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Ted Nugent net worth is
$20 Million

Ted Nugent Wiki Biography

Theodore Anthony Nugent was born on 13th December 1948, in Redford, Michigan USA. He is a singer, songwriter, musician as well as political activist. He rose to prominence as a member of the rock band The Amboy Dukes, and then pursued a solo career. Ted Nugent has been active in the entertainment industry, thus accumulating his net worth, since 1958.

tHow much is Ted Nugent’s net worth? Reportedly, his wealth currently stands at $20 million, the main source of which is his music career.

Ted Nugent Net Worth $20 Million

Ted was raised in a Catholic household, and has mentioned in his interviews that his parents were very strict. Maybe the authoritarian upbringing formed his rough character that is known for the strict position against animal rights, advocacy of the right to bear arms as well as his anti-alcohol and anti-drug stances. On the other hand, Nugent is a very hard-working and ambitious person, who is known to have released more than 35 albums, sold more than 30 million records, and in the beginning of his career he was known to have organized more than 300 shows a year (1967–1973). Of course, all these efforts added much to the fame and the net worth of Ted Nugent. The musician says he was influenced by such outstanding personalities as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels among others.

To begin with, Ted joined The Amboy Dukes band while still studying at high school. Soon, the band became very popular with their hits “The Amboy Dukes” (1967), “Journey to the Center of the Mind” (1968) and “Migrations” (1969). Then, Ted signed a contract with DiscReet Records, the label founded by Frank Zappa, and after a few releases including “Call of the Wild” (1973) and “Teeth Fang & Claw” (1974) the fans split into two groups, following either The Amboy Dukes or Ted Nugent. This caused many disagreements in the band, and Ted decided to pursue a solo career.

Since the beginning of his career he was very popular not only in USA but also Canada. The golden age of Ted’s career was the period from 1975 to 1981, when all the recordings released received certifications for sales, including “Ted Nugent” (1975), “Free-for All” (1976), “Cat Scratch Fever” (1977), “Weekend Warriors” (1978), “Double Live Gonzo!” (1978) “State of Shock” (1979) and “Scream Dream” (1980). All of them helped to increase the total size of Ted Nugent’s net worth considerably. Although later recordings were not certified for sales, almost all of them appeared in the Billboard Top 100. Ted Nugent is active up to date, despite the hearing loss he has suffered since 2005.

In addition to his career in the music industry, Ted Nugent has also made one in the media. Nugent starred in his show “Spirit of the Wild” (2001–2003), hosted the reality television series “Surviving Nugent” (2004) and was seen in the show “Super Group” (2006). He has appeared in various television series, such as “Miami Vice” (1986) and “Undeclared” (2001). As a guest he has been invited onto many shows, as “The Midnight Special” (1978), “Newton’s Apple” (1991), “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2007).

More, Ted Nugent has added sums to his net worth as the author of books, including the best seller “God, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll” (2000) and many publications.

Concerning his private life, Ted Nugent has married twice, firstly to Sandra Jezowski (1970–1979) with whom he has two children. Since 1989, he has been married to Shemane Deziel.

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Full Name Ted Nugent
Net Worth $20 Million
Date Of Birth December 13, 1948
Place Of Birth Redford, Michigan, United States
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession Musician, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Guitarist, Big-game hunter, Actor, Singer
Education St. Viator High School
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Shemane Deziel (m. 1989), Sandra Janowski (m. 1970–1979)
Children Sasha Nugent, Chantal Nugent, Starr Nugent, Theodore Tobias Nugent, Rocco Winchester Nugent
Parents Warren Henry Nugent, Marion Dorothy Nugent, Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, Wango Tango
Siblings Jeffrey Nugent, Kathy Nugent, John Nugent, Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, Wango Tango
Nicknames Nugent Ted , Theodore Anthony Nugent , The Nuge , Uncle Ted , Motor City Madman , The Motor City Mad Man , The Detroit Madman , Theodore Anthony “Ted” Nugent
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tednugent
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tednugent
Instagram http://www.instagram.com/tednugentofficial
MySpace http://www.myspace.com/tednugent
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0637823
Music Groups The Amboy Dukes (1964 – 1975), Damn Yankees (1989 – 2001), Damnocracy, Hear ‘n Aid
Movies Beer for My Horses, Ted Nugent: Sweden Rocks, Tapeheads, Rockin’ the Corps, Ted Nugent: Motor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert, Metal Shop: Extreme Edition, Nomads
TV Shows Surviving Nugent, Wanted: Ted or Alive, Supergroup
# Trademark
1 Cowboy Hat
2 Soul Patch
3 Outspoken and unabashed about His Beliefs
4 Performing shirtless
5 Gibson Guitars
6 Rock n’ Roll Ponytail
# Quote
1 [on Wayne LaPierre of the National Rife Association] In the embarrassing culture war of politically correct denial that runs amok today, there is an American warrior, a common man who who represents common sense and self-evident truth, and he is Wayne LaPierre. On behalf of the millions of Americans who still believe in God-given, constitutionally guaranteed individual rights, Wayne stands firm against the insidious tsunami of dangerous anticonstitutional furor that would further infringe on our sacred Second Amendment. Wayne is a sledgehammer for truth, logic and freedom. He is cut from the same cloth as our forefathers who stood on the Concord bridge and risked all to give birth to a truly free, independent America. Wayne’s voice is the modern shot heard round the world.
2 I don’t pay to have my dirty work done for me. I do it myself.
3 I think you should ride the line between fatigue and chaos. The chaos keeps the energy level and spontaneity maximized, while fatigue is just over the edge, and you should try to avoid it.
4 My confidence level is insane. If there is one thing I am, it’s always right. I consider myself a true liberal. I am armed in order to stop good people being destroyed by bad people. Liberalism is assisting quality of life, whatever you may choose. I think that homosexuality is wrong. I think that people who drink, smoke and take drugs are doing wrong. But I’ll tell you how I judge people. The people that ran up those burning towers on September 11 were my heroes. And among those warriors who ran back to save their fellow human beings, you know what there were? Homosexuals. Smokers. Drinkers. People I wouldn’t agree with on numerous conduct levels. I judge people on this: are they in the asset column, or the liability column?
5 I say that I want the rape victim to shoot the rapist. All good people want rape to stop.
6 [on deer] They’re only interested in three things: the best place to eat, having sex and how quickly they can run away. Much like the French.
7 I visited Saddam Hussein‘s master war room. It was a glorious moment. It looked like something out of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977). I saw his gold toilet. I shit in his bidet.
8 [on Iraq] Our failure has been not to Nagasaki them.
9 [on Muzak] It’s an evil force in today’s society, causing people to lapse into uncontrollable fits of blandness. It’s been responsible for ruining some of the best minds of our generation.
10 Basically, I’m just an erector set looking for some volts.
11 You’ve got to kill it, before you grill it
# Fact
1 Inducted into the Bowhunters Hall of Fame in 2006.
2 Release of his book, “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto”. [2008]
3 Release of his cookbook, “Kill It & Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” by Ted and Shemane Nugent. [2002]
4 Release of his book, “God, Guns & Rock ‘n’ Roll”. [2000]
5 His guitar solo in “Stranglehold” was recorded in one take.
6 Actor Kurt Russell was best man at his wedding to Shemane Deziel.
7 Of the seven albums he released between 1975 and 1980, five of them were certified Platinum or better.
8 He is one of a small number of individuals to have achieved US ‘one-hit wonder’ success twice, scoring a Top 40 hit with two different acts: “Journey to the Center of the Mind” with the Amboy Dukes, and “Cat Scratch Fever” as a solo performer.
9 Resides in Crawford, Texas.
10 His father was of Irish and German descent. His maternal grandparents were Swedish.
11 Several times, he has expressed a desire to run for governor of Michigan.
12 Grew up in the NW Detroit section called Rosedale Park. He attended Cooke School (K-8). He briefly attended Redford High School before his family moved to Ilinois circa 1964. His first band was in Detroit (The Lourds).
13 Is a staunch supporter of the U.S. Republican party.
14 In the That ’70s Show (1998) episode, “Backstage Pass,” he is playing a Gibson Byrdland designed by legendary Nashville guitarists Hank Garland and Billy Byrd.
15 Plays a Gibson Byrdland guitar that was designed by famous guitarist Hank Garland and Billy Byrd.
16 Attempted to buy the background-music company Muzak so he could shut it down; his offer was rejected. [1989]
17 Once offered to build a football stadium for St. Viator High School, however, the school administration turned down his offer due to his political views.
18 Graduated from St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
19 Life Member Of: National Rifle Association (NRA), Michigan Bow Hunter, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Second Amendmant Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners of California, Director Law Enforcement Alliance of America, New York City Benevolent Policemen’s Association, National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, North American Hunting Club (NAHC), Michigan United Conservation Club, Michigan Big Game Hunters Club, Hangun Hunters International, Michigan Sheriff’s Assocciation, National Trappers Association, National Legislative Fund of America, Mississippi Bowhunters, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Spokesman, Outdoors Writes Association of America, Coalition of Michigans Hunters, National Field Archers Association (NFAA), Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever, Director Canadian Outdoor Harritage Alliance (COHA), Putting People FIrst, South Dakota Archery Association, Maryland Bowhunters Society, Arizona Bowhunters Society, United Bowhunters of Connecticut, Massachusetts Bowhunting Association, Untied Bowhuners of Pennsyvania, Ohio Society of Traditional Archers (OSTA), South Carolina Bowhunters, and Vice President: American Shooting Sports Council, Director: Michigan Bowhunting Confrence.
20 Regular columnist and contributor to more than 32 publications.
21 Rock n’ Rolls approximately 6 months per year, hunts 6 months per year.
22 Professional Staff Advisor for Browning Arms, GameTracker, Mossy Oak, LaCrosse.
23 Huron School District Student Youth Counselor.
24 Honered in the Congressional Record by Congressman Jim Barcia, 1993.
25 Certified Hunter Saftey instructor and International Bowhunter Education Foundation instructor.
26 Keynote speaker for 1995 Governers Symposium on North American Hunt Herritage, Green Bay, Wisconsin.
27 Inducted into the Native American Strongheart Society by the Lakota, Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapahoe Tribes.
28 Nominee, Outstanding American Hanguner Award.
29 Nominee, Humgun Hunters Hall of Fame.
30 Michigan County Sherrif Deputy 1978- present.
31 Board of Directors, Lyme Alliance.
32 Appointee, Michigan State Park Foundation.
33 Michigan’s Hunting and Fishing Heritage Task Force.
34 Named Archery Commissioner by Governer John Engler for the Great Lakes State Games.
35 Keynote Speaker for Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Confrence, Anchorage, Alaska, 1995.
36 Named Man of the Year by Michigan Recreation and Parks Association.
37 Appointed to the Michigan Year of the Family Council by Governer John Engler.
38 Guest speaker at International Law Enforcement Convention by invitation of FBI William Webster, Ed Meese and President Ronald Reagan.
39 Official rock n’ roll, hunting, conservation representative for the ‘Rush Limbaugh’ EIB Radio and Television Network.
40 Spokesman for the National Field Archers Association, Mothers Agaist Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.), Students Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D.), Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) law enforcement program.
41 Appointed to Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association, 1995-
42 Created highly successful tele-conferencing program to school systems across the country.
43 Agressive campaign on lecture circut promoting idividualism through outdoor sports and conservation to the youth of America.
44 Outspoken pro-hunting media crusade, conducting 5-10 prime media every week, impacting millions everyday.
45 Recipient of numerous commendations from state police, sheriff departments, FBI, DEA, U.S. Army, and police agencies nationwide.
46 Very outspoken against the use of drugs and alcohol throughout most of his career, although he admitted in a 1977 High Times interview to have taken a line of Crystal Meth.
47 Named Michigan Conservationist of the Year 1999.
48 Named Father of the year, at children’s school.
49 Honored on the floor of the U.S. senate, 1994.
50 Creator of the Nugent Blade Broadhead by Magnus Archery, Ted Nugent BloodBrother Bow, and signature line of hunting gear.
51 Creator and Host of the Ted Nugent Commando radio show for 10 years, Detroit, Michigan.
52 Host of the #1 rated Ted Nugent Morning Show, WWBR, Detroit.
53 Performing professionally since 1958, non-stop yearly touring since 1967, averaging more than 300 shows per year ’67-73, 200 per year ’74-80, 150 ’81-89, 127 concerts in 1990, 162 concerts in 1991, 150 concerts in 1993, 180 in 1994, 166 in 1995, 81 in 1996, Summer Blitz in ’97-98, Rock Never Stops ’99, #1 tour in the world KISS 2K.
54 Formed Damn Yankees (Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw (STYX), Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Micheal Cartellone) in 1989; sold 5 million albums.
55 #1 grossing tour act; 1977, 1978, and 1979.
56 Recorded 31 albums 1967-2001.
57 Began bowhunting in 1953 and guitar in 1956.
58 Creator and Producer of Award winning Ted Nugents Spirit of the Wild PBS video series, raising in excess of $3,000,000 for PBS affilliates nationwide.
59 Editor/Publisher of Ted Nugent ADVENTURE OUTDOORS magazine
60 President: Ted Nugent United Sportsman of America, Founder: Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids, Ted Nugent Bowhunting School
61 Founder of Sunrize Safari booking, guiding, outfitting adventures.
62 Has five children, Starr, Sasha, Rocco, Toby, and Ted (Mann).
63 Has recorded 29 albums which have sold over 30 million copies.
64 Member of the National Rifle Association.
65 Started a hunting group, ‘Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America’.
66 Had threats made on the lives of his children from radical environmentalists because he hunts.
67 He is a rock singer with the band Damn Yankees.
68 First wife killed, 1982, in a car accident while driving drunk.
69 Lead guitarist with the Amboy Dukes.

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