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Sidney Poitier is a well-known actor, writer, diplomat and also a film director. He is known mainly for his appearances in such movies as ‘To Sir, with Love’, ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’, ‘Lilies of the Field’ and many others. During his career Sidney has won many awards and received many honors. Some of them include a Golden Globe Award, Grammy Award, Kennedy Center Honors, Presidential Medal of Freedom and many others. So how rich is Sidney Poitier? It has been estimated that Sidney’s net worth is about 25 million dollars. As Sidney still continues writing and sometimes appearing in television shows and other events, there might be a chance that Sidney Poitier’s net worth will become higher in the future.

Sidney Poitier Net Worth $25 Million

Sir Sidney Poitier was born in 1927, in Florida. When Sidney was young he had to work as a dishwasher, and only later did Sidney become a part of American Negro Theatre. At first he didn’t gained a lot of acclaim and had to work and train hard in order to improve his performance. Sidney’s hard work was noticed and he received an invitation to act on Broadway, in the play entitled ‘Lysistrata’. In 1949 Sidney acted in ‘No Way Out’, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. This movie had a huge impact on the growth of Sidney Poitier’s net worth. What is more, it made Sidney more popular and noticed by others. Later he also appeared in such movies as ‘A Patch of Blue’, ‘In The Heat of the Night’, ‘The Bedford Incident’ and others. His latest appearances were in documentaries: ‘Tell Them Who You Are’ and ‘Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project’. All these appearances added to Poitier’s net worth.

As mentioned before, Sidney is also a film director. During his career he has directed such movies as ‘A Warm December’, ‘Uptown Saturday Night’, ‘A Piece of the Action’, ‘Fast Forward’ and many others. This also made Sidney’s net worth grow. He has also written 4 books: This Life, Life Beyond Measure – letters to my Great- Granddaughter, Montaro Caine and The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography. What is more, there has been a book written about him and also several movies created. The book was written by Aram Goudsouzian and it is entitled Sidney Poitier: Man, Actor, Icon. The movies about him are: ‘Sidney Poitier, an Outsider in Hollywood’ and ‘Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light’. This of course also added to Sydney Poitier’s net worth.

All in all, it could be said that Sydney Poitier is one of the most famous and one of the most experienced actors in the movie industry. During his career he has appeared in many movies and television shows as well as having directed several movies. Now Sydney is respected and acclaimed by many actors in the industry and he will always remain one of the best. As mentioned before, Sidney continues to do different kind of activities so there is a chance that his net worth will grow in the future.

  • Structural Info
Net Worth $25 Million
Date Of Birth October 15, 1976
Place Of Birth Miami
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.892 m)
Profession Actor, Diplomat, Writer, Film director, Author, Film Producer
Nationality United States of America
Nicknames Sidney L. Poitier , Sir Sidney Poitier , Sir Sidney Poitier, KBE


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