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Michael Owen Rosenbaum was born on the 11th July 1972, in Oceanside, New York USA, and is an actor, writer, director, and producer as well, probably best known to the world as the infamous Lex Luthor in the TV series “Smallville” (2001-2011), among other roles. His career has been active since 1997.

Have you ever wondered how rich Michael Rosenbaum is, as of late 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Rosenbaum`s net worth is as high as $2 million, an amount earned through his successful career in the entertainment industry. Apart from working as an actor, Michael has tried himself as a writer and director and so far has put his name on two short films “Ghild” (2011), “Fade Into You” (2012), and one full length film “Back in the Day” (2014), which also increased his net worth.

Michael Rosenbaum Net Worth $2 Million

Michael is the son of Julie and her ex-husband Mark Rosenbaum; his mother is a writer and also appeared in countless plays, while his father worked in the pharmaceutics industry. He has five siblings, and after his parents divorced he got two half-sisters from his father’s side. Michael grew up in Indiana, where he went to Castle High School, and after matriculation enrolled at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, graduating with a degree in theatre arts.

Michael then moved to the Big Apple in order to pursue his career as an actor; he auditioned for a role in “Talk Girl”, however, the show didn`t see the light of the day. Instead he stunned MTV intern Vincent Letizia and some of the MTV producers, who immediately showcased Michael in a reality-like show “The Temp”, in which Michael looked for a new job day after day. Little by little, Michael`s name became more and more known in the entertainment industry, and he made his debut in Clint Eastwood`s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” (1997), starring John Cusack and Kevin Spacey. The same year, Michael starred in the film “The Devil & the Angel”, then in 1998 he featured in the horror thriller “Urban Legend”, directed by Jamie Blanks, while the lead role was assumed by Jared Leto, and before the 1990s ended, Michael portrayed Jack Cooper in the TV series “Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane” (1999-2000). His net worth was established.

2001 was his breakout year, as he was selected for the role of Lex Luthor in the TV series “Smallville” (2001-2011), opposite Tom Welling and Allison Mack, a role which confirmed him as an actor, and increased his net worth by a large margin. In the same year, Michael appeared in the film “Sweet November”, next to Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, which also increased his net worth. During the early 2000s, Michael was quite active as a voice actor, lending his voice to characters from such animated characters as “Static Shock”, “The Zeta Project” (2001-2002), “Justice League” (2001-2006), and others, which also added to his net worth. Apart from voice roles and an on-going role in “Smallville”, Michael featured in several films, including “Sorority Boys” (2002), “Bringing Down the House” (2003) “Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Face” (2010), “Father of Invention” (2010) with Heahter Graham and Camilla Belle, among other productions, which only increased his net worth.

After the show ended, Michael first appeared in the action drama “Catch .44” (2011), and then had a role in “Hit and Run” (2012), alongside Bradley Cooper, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. Two years later he returned to the big screen in the film “Back in the Day”, which was also his directorial debut. In 2015, Michael was chosen for the role of Buddy Dobbs in the TV series “Impastor” (2015-2016), and he is currently working on the film “Last Days of Summer”, which is currently in post-production, but will be released before the end of 2016.
Thanks to his skills, Michael has received several prestigious nominations and awards, including a Saturn Award in the category Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series for his work on “Smallville”, among others.

Regarding his personal life, Michael is known for his high profile relationships, as he has dated several celebrities, including Laura Vandervoort, Candice King, and Danielle Harris; however he is currently single.

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Full Name Michael Rosenbaum
Net Worth $2 Million
Salary $352,941
Date Of Birth July 11, 1972
Place Of Birth Oceanside, New York, United States
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, Film Producer, Voice Actor
Education Western Kentucky University, John H. Castle High School
Nationality American
Parents Julie Rosenbaum, Mark Rosenbaum
Siblings Eric Rosenbaum, Laurie Rosenbaum
Nicknames Michael Owen Rosenbaum , Rosey , Michael A. Rosenbaum
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheRealMichaelRosenbaum
Twitter https://twitter.com/mrosenbaum711
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0742146/
Allmusic http://www.allmusic.com/artist/michael-rosenbaum-mn0001608375
Nominations Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Villain
Movies Back in the Day, Sorority Boys, Hit and Run, Urban Legend, Sweet November, Kickin’ It Old Skool, Bringing Down the House, Justice League: Doom, Poolhall Junkies, Racing Stripes, Catch .44, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Father of Invention, Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Batman B…
TV Shows Impastor, Breaking In, Smallville, James Gunn’s PG Porn, Justice League Unlimited, Justice League, The Zeta Project, Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, The Tom Show, Jackie Chan Adventures
# Quote
1 I was a mechanic at a go-cart place, a deejay at a roller rink, a telemarketer in New York, a grocery bagger. I worked at Pet Land Discounts in New York, cleaning up bird crap at seven in the morning.
2 Lex refers to his past that he was this bald headed freak at an elite prep school. Well, I was, like the shortest kid in my high school – really nervous and kind of weird – so I can relate.
3 I was pretty much a homebody; didn’t really go to school dances, never went to a prom. I was a bit of a loner, a geek.
# Fact
1 Rosenbaum shares a birthdate (July 11) with Yul Brynner, another actor whose most famous roles called for him to shave his head.
2 He is the son of Julie (Eckstein), a writer, and Mark Rosenbaum, who is in pharmaceuticals. Michael is from a Jewish family.
3 In addition to playing Lex Luthor on “Smallville” and the voice of The Flash on “Justice League”, Michael Rosenbaum also provided the voice of another DC character, Deadman, on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”.
4 He is the first actor to shave his head to play Lex Luthor instead of wearing a bald cap as Gene Hackman and Lyle Talbot did.
5 He has played Lex Luthor longer than any other actor.
6 The youngest actor to play Lex Luthor.
7 He shaved his head for seven years for his role on ”Smallville”.
8 He has been a regular cast member on two different series featuring Clark Kent (Superman) and Lex Luthor as main characters. He played Lex Luthor in Smallville (2001) from October 2001 to May 2008 and the Flash (Wally West) in Justice League (2001) from November 2001 to May 2006.
9 He played Lex Luthor in both Smallville (2001) and Justice League (2001).
10 Has movie posters of Napoleon Dynamite (2004) and Rocky (1976) in one of his rooms; along with a poster of all the heroes of D.C. comics.
11 Bought the video arcade system of Galaga after receiving his first paycheck.
12 The Knights football Shirt in Sorority Boys is a reference to the Castle Knights from Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana.
13 Participated in the Seattle Hockey Challenge in 2005 as he has for a few years. His brother, Eric, also participated this year.
14 Athletic and outgoing, Rosenbaum is an avid hockey player and golfer. He is also a dedicated New York Rangers fan. In addition, he has a passion for music, and plays both acoustic and electric guitar.
15 Has a great affinity for 1980s Soft Rock. Has attended concerts such as Foreigner, Hall & Oates, and Olivia Newton-John.
16 Participates in many celebrity ice hockey and charity events. The charity he favors the most is the Ronald McDonald House.
17 Has a cousin Daniel, who graduated from UMASS in 2002. Michael attended the ceremony.
18 Graduated from Castle High school in Newburgh, Indiana. Then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Kentucky University in 1995.
19 Goes back to Indiana every summer to participate in an annual wiffle ball tournament with old high school friends.
20 Plays the role of Lex Luthor on the series Smallville (2001), which is about the life of young Clark Kent. Coincidentally, he is also the voice of The Flash on Justice League (2001), a team that includes Superman.
21 Resides in Los Angeles.
22 Graduated from Castle High school in Newburgh, Indiana.

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