JSON errors faced by users when uploading invoices to the GSTN portal

JSON errors faced by users when uploading invoices to the GSTN portal. Over the last few days, lakhs of users processed lakhs of invoices and thousands of businesses successfully complete their GSTR-1 filing. There are lot of JSON errors may occur when uploading invoices to the GSTN portal, here we provide Sone known JSON Errors list whit reason and solution. Check more details from below….

To make filing easier for our community of businesses and CAs, we have created a handy document with the known JSON errors faced by users, what each error means and their solutions.

In case of JSON files created by the offline tool, if the taxpayer is frequently importing invoice data, he should name the different created JSON file of a part of a month by including the name of month and the part number of the upload.

You can check the status of the uploaded invoice details on the Portal once json file is uploaded to the Portal. As soon as the JSON file is uploaded to the Portal, a reference id is generated along with status by the Portal. Once the upload is success the summary of the invoices uploaded, is updated in the respective section of the return.

Error Code Error Description Reason Solution
RET191113 The GSTIN is invalid. Please provide a valid GSTIN You may have mentioned the wrong GSTIN
  • Download JSON report and open in Word Doc
  • Search for the error number ‘RET191113
  • You will see the invoices where the issue has occurred. Note the invoice numbers
  • Enter the correct GSTIN and then re-upload to GSTN portal
RET191106 Error in Json structure validation You may have mentioned the wrong GSTIN Check your GSTIN. If the error still persists
RET191148 No section data or Gross Turnover is available to process the request Looks like you are not uploading any invoices If you’re filing a NIL return without any invoices, you need to follow a different procedure. Read our simple guide here

If you’re not filing a NIL return, please upload your invoices before proceeding further

RET191114 Date is Invalid. Date of invoice cannot be before registration date. The invoice date you have mentioned is earlier than the date on which your client obtained their GSTIN registration
  • Delete the GSTIN mentioned in these invoices
  • Move the invoices to B2C(S) section
  • Re-compute B2C(S) summary
  • Re-upload to govt portal

Please note that your client will not be eligible for ITC in such cases

RET191175 The rate entered is not valid according to the Rate List Your invoice may contain wrong tax rates Please check that the rates mentioned are one of the following:

  • 0, 0.25, 5,12, 18, 28 in case of IGST
  • 0, 0.125, 2.5, 6,9, 14 in case of CGST / SGST
RET191179 The Place of supply and statecode of the Supplier should be different for Inter State supply ‘Inter-state’ supply refers to a supply of goods or services between two states. Hence, the supplier’s state and the recipient’s state cannot be same Check if you have entered the right state codes for the Place of Supply, and your own address

If it is not an inter-state supply, please correct the same

RET191150 IGST is mandatory for interstate supply and CGST & SGST should not be present. You may have mentioned CGST and SGST for an inter-state supply.
Only IGST is levied on inter-state supplies
For inter-state supplies, remove SGST and CGST rates. Add only the IGST rate

If it is not an inter-state supply, please correct the same

RET191124 Original Invoice is Invalid. Original invoice cannot be tracked. Please enter correct invoice number and date. You may have missed uploading an invoice mentioned in the return form Check the Invoice Number of the Credit/Debit Note which is showing the error.
Upload the invoice first and then upload the Credit/Debit Note
RET191133 Invoice already exist with different CTIN or same CTIN. Please delete the existing invoice and re-upload again You may be trying to upload an invoice that already exists on the govt. portal Check if the invoice is already uploaded on govt portal:

  • Ignore the error if the invoice is uploaded and you don’t need to make any changes
  • To make changes, delete the old invoice on the government
    portal. Upload the changed invoice
RET191115 Invoice number does not exist. Please enter a valid Invoice number. You may have entered the wrong Invoice Number format Invoice Number should be alphanumeric, a maximum of 16 characters in length, and can contain only ‘-’ or ‘/’ as special characters. Please check that all invoice numbers follow this format.
RET191176 Do enter the correct shipping bill date that is on or a er Invoice Date and on or before today’s date You have entered a shipping bill date which is either earlier than the invoice date, or a future date Make sure the shipping bill date is a er the invoice date, and the same as, or before, the date of filing
RET191166 Decryption/Decoding failed The data could not be successfully decoded Available Soon

If we find any other JSON Errors or any other Errors on GSTN Portal, we update this page with error description and solution, Bookmark this page for more future updates….

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