TDS Certificate & Benefit of TDS to the deductee (All Details)

TDS Certificate & Benefit of TDS to the deductee: The deductor shall, in the way prescribed, provide to the deductee a certificate discussing therein the agreement value, rate of reduction, quantity deducted, amount paid to the proper Government and other recommended information– section 51( 3) of CGST Act.

The certificate is in kind GSTR-7A. The certificate is created digitally on GSTN system and can not be released manually by deductor. Find out more on tds …

As a DDO I have deducted tax while making payment to numerous Vendors. I have actually deposited the quantity in the appropriate Government A/c & also submitted return within stated time. Have I released all my liabilities connecting to TDS?

No. A system created TDS certificate in FORM GSTR-7A mentioning therein the value on which tax is subtracted, and amount of tax deducted and other associated particulars shall be available for download from the portal by deductee.
How can a provider download the TDS certificate in FORM GSTR 7A?

TDS certificate can be downloaded by access the URL and using the following path: Login to the GST Portal with legitimate qualifications. Browse to Services > User Services > View/Download Certificates alternative
How many TDS Certificates are provided per GSTIN?

A single TDS-certificate is provided per GSTIN per FORM GSTR-7 return submitted by deductor.
Is the signature of Tax Deductor needed in TDS Certificate?

FORM GSTR-7A is system created TDS-certificate; signature of Tax Deductor is not required
Do I as a taxpayer need to file FORM GSTR-7A?

No, a tax payer (deductee) is not required to submit FORM GSTR-7A.
Can I as a taxpayer (Deductor or Deductee) download and keep a copy of my TDS Certificate for future recommendation?

Yes, TDS Certificate can be seen and/or downloaded in post-login mode on the GST portal.
Being a deductor do I have to fill any form to produce FORM GSTR 7A? How can I view Form GSTR-7A?

No, a deductor is not required to fill any separate form for generation of FORM GSTR7A. FORM GSTR 7A will be generated if return in FORM GSTR 7 is submitted.

To see Form GSTR-7A, carry out following actions:

  • Access the The GST Home page is shown.
  • Login to the GST Portal with legitimate credentials.
  • Click the Services > User Services > View/Download Certificates command.

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