House Rent Allowance HRA and HRA Calculation – In Detailed


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House lease allowance is the amount paid by company to employees to satisfy the expenditures of rent of the accommodation which the worker has actually worked with for his residential function. A staff member can declare exemption on his HRA under the Earnings Tax Act if he/she please the conditions laid by act. House Rent Allowance paid by the company to his worker is taxable under head Earnings from Incomes to the level it is not excused u/s 10(13 A) of the act.

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Aspects to be considered in computation of HRA:

  • Salary
  • Actual Lease Paid
  • HRA Received
  • Place where you live.

1. Income:

Salary for this purpose suggests “” Basic pay Dearness Allowance Commission as a fixed percentage on turnover and omits all other allowances and perquisites.””
salary is calculated on due basis.It means if you get wage financial obligations of earlier years or advance income coming from future years, it will not be thought about while determining the tax exemption.

2. Real lease paid is the quantity of overall lease you pay for the accommodation.

3. HRA really received is the total amount paid by the company to staff member.

4. Home:

It put a vital function in computation of HRA because % of exemption depends upon the status of the city you are residing (as discussed listed below)

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HRA computation:

Least of the following is excused

1. Rent paid minus 10% of salary.

2. Actual House Rent allowance received by worker.


40% of the Wage if the house is located at any other location for the relevant duration.

We decrease the total amount HRA received by the above stated computation and what ever the balance quantity we get to we must consist of that in our total income.

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Conditions to be met:

For declaring exemption in regard of HRA list below conditions need to be fulfilled by the worker

1. Need to stay in a rental lodging:

Workers need to have worked with a rental lodging and spent for the very same. If he/ she stays in own lodging then in such case they can not claim HRA exemption.

2. Available just for the period of remain in rental lodging:

The reduction is available just for the period during which the leased house is occupied by the staff member and not for any additional duration after that.

3. Rent should be paid actually otherwise they are not eligible for the exemption.

4. Submission of PAN information of employer topic to the conditions put down in the act.

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Mortgage benefit and HRA at the same time:

HRA and interest on loan considered House are entirely unique from each other and until you stop paying something for your accommodation as rent you can claim HRA in addition to interest on home loan.

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