Delivery challan under GST, Delivery challan Format as per CGST

Shipment challan under GST: The principal can send out items for additional processing or capital products to the task employee under the cover of challan provided by the principal. Challan should be provided by the principal even for inputs and capital products straight send out to the job-worker. Task work challan should comply with the GST billing guidelines and the obligation for keeping correct accounts based on GST requirements would lie with the principal.

Shipment Challan Format

A shipment challan need to be serially numbered not surpassing 16 characters, in one or numerous series, in lieu of billing at the time of elimination of items and need to include the following information:–LRB- .

  • Shipment challans should be serially numbered not going beyond sixteen characters, in one or several series. The following info needs to be pointed out in all shipment challan formats:
  • Date and variety of the shipment challan.
  • Call, address and GSTIN of the shipper, if signed up.
  • Call, address and GSTIN or Special Identity Variety of the consignee, if signed up. If unregistered, name, address and location of supply.
  • HSN code for the items.
  • Description of products.
  • Amount of products provided (provisionary, where the precise amount being provided is not understood).
  • Taxable worth of supply.
  • GST tax rate and tax quantity broken down as CGST, SGST, IGST and GST Cess– where the transport is for supply to the consignee.
  • Location of supply, in case of inter-state motion of items.
  • Signature.

Download Shipment challan format

Download GST Delivery-Challan Format in Excel

Specific Arrangements connecting to task work

Area 143( 1) check out with area 19( 1) of the CGST Act,2017 supplies that a signed up individual might send out any inputs/ capital products without payment of tax to a task employee for task work (under the cover of shipment challan) and the principal will subject to particular conditions and limitations be permitted Input Tax Credit (ITC) on inputs sent out to a task employee for task work.

It concerns discuss that in regards to Area 19( 2) and 19( 5) of CGST Act, 2017, the principal can likewise send out items straight to the location of task employee without getting the stated products in his properties initially and ITC can likewise be availed in such cases though the principal has actually not gotten the products. After task work, products might be sent out to another task employee or might be reminded any of the workplace of the producer ( under shipment challan). The producer is not needed to reverse the credit or pay tax on supply of stated inputs/ capital products.

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