ITR 2A Download For AY 2016-17, Applicability of ITR 2A

ITR 2A Download For AY 2016-17, Applicability of ITR 2A. This New ITR Presented from AY 2016-17 Who can utilize ITR-2A Return Type?, Who can not use ITR-2A Return Type?. Filing of ITR-2A For AY 2016-17 How to submit ITR-2A Kind online in2016 There are lots of queries associated with ITR-2A Like– ITR-2A Recognition, ITR-2A in Excel format, Download ITR-2A in PDF Format, Download ITR-2A in Java Format, Download ITR-2A Directions for AY 2016-17 OR FY 2015-16 etc,ITR-2A Guidelines and so on. Here we are providing complete option for ITR-2A. Now you can scroll down below and check complete details for ITR-2A — Download for AY 2016-17

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ITR 2A Download For AY 2016-17, Applicability of ITR 2A

ITR 2A CAknowledge

Who can use this Return Form?

This newly introduced return type can be utilized by the people/ HUFs whose overall income consists of the following:

( a) Income from salary/ Pension

( b) Earnings from home property

( c) Income from other sources (consisting of winning from lottery game and income from race horses)

Further, in a case where the income of another person like partner, small child, etc. is to be clubbed with the earnings of the assessee, this Return Form can be utilized where such earnings falls in any of the above classifications

Who can not use this Return Form?

This Return Kind should not be used by an individual/HUF whose overall income for the evaluation year 2016-17 consists of:–LRB-

  • Income from capital gains; or
  • Income from Organization or Occupation; or
  • Any claim of relief/deduction under area 90/90 A/91; or
  • Any resident having any property (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India or signing authority in any account situated outside India; or
  • Any Homeowner having Income from any source outside India.

New ITR 2 Return Kind applies for evaluation year 2015-16 just, i.e., it connects to earnings made in Fiscal year 2014-15

Annexure-less Return Kind

No document (including TDS certificate) should be attached to this Return Kind. All such documents confined with this Return Form will be detached and gone back to the individual submitting the return.

Manner of filing this Return Type

This Return Kind can be submitted with the Income-tax Department in any of the following ways,–

  1. by furnishing the return in a paper kind;-LRB-
  2. by furnishing the return digitally under digital signature;-LRB-
  3. by transferring the data in the return electronically under electronic confirmation code;-LRB-
  4. by sending the information in the return digitally and thereafter submitting the verification of the return in Return Form ITR-V;-LRB-

From the assessment year 2015-16 onwards any assessee (other than a person of the age of 80 years or more at any time throughout the previous year) having a refund claim in the return or having total earnings of more than five lakh rupees is required to provide the return in the way supplied at 5( ii) or 5( iii) or 5( iv).

Where the Return Type is provided in the manner mentioned at 5( iv), the assessee needs to print out 2 copies of Form ITR-V. The other copy may be kept by the assessee for his record.

Filling out the acknowledgement

Only one copy of this Return Kind is required to be submitted. Where the Return Type is provided in the manner pointed out at 5( i), the recognition should be appropriately filled in ITR-V.


( a) In case the return is to be furnished in a paper format or electronically under digital signature or in an upc code return format, please fill the needed info in the Verification. Start out whatever is not relevant. Please ensure that the confirmation has actually been signed prior to providing the return. Write the classification of the person signing the return.

( b) In case the return is to be furnished digitally in the manner pointed out in instruction no. 5( iv), please fill verification kind (Form ITR-V)

( c) Please keep in mind that anyone making a false statement in the return or the accompanying schedules shall be accountable to be prosecuted under area 277 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 and on conviction be punishable under that area with strenuous imprisonment and with fine.

Download ITR 2A Kind for AY 2016-17 or FY 2015-16

Not Available at this time, we expect that earnings tax department released ITR Kinds for AY 2016 17 In the Month of April 2016, Keep see to our website for more most current updated related to ITR Forms for 2016-17

Download ITR 2A Type for AY 2015-16 or FY 2014-15

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