Updated Professional Tax Rates in Maharashtra – PT Tax Slab Rates

Upgraded Expert Tax Rates in Maharashtra, Latest Professional Tax Rates in Maharashtra. This post is very much specifically for the changes in the professional tax rates which have been changed and the upgraded rates and the requirements for charging the same are pointed out below.

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Updated Expert Tax Rates in Maharashtra

What is Professional Tax and Who Requirements to Pay to Whom?

It is the Tax which is levied by the State on the income which is made by way of occupation or by any other name called. Every person who is accountable to pay tax by themselves earnings would be responsible for paying the expert tax to the government. In case of body corporates, the tax needs to be paid by the company to the state government (prescribed authority) and in case of other individuals, the person himself is required to get the payment done to the particular authority.

The major benefit of the professional tax payment is that it is allowed as deduction under Section 16 of the Income Tax Act.

The following are the rates for the appropriate duration for the State of Maharashtra.

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For the Employment Period– 01/04/2015 onwards

Regular monthly salary (in Rs.) Tax (in Rs. Per month)
Approximately 7,500 for men Nil
As Much As 10,000 for females Nil
7,500 to 10,000 175
Surpasses Rs 10,000/- 2,500 per annum to be paid in following manner.

( a) rupees 2 hundred per month except for the month of February

( b) rupees three hundred for the month of February

1. For the Work Period– 01/04/2006 to 30/06/2009

Wage or Incomes which are– a. <=2500 Nil b. >< =-LRB- Nil b. >2500 to< =-LRB-

<=5000 120 Per Month d. >)60 Per Month c. >3500 to< =-LRB- 120 Per Month d. >5000 to< =-LRB- 175 Per Month e. >10000 a. February Month–300 Wage or Earnings which are– a.< =-LRB- Nil b. >5000 to< =-LRB- 175 Per Month c. >10000 a. February Month–300 Income or Incomes which are– a. < =-LRB- Nil b. >7500 to < =-LRB- 175 Per month c. > 10000 a. February Month–300

Repercussions for the Non Payment of Tax:

The late payment of the tax would be accepted by the authority by paying interest @ 1.25 % monthly and if the authorities discovered it as a fraud than they can impose the penalty of10 % of the total quantity due.


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