Online Procedure of PF Registration for Employer – Step by Step Details

Online Treatment of PF Registration for Employer., all such companies who are to obtain PF Registration (Code Number) will have to follow new process where they will be required to publish Digitally signed document at the time of application itself. The digital signature ought to be in the name of employer, and his name will be car occupied in the “Employers Particulars” fields of the online application. The PAN of the employer using online will likewise be validated. Now you can scroll down below n check more details for Online Treatment of PF Registration for Employer

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Online Treatment of PF Registration for Company

In the EPFO Authorities Website,, select the ‘For Employers’, under ‘Our Providers’ and then select the 4th item, ‘Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE Portal)’ this will open the Company Registration Homepage. Direct Link for Registration

Online Procedure of PF Registration for Employer

In the Employer Registration Homepage, New user requires to choose the Register choice, to register the Company. Already registered Employers can directly login with their qualifications.

On picking the Register Button, the New Screen will open. Get in the Details as needed in the Kind. The Items with Red Star are obligatory

1. Name: Go into the Very first name (compulsory), Middle Name and Last Name. The name ought to be gotten in exactly as provided to Earnings Tax Department. Even a minor difference with an additional space and so on will lead to rejection as the data is verified online. The name as per Income Tax department may be confirmed in the following link.

2. The Employer PAN: On going into the PAN of the Company, a message specifying Employer PAN Available will appear, which indicate the Employer is not currently registered in this portal.


4. With this the filling of Employer registration type is total.

5. You will get a PIN on your mobile number. Get in the PIN in package, choose the check box for ‘I Concur’ and send the application.

6. An e-mail link will also be sent out all at once to the offered email-id, which is to be activated to enable submission of Application for Online Registration of Facility.

7. You have successfully finished the Company registration and will get the following screen.

Inspect list for PF Registration

Requirements Upload File as Digitally Signed PDF
Scanned image of PAN for upload PAN card Image
All the address proof( s) of the facility as pointed out in the Direction Sheet One address evidence
The date of set up and the evidence for such date Setup Evidence File
The factory license number, date, released by and date of trial production (just for factory)
The information of the Manager( s) with their personal details (only for factory).
The activity in which the establishment is engaged is recognized from the list.
All license in name of establishment and their information One License Proof
In case the facility is already covered under the ESIC, the ESIC Code
The ownership details with proof
Details of the Owners( s)
If the facility is already on lease, the start date and the details of the lessee( s)
The employment details as on application date, variety of left out staff members and the date on which the number of workers crossed 19 (or 5 or 49 as relevant)
Scanned image of cheque( s) of the checking account (s) for upload One Cheque out of all bank accounts stated.
The list of branches of the facilities at various places with their address and variety of staff members
Scanned copy of Authorization letter of the majority of employees with their information and signatures. (Only in case of voluntary coverage) Copy of Permission Letter
Date of contract and any subsequent date discussed in the stated contract for voluntary protection. (Just in case of voluntary protection)
Specimen Signature of Authorised Signatory In the format Offered

In case License under Sales Tax Act is picked, it is obligatory.
As soon as the application is submitted, no modifying will be allowed.

Address: The company should have documentary address evidence for the address went into. Following address evidence are accepted:

  • Any license/certificate/number released by any Govt. authority
  • Copy of water connection in the name of the Facility
  • Copy of bank passbook/statement
  • Copy of postpaid telephone bill of any business
  • Copy of power connection in the name of the Facility

Evidence of date of setup: Proof of date of setup will be based on drop down menu list. In case the company has some other proof of setup, he might choose others, and enter the pertinent information.
Keep in mind: Digitally signed PDF of document must be uploaded.

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