Capital Expenditure, Meaning with example of Capital Expenditure

Capital expenditure is that expenditure which results in acquisition of an asset or which results in a boost in the earning capability of a company. As we have currently talked about, capital expenditure contributes to the revenue earning capacity of a business over more than one accounting duration whereas revenue expense is incurred to generate income for a particular accounting period. Capital expenditure might represent acquisition of any tangible or intangible set possessions for long-lasting future advantages.

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Capital Investment

This represents expenditure incurred for the function of acquiring a fixed asset which is planned to be utilized over long term for making profits there from. e. g. quantity paid to purchase a computer system for office use is a capital expenditure. Sometimes expenditure might be sustained for enhancing the production capability of the machine. This also will be a capital investment. Capital expenditure forms part of the Balance Sheet.

Examples: Purchases of land, buildings, machinery, furniture, patents, etc. All these possessions stay in business and are utilized once again and once again. Other examples are money spent for goodwill (like the right to utilize the recognized name of an outbound company) considering that it will bring in the old firm’s clients and thus will lead to higher sales and profits; money invested to minimize working expenditures like conversion of hand-driven machinery to power-driven machinery and expenditure enabling a company to produce a big amount of items. Expenditure which does not lead to a boost in capability or in reduction of everyday costs is not capital expenditure, unless there is a tangible asset to show for it.

All sums invested approximately the point a possession is all set for use ought to also be dealt with as capital investment. Examples are: charges paid to legal representative for drawing a purchase deed of land, overhauling expenditures of used equipment, cartage paid for bringing equipment to the factory from provider’s premises and cash invested to set up a machinery; and even interest on loans taken to acquire fixed assets only for the period prior to the asset ends up being operational.

Capital expenditure can be specified as expense incurred on the purchase, alteration or enhancement of fixed properties. The purchase of a vehicle to be usage to provide products is capital expenditure. Consisted of in capital expenditure are such costs as:

  • Shipment of fixed possessions;-LRB-
  • Setup of fixed possessions;-LRB-
  • Improvement (but not repair) of fixed assets;-LRB-
  • Legal expenses of purchasing home
  • Demolition expenses;-LRB-
  • Architects fees;-LRB-


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