COMEDK UGET Syllabus 2019, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

COMEDK UGET Syllabus 2019 is recommended by the Association of Medical, Dental and Engineering Colleges (AMDEC). From the year 2017, COMEDK UGET was not be carried out for medical test. Get COMEDK UGET 2019 Syllabus from here and aware yourself with every topic and chapter that will be asked in the examination.


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COMEDK UGET Curriculum 2019

The COMEDK UGET 2019 evaluation covers the area of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Those who are seeking for the engineering courses have to prepare the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics topics. Generally, the paper of COMEDK UGET 2019 will consist of 10 2 standard. All the aspirants are recommended to prepare those subjects from your 10 2 books or refer syllabus of your intermediate/10 2/ Second PUC. The comprehensive curriculum of COMEDK UGET 2019 is discussed below subject-wise:

COMEDK UGET 2019 Admit Card will be launched from fourth May2019 Online Test Admission Ticket (TAT) is likewise called confess card. The admit card will be accessible through online mode.

Physics Syllabus

The physics curriculum will include Alternating Current, Oscillations, Heat & Thermodynamics, Current & Electrical Power, Units of Measurement, Electromagnetic Induction, Motion in one, two & 3 measurements, Kinetic Energy, thermal and chemical effects of currents, Ray Optics, Capacitance, Heat, and Thermodynamic, X-Ray, Wave Optics, Radioactivity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Gravitation, Principals of Interaction, EM Waves, Elastic Kinetic Theory of Gases and Vector Motions.

Chemistry Syllabus

The chemistry section will comprise of the chapters that include Shift of Metals, Bio-Molecules, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Polymers, Chemistry of Carbon Substances, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and chemistry in action, P Block Elements, Strong State, Coordination Compounds, Redox Response, Chemical Bonding, Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes, Chemical Stability, Chemistry Thermodynamics, Aldehyde Ketone, Gaseous State, S-Block Aspect, Surface Chemistry, Periodic Category of Components, Solutions, Atomic Structure, Mole Idea & Electrochemistry.

Mathematics Curriculum

The mathematics area will be asked from Likelihood, Matrices & Determinants, Logarithmic Series, Differential Equation, 3 Dimensional Geometry, Co-relation & Regression, Circles, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Vectors, and Calculus.

English Syllabus

In the section of English topic, the question will be asked from Comprehension passage, Structure of words, Phrases, Stipulations and Sentences, Synonyms, Modals, Prepositions, Voice, Series of words, Rearrangement of Jumbled words, Determiners, Guideline of Combinations, Sentence Conclusion, One-word Substitution & Tenses and so on

COMEDK UGET Exam Pattern 2019

Inspect here for COMEDK UGET Exam Pattern. The evaluation will be arranged through online mode( computer based test). In the assessment, overall 180 questions will be asked. 60 questions from each topic will be asked from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics topics. The examination period will be three hours. For a proper answer, one mark will be offered to the prospects. No negative marking in the evaluation.

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