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Geddy Lee net worth is
$30 Million

Geddy Lee Wiki Biography

Gary Lee Weinrib was born on 29 July 1953, in Willowdale, Ontario Canada, to Polish-Jewish parents who arrived in Canada as refuges. The Canadian singer and musician is popularly known by his stage name “Geddy Lee”., and has been prominent in the field of music since 1968, being mostly noted for his impressive guitar skills that have inspired many major names in the industry, including the guitarists of bands like Iron Maiden, and Metallica among others. Geddy is considered as one of the best bassists in the world, and sings with the band named “Rush” as well as solo.

An excellent musician and a worldwide famous singer, how rich is Geddy Lee? Geddy has accumulated an estimated net worth of $30 million to date. All of his net worth has been amassed by his strong music career ,that has been a success from the start. Being a multimillionaire, Geddy enjoys a lavish life with all the luxuries in the world. He travels extensively for his musical tours which aids to his net worth in an obvious way. Geddy also earns a lot being a record producer, a composer and from many other music-related projects.

Geddy Lee Net Worth $30 Million

Geddy was raised in a Jewish environment and even had Bar Mitzvah. He was interested in music from an early age, and this may be because his father was also a skilled musician. His father died when Geddy was still young and he was raised by his mother in his teenage years. As he wanted to help his mother get through her loss, Geddy started to focus more and more on his music starting as a teenager. It was not long before he landed a part with the heavy metal band “Rush”. Geddy was more into bass and singing in the band, and as the band started flourishing locally, mostly for their rock music, Geddy and his band members started finding fame as well as money.

“Rush” became a popular rock band in Canada from the 70s with its successful albums like “2112”, “Permanent Waves”, “Moving Pictures” and many more. As the band grew in popularity, Geddy started a solo singing career on the side. He became prominent as a solo singer and an excellent guitarist with his album “Favourite Headache” released in 2000. Geddy has managed to build-up a fan-base of millions around the world, and most of them are influenced by his magical skills in bass as well as his voice.

A father of a son and a daughter, Geddy has been married to Nancy Young for thirty-nine years and their marriage is apparently still going as strongly as ever. An award winning musician, Geddy enjoys collecting wine and is a great fan of baseball. He also supports different charitable foundations and has created a scholarship for students in Niagara College. This Juno Hall of Fame star, as well as Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame star, has also been awarded an honorary doctorate from Nipissing University.

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Full Name Geddy Lee
Net Worth $30 Million
Date Of Birth July 29, 1953
Place Of Birth Willowdale, Toronto, Canada
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.778 m)
Profession Singer, Musician, Bassist, Songwriter, Record producer, Keyboard Player, Film Score Composer
Education Willowdale Junior High School
Nationality Canada
Spouse Nancy Young (m. 1976)
Children Julian Lee, Kyla Avril Lee
Parents Morris Weinrib, Mary Weinrib
Siblings Allan Weinrib
Nicknames Gary Lee Weinrib , Dirk , Geddy Lee Weinrib , Geddy , Geddy Lee, OC , Lee , Gary
Music Groups Rush, Big Dirty Band
Nominations Juno Award for Songwriter of the Year, Jack Richardson Producer of the Year Award, Juno Award for Recording Package of the Year, Gemini Award for Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series, Limelight, Tom Sawyer, Time Stand Still
Movies Classic Albums: Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures, Rush: Grace Under Pressure, Rush: A Show of Hands, Rush: Working Men
# Trademark
1 Use of kitchen appliances and other industrial items as “balance” to Alex Lifeson’s stack of amps on stage in concerts.
2 Fender Signature model Jazz Bass
3 Long hair
4 Distinctive nose
5 His unusually high pitched vocals
6 His round sunglasses
# Quote
1 [on re-imagining an earlier composition] Once you start playing it, it’s amazing how you can put yourself back into that mindset of how you felt when you wrote the song. You can reignite a point-of- view, and a good feeling about playing it, even though initially your instincts said: ‘Oh, I can’t play that song anymore – that’s too dated’. But your can. You can go home again.
# Fact
1 He and the other members of the band will reportedly be back in the recording studio in early 2006. [September 2005]
2 Inducted as a part of Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [April 2013]
3 “Snake & Arrows Live” album is released. [April 2008]
4 “Contents Under Pressure: 30 Years of Rush at Home and Away” is released. It is an authorized biography of the band, written by Martin Popoff. [June 2004]
5 With Rush, released “Feedback”, an EP containing 8 cover songs. This marks the first Rush release wherein the band performs songs other than their own. After “Feedback”, Rush embarked on a highly successful Thirtieth Anniversary Tour (“R30” for short). On this tour, the band performed some of the cover songs live — also a first for them. [June 2004]
6 Hot on the heels of their triumphant 2002 tour, 2003 DVD, and benefit performance for 450,000 at the 2003 SARS benefit, Rush has announced plans to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their current lineup with a celebratory tour. Planned shows include their first visits to Europe since 1992. [December 2003]
7 Performed with Rush for 450,000 people as part of the Toronto SARStock relief benefit, alongside major bands including AC/DC and The Rolling Stones. Rush was one of the few native Toronto bands to perform at this historic event to herald Toronto’s graceful endurance of the SARS scare. [July 2003]
8 After their first leg of the tour in 2007, Rush started their 2nd leg which will last through the 22nd of July 2008 [April 2008]
9 In the recording studio working on Rush’s new album to be released in early 2007. [November 2006]
10 Along with other Rush members Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, Geddy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2013.
11 Starting in the mid-1990s, would choose to use a concert venue’s “house” speakers rather then amplifier stacks, which created a vast empty space behind him. He would soon use that space to put kitchen appliances, clothes dryers, etc. for humorous purposes.
12 The son of Jewish refugees from Poland.
13 Ranked as the 96th Greatest Canadian who ever lived by voters of The Greatest Canadian (2004).
14 His distinctive voice was impersonated by Matt Maiellaro on an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000).
15 Missed their Grammy nomination for best rock instrumental in 2005 for their song from Rush in Rio “O Baterista” which lost to Brian Wilson‘s song “Smile”.
16 His band, Rush, has been nominated for two Grammy awards. The band’s first nomination came in 1982 for Best Rock Instrumental for “YYZ” from the album “Moving Pictures”. The band was nominated again a decade later in the same category for “Where’s my Thing?” from the 1991 album “Roll the Bones.” “Leave That Thing Alone!” was nominated for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance Grammy in 1995 (their third nomination). “Malignant Narcissism” was nominated for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance Grammy in 2008 (their fifth nomination).
17 Attended school in the Toronto, Canada area with comedian Rick Moranis.
18 He is known to collect baseball memorabilia
19 Has a son Julian and a daughter Kyla Avril
20 On February 26, 1997, he and his bandmates Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson became the first rock musicians to be inducted into the prestigious position of Officers of the Order of Canada. This is the highest honor bestowed upon a civilian by the Canadian government. According to the Ottawa Sun, “The award was given as much for their community service as for their contribution to the arts. They have raised over $1 million for food banks and the United Way.”
21 Lee’s real name is Gary. His nickname is attributed to his mother who pronounced “Gary” with such a heavy Yiddish accent that it came out sounding like “Geddy.” The name stuck and he has been known as Geddy ever since.
22 Is the bassist/keyboardist/vocalist of the Canadian rock trio, Rush.

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