How to Prepare for CSEET Viva and CSEET Mock Questions 2020

How to Prepare for CSEET Viva and CSEET Mock Questions In CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET), the part B of Paper 4- Current Affairs and Viva Voice makes up of Viva-Voice.

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Viva voice helps in developing self-esteem, expression abilities, public speaking abilities and vocabulary. Keeping in view the significance of communication skills in today’s organization situation and the requirement for future Business Secretary to be well versed with interaction abilities, the Paper 4 of CSEET has consisted of Viva voce part.

It is to be noted that in Viva Voice, no domain knowledge will be evaluated. It has been consisted of to evaluate the fundamental communication skills of the candidates, i.e. how well a prospect remains in interacting his thoughts and ideas.

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In order to get ready for Viva Voice a candidate may do the following:

1. Check Out English Papers like, Times of India, Economic Times, Organization Requirement, Statesman, Telegraph, Business Line etc. and read the paper in front of the mirror to observe his/ her expressions while checking out the newspaper and fluency in reading.

2. Practice in front of mirror of speaking in English about himself/ herself for 5 minutes about introducing himself/ herself by discussing his/ her name, about family members, what their parents do, about school, hobbies, what they wish to remain in future etc.

3. Follow English News Channel anchors on how they check out or present the news item.

4. The candidates might rapidly sequence the thoughts and might present their answers to questions that are being asked.

A Few Of the Mock Questions that students might practice are as under:

  • Q2.
  • Q3.
  • Q4.

    Check Online– CSEET Mock Test


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