FAQ on TRAN 3, Important Questions Related to TRAN-3 with Solutions

FAQ on TRAN 3, Important Questions Related to TRAN-3 with Solutions. Form TRAN 3 is need for those Dealer who have actually received Credit Transfer Document (CTD) released by Manufacturer, understand more information about FAQ on TRAN 3 from listed below …


1. Who requires to file Form GST TRAN– 3?

  1. Dealer who have actually gotten Credit Transfer Document (CTD) provided by Manufacturer
  2. Manufacturer who has actually released CTD to dealers

2. Why do I require to submit Transition Form GST TRAN– 3?

Every registered individual who was registered under Central Excise Act’ 1944 and has released Credit Transfer Document (CTD) and every signed up person who is using ‘ Credit Transfer Document‘ to get transitional credit is needed to submit ‘ Form GST TRAN– 3‘ within 60 days of the designated date.

3. What are the provisions for issuance of CTD?

Please describe link below for details or notification no 21/2017- CENT dt. 30-06-2017, as changed from time to time.

http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources//htdocs-cbec/excise/cx-act/notifications/notfns-2017/ cx-nt2017/ cent21-2017 pdf

4. What do I require to fill in the Transition Form GST TRAN– 3?

An authorized taxpayer requires to fill the summary information of CTD issued/received at GSTIN level, so that recipient of such CTDs can declare credit based upon the CTD file evidencing payment of duty and taxes released by the registered individual.

5. What do I need to do to submit the Transition Form GST TRAN– 3?

You need to login to the GST Portal and navigate to Services > Transition Form > TRAN– 3. Fill the kind and submit the form by attaching DSC/ EVC.

6. Can I modify the details when sent in the Form GST TRAN– 3?

  • Once the information are submitted in Form GST TRAN– 3, the details can not be customized.

7. By when do I require to file the Transition Form GST TRAN– 3?

Transition Form GST TRAN– 3 needs to be submitted by you within <60 days> of the selected day.

8. Do I require to connect any file together with Transition Form GST TRAN– 3?

There is no requirement for submitting any files, as an attachment, along with Transition Form GST TRAN– 3.

9. Will my Electronic Credit Ledger get updated based upon information filled in my Form GST TRAN– 3?

No, ledgers will not be upgraded with ITC based upon Form GST TRAN– 3 submitted by you. ITC journals would be upgraded on filing of GST Trans 1 filed by you.

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