Instructions for use of test booklet and answer sheet UGC NET July 2018

Guidelines for Use of Test Brochure and Answer Sheet UGC WEB July 2018 is as follows– The candidates will find the Response Sheet put inside the sealed Test Brochure. The seal will be broken/ opened by the prospects on the announcement by the invigilator and the Response Sheet shall be secured. Do not open/break the seal prior to the statement. The candidates need to verify the serial number and series of the Test Pamphlet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of any variation, the Test Pamphlet and OMR sheet ought to be immediately returned to the invigilator for the replacement with another set of very same series available in the examination hall/center.

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  1. Each Response Sheet will have a pre-printed Test Booklet Code like A, B, C or D. The prospects are needed to examine that the Test Pamphlet Code pre-printed on the Answer Sheet is the exact same as printed on the Test Brochure. The following columns of the Answer Sheet are to be filled in neatly and properly by the candidate with Blue/Black ball point pen just.

    Call of the candidate

    III. Signature of the candidate

    3. Out of four options for each concern, only one circle for the proper answer is to be darkened completely with blue/black Ball Point Pen just.

    4. Usage Blue or Black Ball Point Pen to totally darken the proper circle, i.e. one circle for each entry.

    The response once significant is not responsible to be altered. Use of pencil is strictly restricted. If any prospect uses the pencil for darkening the response sheet, his/her answer sheet will be turned down.

    1. A light or faintly darkened circle is a wrong technique of marking and accountable to be declined by the Optical Scanner. So, the circle needs to be properly darkened. Any other partial or X or P may not get caught by the scanner.
    2. If the prospect does not want to attempt any question he/she should not darken the circle provided versus that question.
    3. Please do not fold the Response Sheet and do not make any stray marks on it.
    4. The prospect will not do any rough deal with the Response Sheet. All rough work is to be performed in the Test Brochure itself.
    5. Changing an answer is not enabled–

    The prospects need to fully satisfy themselves about the precision of the answer prior to darkening the suitable circle as no change in answer when marked is permitted. Usage of eraser or white/correction fluid on the Response Sheet is not permissible as the Response Sheets are maker gradable and it might cause wrong evaluation.

    If more than one circle is darkened or if the reaction is marked in any other way other than the Correct Approach shown above, it will be dealt with as incorrect method of marking.

    Previous to handing over the Answer Sheet not long after the examination is over, the prospect needs to sign the participation sheet as a proof thereof. The examinee is allowed to bring the Test Booklet.


    1. Individuals getting rid of pages from the test-booklet during examination, impersonating or trying to appear through created methods will be handled based on law.
    2. Canvassing straight or indirectly or affecting staff by unfair methods would result in severe consequences consisting of disqualification of the candidates.


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