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Wendy Thomas net worth is
$100 Million

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Wendy Thomas Wiki Biography

Melinda Lou Thomas was born upon 14 September 1961, in Columbus, Ohio USA, and is a businesswoman, particularly understood for her ownership and sponsorship of Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers chain of restaurants.

So simply how rich is Wendy Thomas? The sources specify that Wendy Thomas’ net worth is estimated to be an impressive $100 million. The majority of Wendy Thomas’ net worth comes largely from her participation in the dining establishment service.

Wendy Thomas Net Worth $100 Million

Wendy Thomas is a daughter of the American business owner and business person Rex David Thomas, who is primarily referred to as the developer of the popular brand “Wendy’s”. Throughout her early years, Wendy Thomas had battles with pronouncing particular vowels and consonants, which resulted in problems of pronouncing her full name. As an outcome, she was offered a nickname of Wendy, a name that would soon end up being a well-recognized brand name all over the United States. Wendy motivated her dad to rename one of his dining establishments into “Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers” that were later on simply reduced to be called “Wendy’s”. Not only was the chain of dining establishments named after her, but a main logo for “Wendy’s” was produced in the similarity of Wendy Thomas.

Thomas went to the University of Florida, and graduated with a BA in the field of consumerism. Up Until 1999, Wendy Thomas owned several “Wendy’s” dining establishments in the area of Dallas, Texas. When Dave Thomas passed away in 2002, Wendy Thomas together with her relative bought “Wendy’s” dining establishments in the area of Columbus, Ohio. Wendy Thomas’ involvement in her father’s service helped her achieve an across the country recognition, along with increase her net worth. Ever since 2010, Wendy Thomas has actually co-owned around 30 “Wendy’s” restaurants and shops in the United States, all of which generated a good quantity of profit.

Wendy Thomas then chose to increase the fame of the dining establishments, and began creating ads that were used television. It was Thomas’ first severe on-screen initiative with the “Wendy’s” brand name, as previous to that her participation was just a voice function in among her father’s ads. The advertisements for “Wendy’s” restaurants were initially displayed in Alabama, Virginia Beach and Las Vegas, and however later spread to the rest of the country.

In 2012, Wendy Thomas introduced another series of advertisements for “Wendy’s” called “That’s Wendy’s Method” with a brand-new technique and outlook on the ingredients and service established by her father. Wendy continued to make appearances on screen, and was also a part of a commercial for “Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger”. In addition to her looks on ads, Wendy Thomas is also a main representative for the “Wendy’s” brand name, and belongs of the board of Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Wendy Thomas is presently a co-owner of one of the largest worldwide junk food dining establishment chains; “Wendy’s” currently has more than six thousand shops worldwide, and it was stated that in 2006 they made almost $2.5 billion in sales. It is not unexpected then that Wendy Thomas’ net worth reaches an exceptional amount of $100 million.

In her individual life, Wendy Thomas was married to Gary Floto till his death in1999 She is now wed to Paul Morse, and they have one child.

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Complete Name Wendy Thomas
Net Worth $100 Million
Date Of Birth September14,1961
Place Of Birth United States of America
Education University of Florida
Nationality United States of America
Spouse Gary Floto
Kid Mckenzie Morse
Parents Lorraine Thomas, Dave Thomas
Brother Or Sisters Molly Thomas, Lori Thomas, Ken Thomas, Pam Thomas
IMDB http://imdb.com/name/nm1688961
Movies The Ninth Cloud, Hitman

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