All you need to know about an Instagram bot in 2024

Instagrammers are literally divided into two categories – those who gain an audience with bots and those who stay away from automation tools because they consider them unsafe. The truth is that you should choose a trusted Instagram bot if you value quality and security. The market is full of fraudulent software that won’t bring you many followers. 

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Nevertheless, with a tried and tested tool, one can attract a new audience that can easily convert into clients. In this article, I’ll uncover what a bot is, how it works, and how to use this tool without Instagram bans. Let’s dive right in! 

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Can you really grow followers with a bot? 

Let’s begin with a definition of a bot:

A bot is software that performs human-like actions on Instagram on your behalf. It likes, follows, and watches the stories of certain users. Thanks to these activities, users become interested in your account and check on you. They might like your content and/or products and start following you. 

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A bot is not driving fake accounts and doesn’t buy fake followers. This leads us to the fact that true working bot can boost your audience with genuine customers. It’s a good option to build an audience for new accounts and a perfect alternative to Instagram ads. Interaction with your tribe is a key element of building brand trust and loyalty. 

Will a bot interact with random accounts? No, this won’t be effective. There are several target options in automation tools, for instance:

  • Targeting by hashtags. In this case, the helper tool will need a portion of hashtags that are relevant in your industry. You can collect a list of hashtags by using a Hashtag generator service. As soon as you get these hashtags, you need to paste them into a special field. A bot will engage with a profile that utilizes these hashtags or follow them. As a result, you drive the target audience to your account. 
  • Targeting by usernames. This way of interacting implies working with followers/ following of users you indicate. For example, you can mention your direct and substitute rivals because their audience is likely to turn into your customers. You need to research your competitors on Instagram (apply User Search tools for this). 
  • Targeting by location/ demographics. This targeting option is perfect if you need to win the audience in a specific area. You can choose cities and countries to work at any local market. 

Usually, users can customize the actions a bot should perform from their account. For example, you can skip following other accounts and only like and watch stories. 

The main upper hand of a bot is that you save time. Instead of liking accounts on your own or paying an employee, you can order a tool that does all the job. What is more, automation tools are typically supplied with analytics dashboards where you can see the effectiveness of hashtags, usernames, and the general boost of followers. 

So the answer is – yes. You can build your audience with the help of an Instagram bot if you choose a proven tool. I advise you to examine tops and read reviews before you connect to an automation tool. 

How to use a bot at no risk

The buzz topic around applying software for Instagram promotion is safety. But most of the users don’t know the main security rule when they apply a bot:

Use an automation software with a VPN on to avoid Instagram bans. 

Instagram is smart and may detect that you log in to your account from different IP addresses – this behavior is suspicious. But if you use the same IP from your device and from an automation service, your actions are considered normal. 

Moreover, smart bots won’t perform many actions as soon as you launch your promotion. There is a special mode (usually, it’s called safe mode) that controls the number of activities a user can perform daily. 

So, when you choose an automation service for Instagram promotions, pick one that has a VPN included. This safety measure is essential for two reasons. Firstly, you can perform more actions and get better results. And secondly, you achieve a superior safety level. 

My final word

Instagram bots still exist in 2024, and many businesses and influencers apply them to gain an audience. If using one is a big question for you, apply an automation tool in pair with a VPN. As a result, you can obtain a loyal community on Instagram at no risks and with 0 efforts. Instead of staying online all day long, you’d better think about how to improve your content and business model.

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