market Warriors”. In the years since, he has tackled a number of television and film appearances, including stints in the series “Family Tree”, “Review”, “The Bold And the Beautiful” and “Comedy Bang! Bang!”, and the films “Planes: Fire & Rescue” and “The Birder Movie”. His most recent film appearance was in the 2016 comedy/parody “Fifty Shades of Black”, and he has recently filmed the mocumentary called “Mascots”, set to be released in fall 2016.

Aside from numerous television and film projects, Willard has also done several stage and voice-over parts. Along with his wife, he runs a weekly sketch comedy workshop called The MoHo Group, in Los Angeles. All this has enabled him to establish himself as a recognized figure in the industry, and to acquire considerable wealth.

In his private life, Willard has been married to Mary Willard since 1968; they have one daughter.
The couple has been involved in numerous charity organizations, and has received several awards and honors for their charity support. However, Willard has also been involved in controversy. In 2010 he was arrested for lewd conduct in an adult movie theater. Although not charged, the actor had to take a $380 sex education class. As a result of the incident, he was fired from the “Market Warriors” show.

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Full Name Fred Willard
Net Worth $10 Million
Date Of Birth September 18, 1939
Place Of Birth Shaker Heights, Ohio, United States
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.867 m)
Profession Actor, Comedian, Voice Actor, Presenter, Writer
Education Kentucky Military Institute, Virginia Military Institute
Nationality American
Spouse Mary Willard (m. 1968)
Children Hope Willard
Parents Fred Willard
Nicknames Willard J. Fredricks , Ace Trucking Company , Fred Williard , Frederic Willard , Frederic “Fred” Willard , Fred
Awards American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actor, Boston Society of Film Critics Award (2000)
Music Groups Comedy troupe “Ace Trucking Company”, “The MoHo Group”
Nominations Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host/Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series/Outstanding Special Guest Performer in a Drama Series (1986, 2005, 2010, 2015), New York Film Critics Circle Award, National Society of Film Critics Award (2000)
Movies “Best in Show” (2000), “American Wedding” (2003), “Roxanne” (1987), “Planes: Fire & Rescue” and “The Birder Movie”, “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)
TV Shows “This Is Tom Jones”, “Ed Sullivan Show” (1962), “What’s Hot, What’s Not” (1985-1986), “Everybody Loves Raymond” (2003-2005), “This Is Spinal Tap”, “Modern Family” (2009-2015), “The Bold and the Beautiful” (2014, 2015)
# Quote
1 (2012, on landing WALL-E) It was amazing; they called me, and it was like they were trying to woo me to convince me to do it. They said, “We’d like to bring you up to San Francisco and have you tour Pixar,” and I said, “Gee, my grandson is a huge fan of all the Pixar movies.” So they said, “Bring your whole family up.” They flew us up, they took me to their offices, and it was like they thought I had to be won over. I was thrilled to be up there. They took my grandson on a trip to see how they make the films, and then I went there twice to film this stuff. It was a very easy day, but they hadn’t even finished the film then, and they wouldn’t tell me anything about it. I couldn’t be told the plot, and they asked me to do no publicity for it until like a week or two before the film. So that was a very strange experience. But it was wonderful, I just loved working with them. Pixar is like a cartoon itself: The writers can design their own offices-it’s like a fun factory. And [the film] won an Academy Award. It was the only time I went to the Academy Awards, and I was sitting way back, behind the people who did Slumdog Millionaire. Every time they won-and they won every category-the guys in front of me would stand up, with their arms up cheering. I wanted to say, “We get it-you’re winning every Academy Award.” I was like in the right-field bleachers. Finally, they got to Best Animated Film, and I thought this could go any way. When they said Wall-E, I was thrilled. Because Pixar are such great people, and I thought it was such a wonderful message, that movie, for kids, without hitting them over the head about making the Earth a safe place and all. Maybe when they grow up, and they’re 30 years old, subliminally they’ll remember that message, and think twice about throwing trash or cigarette butts away.
# Fact
1 Hosted the 1st Annual Carney Awards in 2015.
2 Is the spokesman for La Quinta Inns and Suites.
3 Was fired by PBS after he was arrested for alleged lewd conduct at an adult movie theater [July 19, 2012].
4 As of late 2006, he has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) over 80 times, as both a guest and a participant in a skit.
5 He is from the same area in Ohio as Paul Newman.
6 Has one daughter Hope (b. 1969) and one grandson (b. 1998).
7 Fellow members of Ace included Bill Saluga and Patti Deutsch, among others.
8 He got his start performing in a comedy duo with Vic Greco and spent a year at Chicago’s famed Second City. He was a founding member of the improvisational comedy group Ace Trucking Company.

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