Special Valuation Branch Order – Complete Details

Special Valuation Branch Order – Complete Details, In this article you can Find everything You want to know about Special Valuation Branch Order. My this article is all about the order which is passed by special authority of customs for the transactions which are taken place due to the relativeness relationship which affects the invoice value of the transaction. Here I have answered the questions regarding to why special valuation branch order, when to be applied, what is the procedure for the applying to the special authority and all. Now you can scroll down below and check complete details regarding “Special Valuation Branch Order”

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When Special Valuation Branch Order ??

Now a days globalisation has taken place, so every one wants to gets the goods available in their country from outside which would cost them cheap in comparison to their own country goods. Mostly the manufacturers are the ones who order the raw materials or the machines from the outside country. This would drastically reduce the cost of providing the finished goods. There can be various reasons due to better technology availability in India, specific requirement which may be required to satisfy in India only, etc. There can be “n” no of reasons from importing from other countries.

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One reason that most affects the countries is that they make the imports cost effective from importing through the other countries. They may make imports from the other countries mainly because of they have sister concerns over there and they give at a lower rate and so comes the concept of special valuation branch. This branch fixes the price for such transaction and the duty has to be paid on that amount fixed by the branch.

Where these branches are located ??

The SVB branches are located in 5 cities of the country. They are

  1. Bangalore
  2. Mumbai
  3. Chennai
  4. Delhi
  5. Kolkata

When the cases are referred to SVB branch ??

There may be two cases where the cases may be referred to the SVB branches. They are :

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1. Applications made by Importer at the time of filing BOE :

At the time of import of goods by the Importer, if the transaction is related to the goods to the supplier which is in goods relationship with the importer than the Importer needs to make reference to the SVB branch and there after the branch would be deciding the value of the transaction by taking into account various factors. In the following cases the importer need not refer to the SVB branch may be they may be referred as the exceptions to the compliances.

  • If the Importer provides the valid proof that the same goods which are being sent to the buyer of the goods in the foreign country is having the same price which is provided in the buyer in the local market is at the same price.
  • If the importer proves that the invoice price at which the goods are provided to the buyer in the other country is not influenced by any the factors which are due to the relationship of the buyer and importer.

2. By the department through any investigation :

It is the case where the department comes into notice that the transaction was not followed by obeying the rules of the customers orders, they may conduct various enquiries and come to know that this transaction value was affected due to the relationship between the importer and the supplier.

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