TDS Payment Due Dates, TDS Return Due Dates – TDS Due Dates

TDS Payment Due Dates, TDS Return Due Dates– TDS Due Dates, Inspect Total information for Due Date for TDS Return and TDS Payment or TDS Deposit. TDS refers to Tax Deducted at Source. TDS provisions were essentially presented so that the Income Tax department does not miss out on the tax earnings collection. These provisions make sure that the onus is placed on payer, so that any unreported income by payee, would not go unnoticed. This short article will provide the due dates with regard to TDS return in addition to payment. Now examine more details for “ TDS Payment Due Dates, TDS Return Due Dates” from listed below …

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TDS Payment Due Dates, TDS Return Due Dates

TDS Return Due Dates

TDS returns are to be submitted quarterly. Following table will sum up the due dates for return of TDS.

Duration for which TDS is paid Due date
April 1 st to June 30 th July 31 st
July 31 st to September 30 th October 31 st
October 1 st to December 31 st January 31 st
January 1 st to March 31 st May 31 st

Once the TDS return is submitted, TDS certificate can be created within 15 days to the payee.Payee can select yearly TDS certificate instead of receiving quarterly TDS certificate.

TDS payment or TDS deposit Due Dates

TDS provisions vary in time when the TDS needs to be deducted.Some TDS arrangements call for TDs reduction at the time of payment.Others may require the TDS deduction at the time of scheduling the expenditures in the books of the payer. This may result in TDS reduction as and when the costs accrue and such TDS reduction can not be delayed till the payment of the exact same.

For e.g. TDS under section 192 need that TDS is subtracted on salary at the time of payment. TDS under section 194 C, warrant that TDS must be deducted at the time of accrual or payment of the expenses, whichever is previously.

Although TDS provisions vary as to when it is to be deducted, TDS deposits rules and deadlines are very same throughout all the sections.The following table program’s the due date for the very same.

Tds subtracted in Month or period Due date Government assessee Due date for Non Government assesse
For March April 7 th April 30 th
For any other quarter or months 7 th of next month 7 th of next month
For TDs on transfer of unmovable residential or commercial property (altered and suitable from June 1 st2016) 30 th of next month 30 th of next month

The payer can pay TDs subtracted by filling tax challan 281 by hand or online by logging into OLTAS.Online TDS payment is compulsory for following assessees

  • Company assesses
  • Assessee for whom tax audit is compulsory.

Other assesses can likewise select online TDs payment willingly for faster processing of Challans.

TDS Due Dates for AY 2016-17

TDS Due Dates for AY 2016-17

Challan to deposit TDS and TCS & mode of deposit

1. For all areas under TDS and TCS one challan is to be transferred ie ITNS- 281 and to deposit TDS/TCS -TAN( tax deduction & & collection account number is to be acquired and utilized.

2. Deductor can adjust excess tds deposited in one section/ assessment year with another section/ evaluation year so no requirement to deposit section sensible challan.

3. Nevertheless for TDS gathered under area 194 IA (TDS on stationary home over 50 Lakh) tax is to be transferred on challan cum return 26 QB.Further to deposit this challan TAN number is not needed though deductor will FILL his PAN

4. TAX should be transferred through online mode just or through designated bank branches.

Refund of Excess TDS transferred:

As mentioned above in point number 2, you may change excess TDS in other section/ evaluation year/quarter. Nevertheless if you want refund then you might apply on form 26 B online for excess TDS.


TDS arrangements are rigid and non filing or non deposition of TDS deducted, would land the payer in trouble.Disallowance of expense and even prosecution along with charge and interest could be the result of the exact same. So please make sure to understand the applicability for TDS deduction and deposit the same on or before due date.Also submit the TDS return on or prior to time, which will save you from lots of tax difficulty.

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