List of all sections of IGST Act, List of Integrated GST Sections

List of all areas of IGST Act 2017, List of Integrated GST Areas 2021, All Areas of Integrated Item and Service Tax Download IGST Total Area List in PDF Format. Inspect List of All IGST Areas in Easy Method. After Offering List of all areas of GST, All Areas of Product and Service Tax here you might Examine list of IGST Area according to IGST Act 2017 Examine Total list of all Areas of Integrated Product and Service Tax, we attempt to offer total analysis of all IGST Areas, Please click Area Number and Discover all information for that area. Now scroll down listed below n check complete list of IGST Sections. GST Registration Process is rebooted from 1st June 2017.

IGST Act 2017— An Act to make an arrangement for levy and collection of tax on inter-State supply of items or services or both by the Central Federal government and for matters linked therewith or incidental thereto.

  • This Act might be called the Integrated Item and Provider Tax Act, 2017.
  • It will encompass the entire of India other than the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

List of all areas of IGST Act 2017

Area No Area Name
Area 1 Brief title, level and start.
Area 2 Meanings
Area 3 Visit of officers
Area 4 Authorisation of officers of State tax or Union area tax as correct officer in specific situations
Area 5 Levy and collection
Area 6 Power to approve exemption from tax.
Area 7 Inter-State supply.
Area 8 Intra-State supply
Area 9 Products in territorial waters.
Area 10 Location of supply of products aside from supply of products imported into, or exported from India.
Area 11 Location of supply of products imported into, or exported from India.
Area 12 Location of supply of services where area of provider and recipient remains in India.
Area 13 Location of supply of services where place of provider or place of recipient is outside India.
Area 14 Unique arrangement for payment of tax by a provider of online details and database gain access to or retrieval services.
Area 15 Refund of incorporated tax paid on supply of items to traveler leaving India.
Area 16 Absolutely no ranked supply
Area 17 Apportionment of tax and settlement of funds.
Area 18 Transfer of input tax credit.
Area 19 Tax wrongfully gathered and paid to Central Federal government or State Federal Government
Area 20 Application of arrangements of Central Item and Provider Tax Act.
Area 21 Import of services made on or after the designated day
Area 22 Power to make guidelines.
Area 23 Power to make policies.
Area 24 Laying of guidelines, policies and notices
Area 25 Elimination of problems.

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