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Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keefe net worth is
$18 Million

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Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keefe Wiki Biography

Born as Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keeffe on the 27th July 1977, in Dublin, Ireland, he is an actor, perhaps best known to the world as Joe in the film “Bend it Like Beckham” (2002), as James Reese in “From Paris With Love” 2010), and as Declan Gormley in “Mission: Impossible III” (2006), among other roles. His career has been active since 1994.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jonathan Rhys Meyers is, as of mid- 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Jonathan Rhys Meyers` net worth is as high as $18 million, an amount he has earned through his career as an actor.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Net Worth $18 Million

Born in Dublin, but his family moved to County Cork, Ireland when he wasn`t even a year old, when he turned three his father left him and his mother and three brothers alone. Becoming a troubled boy as he grew older, Jonathan was expelled from school when he was 14.

After that, he was a regular visitor to a pool bar, where he was spotted by a talent agent, who invited him to a film audition. However, his tryout was unsuccessful, and Jonathan returned to old habits. Nevertheless, he received a call a few days later to appear in a soup commercial, which Jonathan accepted, and after shooting the commercial, he then became more focused on acting.

In 1994 he made his debut in a cameo role in the film “A Man Of No Importance”, followed by an appearance in the film “Michael Collins” (1996) directed by Neil Jordan, starring Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts. During the decade, Jonathan appeared in films “The Disappearance of Finbar” (1996) as the lead character, “The Maker” (1997), and “Velvet Goldmine” (1998), starring him, Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor. The film received positive critiques and Jonathan was praised for his performance, which only increased his popularity in Hollywood. His next big role was in “Bend It Like Beckham”, as the girl’s team coach named Joe, then as George Osborne in “Vanity Fair” (2004), increasing his net worth to a large degree.

In 2005, he starred in the film “Match Point”, alongside Scarlett Johansson, and the same year appeared as the king of rock`n`roll Elvis Presley in the TV mini-series “Elvis”. Two years later he was selected for the role of King Henry VIII in the TV series “The Tudors”, which aired until 2010, increasing his net worth by a large margin. While the show lasted, he made several other successful appearances, including in films “August Rush” (2007), and “From Paris With Love” (2010), with John Travolta.

To speak further of his accomplishments, Jonathan`s net worth was increased by his appearances in such productions as “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” (2013), “Another Me” (2013), and as DraculaAlexander Grayson/Vlad Tepes in the TV series “Dracula” (2013-2014).

Most recently, he has been selected to appear in the films “12th Man”, “Black Butterfly”, and “The Shadow Effect”, among others, which are yet to be released.

Jonathan has received several prestigious nominations and awards, including the Golden Globe Award in category Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television for his work on TV series “Elvis”, and Irish Film and Television Award in category Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television for his work on the TV series “The Tudors”.

Regarding his personal life, Jonathan was in a romantic relationship with Reena Hammer for eight years, however, the two broke up. According to media sources, Jonathan has had problems with alcohol abuse, and has been in rehab a number of times.

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Full Name Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Net Worth $18 Million
Date Of Birth July 27, 1977
Place Of Birth Drimnagh, Republic of Ireland
Height 5′ 9¾” (1.77 m)
Profession Actor, Producer, Soundtrack
Education North Monastery
Nationality Irish
Parents Mary Geraldine Myers, John O’Keeffe
Siblings Ali O’Keefe,Jamie O’Keeffe,Paul O’Keefe
Awards Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, Satellite Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film, Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, Satellite Award fo…
Nominations People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series, Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie, Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Serie…
Movies Match Point, August Rush, Velvet Goldmine, Bend It Like Beckham, London Town, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Mission: Impossible III, From Paris with Love, The Children of Huang Shi, Ride with the Devil, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Alexander, Michael Collins, Vanity Fair, Shelter, The Governes…
TV Shows Dracula, The Tudors, Vikings, Gormenghast, Dracula, The Tudors, Elvis, Vikings, Gormenghast
# Trademark
1 His sense of fashion
# Quote
1 [on working with Victoria Smurfit in Dracula (2013)] There was a moment where we came up close and I ripped her top open and in return Victoria just walloped me right in the face! For a second I was stunned at how vicious she had been but it really adds to the scene.
2 [making a comparison between film and TV] You can spend ten hours exploring a story on TV and you get to be part of people’s furniture and come into their home and be part of their night. The characters become people that viewers feel like they know. When you’re watching Breaking Bad (2008), you’re actually thinking about Mr White – Why is he doing what he’s doing? The process for television is much more personal and you can watch a box set for ten hours in bed and really get into it.
3 [Elvis Presley] was not a great businessman but he was a great artist and he needed somebody like Colonel Tom Parker to get him there. I don’t think Elvis would have existed without Colonel Parker, he wouldn’t have been anywhere near as famous. So you take the good with the bad.
4 As a kid I spent an awful lot of time pretending I was somebody else. I think growing up in the 1980s wasn’t very exciting so you kind of create this secret life of an alternate person. You pretend to be whatever you need to be that day, so you live in that dream world. So it’s very easy to be an actor. I did a lot of acting when I was a kid. Not professionally, just to get myself in and out of trouble.
5 I think, I’d like to do that (marry) at some point in my life. But I just turned 31 and it’s all about my work right how. I’ve got a good body of work, a bunch of nominations and some awards and now is the time to go forward and do proper, real male roles because I worked through my 20s. It’s very difficult to cast somebody in their 20s because you can only cast them as a teenager and they don’t really have the experience to play the male roles yet. So I think it’s when you get into your 30s that those roles actually come.
6 I’ve had a lot of holidays booked and canceled in my life which also makes it very, very difficult to have a relationship because moving the way an actor moves is the same way an arch criminal moves: they’ve got to GO (he snaps his fingers). If you get a phone call from Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese on the eleventh hour, you’ve been offered this role – bang, gone. Which is why I’ve stayed away from marriage and children so I can be the gypsy if I want to.
7 I liked traveling when I was younger, now I travel for work. When I was young I just traveled. My plan was to travel, work, travel, work. So I haven’t done some of my own traveling for a while, but I will.
8 My dad was around a bit, but as a musician, they have to travel the roads.
9 History has a way of skewing people’s view. Playing Henry can be very, very difficult at times but it’s also very, very freeing because there’s not one person in the world – I don’t care how many books they’ve read – there’s not one person in the world who can tell me what Henry talked like, what he walked like, how he behaved himself. Nobody can tell me absolutely that that’s the way it was because they don’t know. It’s all guess work.
10 [About how he doesn’t look like Henry the eighth] Yet none of the actors who are in the series look anything like the people they’re playing. But I’m the only one that gets any flak for it because Henry was so immortalized by Holbein’s paintings. That’s not necessarily what Henry looked like. It’s just great art.
11 The hardest part about playing Henry has always been the hardest part about playing Henry. It’s not like when I played Elvis or even ‘Match Point’ where I could look in the mirror and I could see the character. I can’t look in the mirror and see Henry. I have to see my own version of Henry.
12 I got paid 20 grand for my first film. And that’s the lowest I ever got paid.
13 Even though I’ve had the body of work I’ve had, and the success I’ve had, I do not rest on my laurels whatsoever.
14 The hardest part about acting is realizing it doesn’t matter.
15 I was always going to be different, and everyone knew it.
16 (On being a professional actor) I started acting at 18 years old because I got a lead role in a movie. It wasn’t like I was a kid going, “When I grow up, I want to be an actor.” So I think what drives me is I found something very young by mistake that I could do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I love it all the time. Because it’s not lovable. The process of acting itself for me is really simple. It’s not brain surgery. You take the character, and you play it as naturally as you possibly can. That’s it. There’s no greater or higher purpose. What makes acting difficult is the business end of it. Because no matter how genius an actor is or how many millions of dollars he makes, he can look back in his past and see a sea of rejection–even the people who are at the top of their game. Just because someone is like Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t mean he gets to do anything he wants. He has to fight for those roles the same as anybody else. Now, he is fighting on a different level, but it’s still a fight. What’s difficult about the prospect is trying to reinvent your self-confidence, even though it’s constantly being torn down. And, of course, for every 10 people who like you in a film, there’s 10 people who won’t. I read one critique of me in Velvet Goldmine that said I had all the charisma of chewed bubblegum. I think I kept that one in my scrapbook.
17 (On what satisfaction he gets as an actor) What do I get out of it at the end of the day? Money. I get to travel around to different places. I get–for 10 to 12 hours a day–to not really be me. It’s great escapism. It can be very fucking therapeutic. But it’s not something that’s immediately satisfying. Sure, it’s satisfying when a film you’re in breaks $300 million at the box office, and the next thing is you get a $5 million offer, and there are awards flying about the place. But more often it’s not. Every so often someone comes up and says, “Hey, I saw you in that movie. It was great!” And I’m like, “Yeah, thanks very much.” And that’s where the satisfaction comes in.
18 (On Alexander (2004)) I did it just basically to work with Oliver Stone, but there wasn’t enough work in it for me. I shouldn’t have done it. I actually made a point of cutting myself out of two major scenes because I didn’t want to be backroom dressing. I don’t think Oliver really knew what he was taking on.
19 I auditioned for Tigerland and I was furious when I found out that Colin (Farrell) was doing it. But then when I saw the movie, there was nobody else that could make it like Colin made it. He was like this beautiful, beautiful cocktail of Marlon Brando in The Men and Montgomery Clift in Red River. He was sensitive and attitudeish – lawyerish – but at the same time so boyish, so sexual, so misled. He played it beautifully. I could never have done that. After I saw the movie I said, ‘Okay, I see what I need to learn’.”
20 (On becoming a successful actor) If you want to work, if you want to be successful, you have to struggle, you have to travel. You have to forgo relationships because they don’t work, which I’ve learnt to my detriment. You have to forgo friends.
21 (On his role in The Tudors (2007)) I based him on what I would do myself if I had absolute power at 28, 29 years old. I didn’t have the physicality of “Henry”, you know? And so I had to do it all internally. I had to create this incredibly strong, powerful man without being sort of like 6′ 4″ and 300 pounds. I had to make his intellect bigger than anybody else’s. I had to make his ambition bigger than anybody else’s. I had to make his energy bigger than anybody else’s. And I had to make him the most dangerous man in court.
22 It’s not about money, fame, people knowing you. It’s not even about enjoying yourself and being happy. It’s about achieving something that’s brilliant, creating something that’s brilliant, for other people. For yourself, you’re always going to be unsatisfied, but if somebody comes up to me and says, ‘That was a brilliant part, and I really, really got it’. That’s essentially it.
23 If there’s a good script and a good part, you can be guaranteed that all the best actors in the world are trying to get it. There’s no such thing as once you get to a certain stage, everything becomes easy. Everything becomes harder, you want the best roles, the biggest roles. And so does everyone else.
24 (2001) I’d love to do a big blockbuster action film, it’d be great, can you imagine? Pay me, no problem. I’d love to do a huge big ‘Mike and Jerry’ type film. They’re really great but I don’t think Micheal Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer think too fondly of me. Wait until I go off and get an Oscar nomination, then they’ll love me to bits.
25 (On the hardest aspect of playing Elvis Presley) To get that energy. Because Elvis did a lot of things. Most people ask, ‘What was harder? The dance moves? The guitar playing? The singing or the lip-synching?’ I’ll tell you what it was – the energy. If you’re playing someone like Elvis Presley, the Elvis Presley that I know from reading and researching, you do it from the heart. So, I had to really put myself in those shoes. It was very, very hard, having to pretend to be Elvis Presley, because I’m an actor doing it, but unless you wake up every morning being Elvis Presley, you really don’t know what that feels like.
26 (On if he saw similarities between him and Elvis Presley) Yeah, of course. I know, I saw the things I have in common with Elvis and I latched onto them, like he was a poor boy from Mississippi, I was a poor boy from Cork. We didn’t get on well at school, either of us. We weren’t liked by the students particularly. We were very, very different in the way we dressed, in the way we looked. We both bought houses for our Mama out of our first big paycheck. We both daydreamed and then went and fought to make our dreams a reality.
27 To get up in front of a camera of course you have to have a certain amount of vanity. All acting is narcissism in some way. Would I be a narcissistic person? Absolutely. Am I vain? Absolutely. Any actor who sits down in front of you and tells you they’re not vain its bullshit. I’m sure a lot of actors are like ‘Oh no, I’m not vain I just look fabulous everyday’. Now they’d like to believe that themselves. Its all very carefully manipulated, and I’ve met and worked with some of the most beautiful actors in the world and then you see them on a cover of a magazine they don’t look like that, any of them, they just don’t.
28 (When he first realized he wanted to be an actor full-time) I think when I went on to the set of Michael Collins which was the second film that I shot. And it wasn’t even the acting it was that whole atmosphere and suddenly I was on a film set with Liam Neeson and Alan Rickman and Neil Jordan and it was the whole buzz about it and the big cameras and suddenly it was kind of like this is a pretty fucking cool job.
29 When somebody looks at the body of work that I’ve done and they put Bend It like Beckham, Match Point, August Rush, The Tudor’s and Elvis next to each other they can see very many different layers of what I can do as an actor. That’s why I do different roles so people can see your range.
30 (On Match Point (2005)) It’s strange this film was not difficult to make in any way. It was the easiest and most relaxing film I’ve ever done.
31 At some point in your career as an actor you’re going to have to get on a Stairmaster. The days of Harris and O’Toole are gone. If you want to be at the top of your game, you can’t be out partying with your friends, or having six pints a night down the pub.
32 I find actors who play nasty guys in movies are the nicest guys in real life, and the opposite then goes for heroes.
33 I don’t have many friends that are actors. It’s a very faux environment. I don’t call people up after films.
34 … I wouldn’t date an actress. There’s only room for one actor in my life and I’m it. Too difficult. On the one hand, they understand the job. But on the other hand, it’s very competitive within the relationship. Two actors, say one becomes a mega-star and the other doesn’t. Happens all the time. So one is getting so much attention, and the other person feels jealous.
35 I’ve never gone to acting school and I never will, so I’m learning about the business from the people who are in the business. It doesn’t seem like I work at all. And the unknown is always exciting.
36 I think I’d really like to be someone who would be known for being a nice guy.
37 But actors, everything is so physical. You’re basically the only product you have. The hardest part of acting is realizing it doesn’t matter. I’m going to try and not take it too seriously because, if I do, I would really wreck my head.
38 I think it is important to stay close to your roots and be true to yourself, be honest. I don’t want to play games in Hollywood and pretend to be someone else. I still suffer from insecurity and that situation would make it worse.
39 A lot of men are very uptight, but I don’t distinguish between male and female beauty. Beauty is beauty.
40 There will be ups and downs, but it’s important to remember you’re on your own beautiful journey and once you’re on it you have to see it through to its conclusion and try to never be afraid to do anything because what is the worse that can happen?
41 I felt lower then than I did when I was 13 years old, I remember getting out of the limo with Toni and Christian Bale and walking towards all these photographers, and they were going, ‘Hey! Toni! Look over here! Hey, Christian, here!’ And I just walked on because nobody had an idea who I was. It was a horrible experience. – Cannes Film Festival 1998.
42 You get on a set and immediately people are wiping your ass for you, and nobody tells you when you’re being an asshole. I’m sure nobody working for Tom Cruise would turn around and say, ‘Tom, don’t do that anymore because you’re a dickhead to do that’. Actually, he might quite like it.
43 Being an actor is the easiest job. Just say the lines.
# Fact
1 At Macy’s Herald Square, 151 West 34th street in New York City, Hugo Fragrance Counter, Main Floor, promoting the new men’s fragrance Hugo Element by Hugo Boss. [January 2009]
2 Filming the final season of the Showtime series, The Tudors (2007). [July 2009]
3 Still resides in County Cork, Ireland [2004]
4 Finishing press for Mission: Impossible III (2006) and will start filming Showtime’s The Tudors (2007) in Ireland. [May 2006]
5 In California at the Beverly Hilton Hotel attending the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards Festival [January 2009]
6 Friends with fellow Irish actor Katie McGrath.
7 He has been chosen to play Elvis Presley in an upcoming television mini-series to be aired on CBS. [November 2004]
8 In New York filming August Rush [September 2007]
9 Currently filming Mission: Impossible III (2006) in Rome with Tom Cruise. [August 2005]
10 Close friends with his The Tudors (2007) co-star Annabelle Wallis.
11 Ranked 44 on AfterElton’s Gay Icon List.
12 Is good friends with Cillian Murphy who is one of his favorite actors.
13 Is good friends with fellow Irish actor Stuart Townsend. The two of them protested at the “Save Tara Hill Campaign” in 2006.
14 Idolizes Johnny Depp.
15 Was offered a part in the hit thriller Gangs of New York (2002) but turned it down because he was too busy.
16 Lived in Italy for a few years.
17 Bought his mother a home from his first big paycheck.
18 Thought of joining the priesthood when he was a kid.
19 The first acting work he did was a commercial at age 15 for which he was paid 500 pounds.
20 Auditioned for the lead in Tigerland (2000), but lost out to Colin Farrell. He later admitted that Colin was the best choice for the role.
21 Favorite actors are Joaquin Phoenix and Cillian Murphy.
22 His mother, Geraldine Meyers, passed away, at age 50, after a sudden illness [November 21, 2007].
23 Arrested at the Dublin airport November 18, 2007 on charges of public drunkenness and breach of the peace.
24 Has played “The King” in several different roles starting with Elvis Presley in the CBS miniseries Elvis (2005) and later portraying King Henry VIII in the Showtime program The Tudors (2007).
25 Resides in London, England and Los Angeles, California when not filming. Owns an apartment in Morocco and Dublin, Ireland.
26 Face of the “Versace” men’s collection of Autumn/Winter 2006 and Spring 2007 as well as of the new fragrance of “Hugo Boss”.
27 Longtime companion of heiress Reena Hammer from 2004 to 2012.
28 Does a superb impression of his Match Point (2005) director Woody Allen
29 In order to avoid the boyish and somewhat androgynous junkies and weak-willed characters he found himself typecast as, he underwent a fitness regime in 2004 and gained and maintained about 25 extra pounds of muscle, so he can also be considered for more masculine roles.
30 Beat out at least 200 actors for the role of Elvis Presley.
31 “Rhys” is pronounced “reese.”
32 He changed his last name when he took up acting, taking his mother’s maiden name of Meyers.
33 Chosen by Cosmopolitan Magazine at #34 of the 100 Most Sexiest Men in the World. [1998]
34 He was born with a heart condition, and was baptized rather quickly for fear he would not live long.
35 Has three younger brothers: Jamie O’Keeffe, Paul O’Keeffe and Ali O’Keefe.
36 Has a nephew named Dylan, son of his brother, Ali O’Keefe.
37 Sang some of the songs that appear in Velvet Goldmine (1998).

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