Conservatism Concept – meaning, definition with examples

Conservatism Principle– Conservatism states that the accountant should not prepare for earnings and must offer for all possible losses. Later on we shall see that the golden rule of present assets evaluation– ‘expense or market cost’ whichever is lower originated from this principle.

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Conservatism idea mentions that when alternative valuations are possible, one ought to select the option which fairly represents financial compound of deals however when such option is not clear choose the option that is least most likely to overemphasize net possessions and net income. It provides for identifying all understood costs and losses by best estimates if quantity is not understood with certainty, however does not permit identifying revenues and gains on the basis of anticipation.

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Conservatism Idea

The Realisation Idea likewise mentions that no modification must be counted unless it has materialised. The Conservatism Idea puts an additional brake on it. It is not sensible to count unrealised gain however it is preferable to defend against all possible losses.

For this idea there ought to be atleast three qualitative attributes of Financial declarations, specifically,

  • Prudence, i.e., judgement about the possible future losses which are to be safeguarded, along with gains which are uncertain.
  • Neutrality, i.e., unbiased outlook is needed to identify and tape-record such possible losses, along with to leave out unpredictable gains,
  • Faithful representation of alternative worths.

Lots of accounting authors, nevertheless, are of the view that conservatism essentially leads to understatement of earnings and wealth and it should not be the basis for the preparation of Financial declarations.


  • Provision for doubtful debts is developed at the end of the year.
  • Stock is valued at Expense or NRV, Whichever is less.


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