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Jason Mewes net worth is
$5 Million

Jason Mewes Wiki Biography

Jason Mewes is an actor, comedian and film producer who is best known for his role as the leading character Jay in the movie “Clerks”. Born on 12 June 1974, in Highlands, New Jersey USA, Jason initiated his career in television and movies in 1994 with his movie debut in “Clerk” which happened to become a great hit despite its low budget. Jason has been enjoying his prominence in the movies since then.

A star that splurged into the movies with a debut hit and many more afterwards, how much is Jason Mewes’s net worth? Jason has been counting his net worth in millions which as of now amounts to $5 million, all of his wealth amassed purely from his acting and film-making career. Jason has managed to live a dignified life in a short span of time in Hollywood, living a comfortable life in a beautiful and luxurious house in the posh area of Hollywood Hills.

Jason Mewes Net Worth $5 Million

Jason Mewes was born to a single mother, who was a drug addict and a fraud who often used Jason in her petty activities and crimes. Jason’s exposure in this type of environment as a child affected him badly, which extended far too long in his life. While he was in high school, Jason became best friends with Kevin Smith, an aspiring director, who has subsequently helped Jason Mewes in every step of his life, including the initial and crucial part of his career as well as personal life. Jason and Kevin both debuted with the movie “Clerks”, which became an instant hit and provided both of them with fame and stability in Hollywood.

Jason has since appeared in many of Kevin’s other movies, like “Clerks II”, “Clerks: The Animated Series “, “Mallrats” and many more. His other recognized movies include “Chasing Amy”, “Dogma” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” among others. Jason also became a part of Canadian television, and starred in the series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?”, “Todd and the Book of Evil” and many others. More recently, he has worked in the movies “Scream 3” and “Bottoms Up”. All these projects have contributed extensively to Jason’s net worth. Currently, Mewes has been co-hosting a podcast entitled “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” along with Kevin Smith.

Jason lived a dark life off the screen into his twenties, as he became addicted to substance abuse. This habit went on to become extreme and even caused estrangement from his best friend Kevin Smith. However, later Jason started taking care of himself with help from Kevin, and paid visits to many rehabilitation centres. As part of his continuing recovery, Mewes and Smith co-host a podcast – “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old”, discussing drug addiction problems.

As of now, Jason lives a clean and celebrated life with his wife, Jordan Monsanto who he married in 2009, and their daughter, Logan Lee who set foot on earth in April, 2015.

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Full Name Jason Mewes
Net Worth $5 Million
Date Of Birth June 12, 1974
Place Of Birth Highlands, New Jersey, United States
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession Actor, Radio personality, Film Producer, Television producer
Education Henry Hudson Regional High School
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Jordan Monsanto (m. 2009)
Children Logan Lee Mewes
Siblings Beth Mewes
Nicknames Jason Edward Mewes , Jay Mewes , Chronic , Mewes , Jay
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jaymewes
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/jaymewes
Google+ http://plus.google.com/107328729890072145066
Instagram http://www.instagram.com/jaymewes
MySpace http://www.myspace.com/mewes
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0582939
Awards Gemini Award for Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series
Movies Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, Clerks II, Chasing Amy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Vigilante Diaries, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, Noobz, Yoga Hosers, Bottoms Up, Drawing Flies, The Tripper, Scream 3, Silent But Deadly, The Last Godfather, Shoot the Hero, …
TV Shows Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, more
# Trademark
1 Frequently appears in Kevin Smith‘s films
# Quote
1 I showed my mom the movie then I told her the movie got bought and that it was gonna be shown in theatres and be on video. Everyone was really psyched about it. Everyone in my little town of hounds started to call me movie star.
2 I think I’ll be fine in New York. If I could stay here and just get jobs in New York, that would be fine and that’s what I’d want to do. I don’t want to move.
3 I’m getting Puppetmasters, too. They’re one of my favorites. And they’re coming out with new Puppetmasters. I try not to get everything, but I want so much.
4 It was a lot of fun on the set. I had the most fun making that movie out of all of them. I’m sure if I sat and thought about it, but none that I could think of offhand.
5 On Mallrats, a lot of times they’d have to come find me. I’d be off hanging around. Looking around the stores, hanging out with people. So, he’d have to come find me.
6 After doing the first couple scenes and I got used to being in front of a few people it got easier and easier. In Chasing Amy, I wasn’t nervous at all. And in Dogma, the same.
7 And then after a while he got me a job at the video store next door. I used to lock up the store and go next door and hang out all the time and watch movies and stuff.
8 I definitely would like to do something serious. Not like a love story, but serious like maybe a gangster or a mobster. A gang or a mob movie would be great.
9 I got a script sent to me at this office and I got a call from a woman – Universal’s doing a snowboarding movie. I’m not in it yet, but I’m supposed to meet with the director in New York soon. I’m waiting to hear back from them.
10 I love comics. All I’ve been doing is reading every day, sitting in the house. Because I’ve not been feeling too good, so I’ve been reading and reading.
11 In Kevin’s movies I would like to stay Jay.
12 In Mallrats, you pretty much don’t see him sell any weed, really. I don’t consider him a big dealer.
13 It was cool to do someone else’s movie. It was a lot of fun.
14 No, I don’t have an agent. I’m hoping to get one soon.
15 There’s a lot of other movies I like, but I don’t even pay attention to directors to tell you the truth.
16 I did some school plays in elementary school, but that was it.
17 I don’t really pay attention to the filmmaker thing.
18 I pay attention to the actors and stuff, but not even that much. I don’t pay attention to who’s writing.
19 I was a metalhead and then I was into the rap and then I was a metalhead again.
20 I’m a big toy collector. I’ve been slowing down because my money’s been tight, but I collect toys, too.
21 All of a sudden Kevin told me that the movie got bought and was gonna be shown in a movie theatre. I was shocked. I was psyched. It was just weird.
22 I don’t think anyone’s ever thought I was a drug dealer.
23 It was a lot of fun doing the Nike commercials, too.
24 I’m more into the Spawn toys. They’re really cool. They’re coming out with a Techno Spawn series and another series, The Dark Ages, which are really cool.
25 But, yeah, I’d love to do something else in someone else’s movie.
26 My life would be complete if I could play a superhero in a flick. I would love to play Green Arrow or Dead Shot in a movie.
# Fact
1 He has appeared in seven films directed by Kevin Smith: Clerks (1994), Mallrats (1995), Chasing Amy (1997), Dogma (1999), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)_, Clerks II (2006) and Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008).
2 His wife Jordan Monsanto gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Logan Lee Mewes, on April 1, 2015 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.
3 His surname is pronounced “Me-youz”.
4 Close friend of Billie Joe Armstrong.
5 Married to Jordan Monsanto since January 30, 2009.
6 Worked in construction before Clerks (1994) was made. He has also worked at the Quick Stop and RST Video in Leonardo, New Jersey.
7 Is a big fan of the TV shows Columbo (1971), Murder, She Wrote (1984), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), Angel (1999) and Smallville (2001).
8 Rollerblades and plays hockey.
9 Is Kevin Smith‘s first and only choice for the lead role of Oliver Queen in a proposed Smith written and directed “Green Arrow” upcoming film for The Weinstein Company.
10 Revealed that his character’s full name in the View Askew films was Jason Derris, who is actually Rick Derris’ little brother.
11 Between the making of the two films Chasing Amy (1997) and Dogma (1999), Kevin Smith and Jason attended an AIDS benefit hosted by Harvey Weinstein, the chairman of Miramax. Upon learning that Mewes’ mother was HIV-positive, Weinstein promised to get her to the best doctors in New York, a promise he kept.
12 His mother died in 2000 after contracting HIV.
13 Is of Polish descent.
14 Arrested in Keansburg, New Jersey. He pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled dangerous substance (heroin). He was sentenced to 2 years probation, ordered to undergo substance abuse counseling, and submit to random urine testing. He was also fined $1000, had his drivers license suspended for 6 months, and was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service. [March 1999]
15 Worked the cash register at Kevin Smith‘s comic book store.
16 Graduated from Henry Hudson Regional, in Highlands, New Jersey in 1992.

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