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Victoria Beckham net worth is
$300 Million

Victoria Beckham Wiki Biography

Victoria Caroline Adams was born on 17 April 1974, in Harlow, Essex England,  and as Victoria Beckham, or her stage name, Posh Spice, she is known worldwide as a singer, businesswoman, fashion designer and model, as well as the wife of David Beckham, one of the most recognisable sportsmen in the world. As such, Victoria seems to have, and be able to do it all. Once known primarily for taking the pop music industry by storm together with fellow pop girl group “Spice Girls” members Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham has since gone on to become one of the world’s most famous fashion icons and designers. Beckham’s line of fashion products and accessories is a favourite among celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Kate Winslet, and the success of her brand is certainly reflected in Beckham’s net worth.

So just how rich is Victoria Beckham? Sources state that Victoria has an impressive estimated net worth of close to $50 million to show for her efforts in the aforementioned variety of businesses, spanning more than 20 years.

Victoria Beckham Net Worth $49 Million

Victoria Beckham did not have an entirely easy childhood, apparently often bullied at school, but she says that watching Alan Parker’s 1980 musical film “Fame” gave her the way to work out her frustrations – by focusing on becoming a performer. Beckham’s parents were very supportive of Victoria’s decision, and she spent her youth attending several theatre schools. Eventually, this road would lead Victoria Beckham to join the band “Persuasion”, and from there it was a short step to Beckham’s first global breakout with the “Spice Girls”.

After auditioning in response to an advertisement looking for ambitious, extroverted and street smart girls able to perform on a professional level, Victoria  joined the all-female pop group “Spice Girls” in 1994. The group remained one of the world’s most famous throughout the 1990s, and all three of their albums included hits that would go on to top the pop music charts. It was during her time in the “Spice Girls” that Victoria Beckham picked up her stage nickname, “Posh Spice”. That wasn’t the only thing Beckham earned, either – Beckham’s net worth took a huge boost during those years, and she is estimated to have earned a grand total of £10 million during her time in the group. After the “Spice Girls” split up, Victoria Beckham would go on to a solo career in music, and her singles featured in several high-stakes battles at the very top of the charts, competing with such performers as the Italian DJ Spiller and Australian singer and songwriter Kylie Minogue. Her net worth continued to grow.

Since then, Victoria Beckham’s career has continued to pick up pace. She ventured into modelling in 2000 for Maria Grachvogel, the for Dolce and Gabbana before her enthusiasm saw her launch into designing firstly for Rock and Republic in 2004, and then her own designs in 2006 under the label dvbStyle. Such was her success, that in 2007, Beckham was reported to be the 52nd richest woman in Great Britain, and together with her husband, football superstar David Beckham, their joint net worth was estimated at $225 million. Since then, Victoria Beckham’s own fashion line has become a fixture, at such events as the New York Fashion Show, and highlighted in such magazines as Vogue, and it would go on to considerable success – in 2012, it was estimated to have earned the celebrity fashion designer upwards of $25 million.

The “Spice Girls” performed together again periodically from 2007-12, apparently for fun as much as money, and indeed Beckham’s net worth is equally because of her phenomenal career in music, and due to her successes in the fashion industry – she has been described as making the transition from a celebrity to a true businesswoman, with BBC Radio 4 placing her among the UK’s 100 most powerful women in fashion. Victoria has also appeared in several TV shows, some with the “Spice Girls” and often in quasi-reality-type TV events. Of course, these have also added to her net worth.

In her personal life, Victoria Beckham lives together with her husband of sixteen years, football legend David Beckham, and their four children. The couple owns no less than four luxurious houses, one of them – a mansion in Beverly Hills – valued at an astonishing $22 million.

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Full Name Victoria Beckham
Net Worth $300 Million
Date Of Birth April 17, 1974
Place Of Birth Harlow, United Kingdom
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.632 m)
Profession Singer, Businessperson, Songwriter, Fashion designer, Author, Model, Actor, Designer, Dancer
Education Laine Theatre Arts, Laine Theatre Arts
Nationality United Kingdom
Spouse David Beckham (m. 1999)
Children Harper Seven Beckham, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, Cruz David Beckham
Parents Anthony Adams, Jackie Adams
Siblings Louise Adams, Christian Adams
Nicknames Victoria Caroline Adams , Beckham, Victoria , Victoria Adams , Posh & Becks , Posh ‘n’ Becks , The Spice Girls , Victoria Adams Wood , Victoria Caroline Beckham , Spice Girls , Victoria
Awards Glamour Award for Woman of the Decade, Glamour Award for Woman of the Year, Glamour Award for Accessories Designer, Bambi – Fashion, Glamour Award for Entrepreneur, Glamour Award for The Fashion Force, Wannabe, Say You’ll Be There, 2 Become 1, Glamour Award for Woman of the Decade, Glamour Award for…
Music Groups Spice Girls
Movies Spice World, Raw Spice, Spice World, Raw Spice
TV Shows Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America
# Trademark
1 Holds her handbag over her mouth whenever she laughs.
2 Frequently wears high heels.
3 Rarely smiles.
4 Her hair styles & hair colour are sometimes changed
# Quote
1 If a bride could splurge on a single thing, it’s the booze, because that’s what guarantees more fun.
2 [on fame] I cope because I have to, because it’s just the way my life is. I’m hardened to it. I know how I’m perceived is not how I am, and that’s what matters. When they say I’m too thin, I just think: you know what? I’m happy to be thin. I’m into fashion and I like to be able to wear whatever I like. It’s my business, and if other people don’t like it, that’s their business.
3 I have no intention of ever working with the (Spice) girls again.
4 If you haven’t got it, fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!
5 I’m not materialistic. I believe in presents from the heart, like a drawing that a child does.
6 “He’s got more personality than people think and he’s very deep and spiritual. He always knows how to dress, that was part of his appeal originally. We’ve got matching dogs, matching watches, similar wardrobes, matchings Jags. I know it’s tacky, but it makes me laugh.” – on David Beckham.
7 My Spanish is improving and I can now ask: ‘Dónde Gucci?’ (‘Where is Gucci?’). I also can say: ‘Tienes un Bentley?’ (‘Do you have a Bentley?’) – About her Spanish-speaking skills
8 It’s not about competition. You should see me with a football – there’s no competition at all” – maintaining that she and David are not rivals
# Fact
1 Daughter Harper is an American citizen, son Cruz is a Spanish citizen.
2 Both she and her husband David Beckham are also known by the nicknames Posh and Becks.
3 She bought a new house worth $6 million in Madrid, Spain with husband David Beckham. [November 2003]
4 She revealed plans to focus her career on fashion design but denied media reports she planned to give up music. [November 2004]
5 Failed again to reach perhaps her most sought-after goal — a number one solo single. Her latest offering, the double A-side of “This Groove” and “Let Your Head Go”, only made it to number three in the hit parade. [January 2004]
6 Recording her solo album for Telstar/Roc-a-Fella Records, due in September [2003]
7 In April 2004, she is supposed to work with songwriter Cathy Dennis, plus she will also team up with ‘Usher’ in two new songs that will feature on her upcoming album. Her single, “This Groove”, will get a US radio release this month. [April 2004]
8 Promoting her new double single “This Groove” / “Let Your Head Go” in UK. The single will hit the stores on 29th December in UK and then in 2004 in the rest of the world. [December 2003]
9 Gave birth to her fourth child at age 37, a daughter Harper Seven Beckham on July 10, 2011. Child’s father is her husband, David Beckham.
10 Gave birth to her third child at age 30, a son Cruz David Beckham (aka Cruz Beckham) on February 20, 2005. Child’s father is her husband, David Beckham.
11 Gave birth to her second child at age 28, a son Romeo James Beckham (aka Romeo Beckham) on September 1, 2002. Child’s father is her husband, David Beckham.
12 Gave birth to her first child at age 24, a son Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (aka Brooklyn Beckham) on March 4, 1999. Child’s father is her boyfriend [now husband], David Beckham.
13 Diagnosed with meningitis at the end of Summer 2000.
14 Debuted a range of evening gowns at New York Fashion Week. (June 2008).
15 Husband David bought her a vineyard for her birthday. (May 2008).
16 Born to Anthony Adams, an electronics engineer and his wife Jackie Adams. She grew up in Goff’s Oak, Herfordshire.
17 Bought a home in Sawbrigdgeworth, Herfordshire, located within 17 acres of land, which is called “Beckingham Palace” by the British tabloids (October 1999).
18 After David Beckham had been signed to play for the LA Galaxy, she has lived in a $22 million Beverly Hills mansion with her family (2007).
19 Topped the 2007 worst-dressed list by fashion critic Mr. Blackwell aka Richard Selzer followed by Amy Winehouse and Mary-Kate Olsen (January 8, 2008).
20 Godmother of Geri Horner‘s daughter Bluebell Madonna, along with Emma Bunton.
21 Was among the guests at Tom Cruise‘s and Katie Holmes‘ wedding in Italy.
22 Friend of Katie Holmes.
23 Her son Romeo, suffers from epilepsy.
24 Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley are godparents to her two older boys, Brooklyn and Romeo.
25 She is the only member of Spice Girls not to have had a UK number one single as a solo artist.
26 Favorite designers are Dolce & Gabbana and Donatella Versace.
27 Winner of a Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the British Music Industry at “Brit Awards 2000” with The Spice Girls, in London.
28 Winner of two awards at “Smash Hits Poll Winners Party 1998” with The Spice Girls and one award for Best Female Haircut, in London.
29 Winner of two awards at “MTV Europe Music Awards 1998” with The Spice Girls in Milan, Italy.
30 Voted Best Dressed Pop Artist for the year 2000 by “Heat” magazine. Also voted Best Dressed Couple (shared with her husband).
31 Winner of Best Dressed International Female at “Elle Style Awards 2003” in Madrid, Spain.
32 Voted Best Dressed Woman for the year 2003 by British “Prima” magazine.
33 Voted Best Dressed Woman for the year 2002 by British “Prima” magazine.
34 Winner of Best Dressed Female Artist at “Lycra British Style Awards 2003” in London.
35 Winner of Best Female Haircut at “Pantene Pro-V Awards 2000” in London, UK.
36 Winner of Best Dressed Female Award at “Elle Style Awards 2000” in London.
37 Winner of Special award at “Brit Awards 1998” with The Spice Girls in London, UK.
38 Winner of five awards at “American Music Awards 1998” with The Spice Girls in Los Angeles.
39 Winner of two awards at “Billboard Awards 1997” with The Spice Girls in Las Vegas.
40 Winner of four awards at “Brit Awards 1997” with The Spice Girls.
41 Winner of five awards at “Smash Hits Poll Winners Party 1996” with The Spice Girls, in London.
42 After being dropped from Virgin Records, she signed a 1.5 million pounds contract for Telstar Records (2001) and they will release and promote her music worldwide, except for USA where she signed a new deal (worth $2 million) with Rocc-A-Fella Records (2003) and they will release and promote her music in USA.
43 Has a sister, Louise, and a brother, Christian. Used to dance ballet as a child and teenager.
44 Signed with Damon Dash‘s Roc-a-Wear clothing line to promote the apparel in U.S. and European billboard ads. She has already appeared on a billboard on Times Square, the building opposite to MTV Studios in New York.
45 Is a big fan of Simon Morley‘s and David Friend‘s Puppetry of the Penis: Live at the Forum (2012), and once attended a private screening of the show with her husband and other celebrities.
46 Tried out for the role of Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) but lost the role to Angelina Jolie
47 When her luggage was lost on a flight, she demanded free airfare for life (2000).
48 Is a vegetarian.
49 Has a tattoo of four eight-pointed stars representing herself, her husband and her two older sons at the base of her spine.
50 Winner of the 1997 MTV Europe Music Award for Best Group.
51 Winner of the 1997 MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video, “Wannabe”.

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