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Jeff Hardy net worth is
$12 Million

Jeff Hardy Wiki Biography

Jeff Hardy is a famous wrestler, musician and also a painter. H is mostly known for being a part of World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment. During his career Jeff has been successful as a member of the wrestling team as well as a single wrestler. He has won the title of World Tag Team Champion, and has won the WWE Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship and many other tournaments. So how rich is Jeff Hardy? It has been estimated that Jeff’s net worth is 12 million dollars. This sum of money might become even higher as Jeff still continues his career as a professional wrestler.

Jeff Hardy Net Worth $12 Million

Jeffrey Nero Hardy, better known to the world as Jeff Hardy, was born in 1977, in North Carolina. When Jeff was only 12 years old he was interested in motocross. He even participated in races. Hardy was also interested in other sports such as baseball, football and wrestling. When he had to choose between football and wrestling Jeff without doubt chose wrestling and now he has become a well known wrestler. Jeff started his career as a wrestler when he was only 16 years old. At first he worked as a jobber, which meant that he had to lose on purpose in order to make his opponent look better. From that time Jeff Hardy’s net worth started to grow despite the fact that he was not able to show what he was capable of. After some time Jeff was noticed by World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment. He started to work with them in 1998. Step by step Jeff was able to show his skills and became more popular in the wrestling world. He was even considered to be one of the most reckless wrestlers of World Wrestling Federation.

When Hardy became more popular he started to compete as a single wrestler and he succeeded in it as well. He had an opportunity to wrestle with William Regal, Rob Van Dam and others. In 2004 Jeff became a part of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Because of some problems that Hardy had, he left Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2006 and came back to World Wrestling Federation. Hardy’s net worth became even higher as he started to win more and more fights. In 2010 Jeff again became a part of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This of course added to Jeff Hardy’s net worth. As mentioned before, Hardy still continues his career as a wrestler.

In addition to this, Jeff is also a musician and has released 2 albums: Similar Creatures and Plurality of Worlds. This also made Jeff’s net worth higher.

All in all, it could be said that Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers and that he has achieved quite a lot during his career. There is still a high possibility that he will achieve even more in the future and that he will become even more acclaimed and popular. If this happens there is a chance that Jeff Hardy’s net worth will grow.

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Full Name Jeff Hardy
Net Worth $12 Million
Date Of Birth August 31, 1977
Place Of Birth Cameron, North Carolina, United States
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight 215 lbs (97.5 kg)
Profession Wrestler, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Poet, Painter
Education Union Pines High School
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Beth Britt (m. 2011)
Children Ruby Claire Hardy, Nera Quinn Hardy
Parents Gilbert Hardy, Ruby Moore Hardy
Siblings Matt Hardy
Nicknames The Legend Thriller , Willow the Whisp , Jeff Harvey , Wolverine , The Rainbow–Haired Warrior , Mean Jimmy Jack , The Charismatic Enigma , Galaxion , Gladiator , The Extreme Enigma
Music Groups PeroxWhy?Gen
Movies Extreme Rules (2009), Night of Champions (2009), SummerSlam (2009), The Hardy Boys: OMEGA: Uncommon Passion, WWE Tagged Classics 2003: No Way Out, WWE: Royal Rumble 2007, Outside the Ropes Presents: Life in the Fast Lane, WWE: Armageddon 2007, WWE: Summerslam 2001, WWE: Armageddon 2008, WWE: Unforgi…
TV Shows WWE Superstars, WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, Saturday Night’s Main Event, WWE SmackDown, Impact Wrestling, WWE Heat
# Trademark
1 Wears glow-in-the-dark body paint
2 Trademark Double Team Move (with Matt Hardy): Spin Cycle (Elbow Smash into double leg drop/fist drop)
3 Trademark Double Team Move (with Matt Hardy): Poetry in Motion (Assisted Springboard Calf/Heel Kick)
4 Trademark Double Team Move (with Matt Hardy): Event Omega (Simultaneous Leg Drop/Splash sometimes off the top rope)
5 Trademark move: 450 Splash (early WWF days)
6 Trademark move: Compactor (Russian Legsweep into a roll up pin)
7 Trademark move: Snap Reverse STO
8 Trademark move: Sit-Down Jawbreaker
9 Trademark move: Flying Leg Drop
10 Trademark move: Flying Clothesline
11 Trademark move: Double Leg Drop to groin
12 Trademark move: Whisper in the Wind (Rebound Corkscrew Senton Press)
13 Trademark move: Spine Line (modified Texas Cloverleaf)
14 Finishing move: Reverse Twist of Fate/Extreme Twist of Fate (Inverted Facelock into Neckbreaker Slam)
15 Finishing move: Twist of Fate (Front Facelock into Cutter/Stunner)
16 Finishing move: Swanton Bomb (High-Angle Senton Bomb)
17 Finishing Move: Twist of Fate
18 Originator of the ‘Side Effect’
19 Trademark move: The Swanton Bomb
20 Wears unique ring attire and changes his hair color all the time. It is never the same color for over a week.
# Quote
1 It’s your body, use it…amuse it…’cos one day, you’re gonna lose it!
2 Live for the moment.
# Fact
1 Has two daughters with a wife a Beth named Ruby Claire (b. October 19, 2010) and Nera Quinn (b. December 31, 2015).
2 Lost to Randy Orton at the 2008 Royal Rumble. [January 2008]
3 Set to face Jeff Jarrett on September 8th for the NWA Title. [September 2004]
4 Will face Randy Orton for the WWE Title at the 2008 Royal Rumble. [January 2008]
5 Appeared on the 6/23 NWA:TNA PPV where he was revealed as the mystery challenger to AJ Styles’ X Division Championship. The two matched each other move for move until Kid Kash and Dallas interfered and the match was declared a no contest. [June 2004]
6 Suspended for 6 weeks from TNA for no showing TNA events. [May 2005]
7 His suspension has now been lifted and is on his way back to TNA. [August 2005]
8 Has signed a contract with the WWE and will be returning to the ring with his brother Matt soon [August 2006]
9 After defeating Monty Brown in a #1 Contender’s match, he will meet Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title soon. [July 2004]
10 Was re-signed by the WWE [August 2006]
11 Will make his ring return at Ring of Honor [July 2003]
12 Will face his brother Matt at WrestleMania XXV. [March 2009]
13 Lost the Intercontinental Championship to Umaga,on February 19, on Monday Night RAW. [February 2007]
14 Is living with his brother Matt Hardy after his house burned down. [March 2008]
15 At New Years Revolution, he retained the Intercontinental Title against Johnny Nitro in a Cage match. The following night on Monday Night Raw, he retained his title again. Only this time he went against Kenny Dykstra from the Spirit Squad. [January 2007]
16 Lost to Jeff Jarrett for the NWA Title when Jarrett used the guitar on Hardy to get the win. [September 2004]
17 Signed a one year contract with TNA. [July 2004]
18 Published author.
19 Started wrestling professionally at age 16 where he was a jobber for the WWF.
20 Trained by Dory Funk Jr. and Michael Hayes.
21 On September 11, 2009 Hardy’s home was raided by police resulting in charges of drug trafficking and possession of anabolic steroids. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail, 30 months of probation, and a $100,000 fine.
22 Eighteenth WWE Triple Crown Champion and Ninth Grand Slam Champion.
23 Was awarded Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Comeback of the Year in 2007. In 2008 & 2009 he was given the award for Most Popular Wrestler of the Year.
24 Daughter Ruby Claire Hardy born on October 28, 2010 with Beth Britt.
25 Finally won the WWE Championship at Armageddon in December 2008. He had a Triple Threat Match against Edge, who was defending the title, and Triple H, pinning Edge after hitting the Swanton Bomb.
26 Is good friends with former WWE Wrestler Amy Dumas (aka Amy “Lita” Dumas).
27 Has been suspended from WWE once, in March 2008, for a substance abuse violation. He had previously been let go by them in April 2003 for similar reasons.
28 He has his own band, with fellow wrestler Shannon Moore, called Peroxwhy?gen, which means Pure Oxygen. While in TNA Wrestling Jeff uses songs of theirs as his Theme music.
29 Shares the same three initials as Crossing Jordan (2001) star, Jill Hennessy, formerly of Law & Order (1990) (1993-1996 as ADA Claire Kincaid).
30 Previous Managers: Michael Hayes, Lita, Terri, Gangrel.
31 Has a man made volcano in his front yard, which he sets on fire and uses as a motocross ring
32 Has a 30 foot aluminummy in his back yard (an alien statue made of tin foil), and has made his entire back yard into something like the grand canyon.
33 The Hardy Boys had their start in OMEGA, a wrestling organization, Matt owned a large portion of it & did 75% of the booking. OMEGA stands for

  • Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
34 His Dog Liger fathered 3 puppies and he kept them all: Little Man, Whitey and Brownie
35 Had a dog named Liger, a South American raccoon named Imagi and a prairie dog named Whitty. Liger died on August 18, 2004. Imagi died on August 21, 2004.
36 Has also held the European title, won from William Regal on an episode of Raw.
37 He has held the following titles: WWF/E Intercontinental title (4), WWF Hardcore title (3), WWF/E World Tag Team title w/Matt Hardy (6), WWF Light Heavyweight title, WWE European title, WCW World Tag Team title w/Matt Hardy, WWE Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2), and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (2).
38 After WWE severed ties with Jeff Hardy, he was signed to up and coming organization, TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling. He was later resigned to WWE to become a rising star and World Champion.
39 He is the youngest WWE Intercontinental champion at 23.
40 On July 22, 2001 at WWF Invasion, Jeff Hardy lost the WWF Hardcore Championship to ECW Star Rob Van Dam when he attempted to use his finishing move, the Swanton Bomb. He missed his intended target, allowing RVD to hit him with the Five-Star Frog Splash to get the pin and the victory over Jeff Hardy.
41 His mother died when he was 9 years old, Matt was 12.
42 Designs his own ring outfits with brother Matt Hardy.
43 Younger brother and tag team partner of Matt Hardy.
44 Faced Edge and Christian in the first ever WWF Tag Team Ladder Match at No Mercy 1999. Competed against The Dudley Boyz in the first ever WWF Tag Team Tables Match at Royal Rumble 2000. These three teams would go on to face each other in the first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at Summerslam 2000.
45 Along with Matt Hardy, ranked number 9 in a poll of the 10 most humble people in wrestling.

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