Difference between Developed & Developing Countries – Analysis

We, the residents of India, absolutely want that our Nation needs to be counted in the Developed Countries and for this we all need to work towards the overall development of our country. In order to accomplish these objectives, the most vital thing is the understanding of distinctions between the Established & Establishing Countries.

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So, initially we ought to have a look on the definitions of Established and Establishing Countries:

Developed Nations: A country having a high rate of Industrial Development & high private income (or state per capita income) is understood as a Developed Country. As the description says, these countries are likewise understood as the Advanced Countries. Some of these criteria are Standard of Living, Status of women in the country, literacy rate, Child Well-being Rate, Accessibility of high quality HealthCare facilities, Advanced Real estate Facilities, Excellent Infrastructures, Excellent Transport & Communication Facilities, Greater Life Span, while GDP and per capita earnings are the most crucial requirements.

A couple of examples of Developed Nations are United States, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, etc.

Developing Countries: The nations which have a lower Human Development Index (HDI) are called Developing Countries. These countries do not shower development and advancement in almost all the requirements pointed out for the Developed Nations.

A couple of examples of developing nations are India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Kenya, and so on

The key differences in between Established & Developing Countries can be understood with the aid of the following table:

Particulars Established Nations Developing Nations
Standard of Living High Medium
Industrial Development High Industrial Development Moderate Growth and they depend on Established Countries for their growth.
Literacy Rate High Medium
Education, Health Care & Infrastructural Facilities Advanced Facilities Moderate
Distribution of Income Practically Equal Highly Unequal
Joblessness & Hardship Really low level of Hardship & Joblessness High level of Unemployment & Poverty
In General The nations which are independent & flourishing are called Established Nations. The nations which are not yet independent and thriving are called Developing Nations.
Sector Usually, these countries generate most of their revenue from the Industrial Sector. Typically, these nations create most of their profits from the Service Sector.
Birth & Death Rates They are low in these nations. Both the rates are high in the Developing Nations.

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