Track GST Payment Status, How to Check Status of GST Payment

Track GST Payment Status, How to Inspect Status of GST Payment?. Action by Action guide for how to track GST Payment Status at GST Portal i.e with Screenshots Every deposit made towards tax, interest, charge, cost or any other quantity by a taxable individual by electronic banking or by utilizing credit/debit cards or National Electronic Fund Transfer [NEFT] or Actual Time Gross Settlement [RTGS] or by such other mode and topic to such conditions and limitations as might be recommended.

Should Guide– How to Make GST Payment

How to Track GST Payment Status without Login at GST Website

To track status of a GST payment without logging to the GST Website, carry out the following actions:

1. Gain access to the URL. The GST Login Web page is shown

2. Click the Solutions > Payments > Track Payment Status command.

3. In the Get in GSTIN field, enter your GSTIN.

4. In the Go into CPIN field, enter your CPIN.

5. In the Type the characters as shown listed below field, go into the captcha text.

6. Click the TRACK STATUS button.

Screenshot for how to track gst payment status at gst portal
Track GST Payment Status

The payment status is shown. To see the challan, click the VIEW CHALLAN button.


  • If the status of Challan is STOPPED WORKING/ NOT PAID and mode picked is E-Payment, Taxpayer can click the VIEW CHALLAN button, choose the Bank, Terms and click the PAY button to do the Payment once again for the Failed or Not Paid challan.
  • If Payment status is PAID, then the VIEW INVOICE button is made it possible for and Taxpayer can see the invoice and likewise download the invoice after clicking the VIEW INVOICE button. In case of any other Status of challan (besides PAID), Taxpayer will have the ability to View the Challan.

How to Track GST Payment Status after Login at GST Website

How can I track status of a GST payment after logging to the GST Website?

You can see the status of a GST payment through Challan history. Challan history is readily available just after post-login to the GST Website. To track status of a GST payment after logging to the GST Website, carry out the following actions:

1. Gain access to the URL. The GST Web page is shown.

2. Login to the GST Website with legitimate qualifications.

3. Click the Providers > Payments > Challan History command.

4. Select the date variety in the From and To date fields utilizing the calendar.

5. Select the Browse by CPIN in case you wish to track the payment of the challan through the CPIN.

In case you do not understand the CPIN number, you can pick the Browse By Date alternative to browse the CPIN number by date on which it was created.

6. Click the I Will Browse button.

7. The list of Challans with the payment status within the chosen date variety is shown.

Note: By default, you most current 10 Challans are shown in a sequential order.

8. Click the CPIN (Common Website Recognition Number) link. The payment invoice or Challan is shown.


  • Payment invoice is shown just for Challans with PAID status,
  • You can likewise download the invoice by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.
  • If the Expiration Date discussed on the Challan is passed, the Challan ends up being an Expired Challan. Any payment used an ended Challan is not a legitimate payment. If a payment is made after the Challan’s expiration date and if the payment was accepted by the Bank, the payment status will not be upgraded at the GST Website.

Frequently Asked Question on Track GST Payment Status

Taxpayers will make love relating to the payment status by SMS, Email and the exact same will likewise be upgraded on the GST Website. In the pre-login mode, taxpayers can track their payments utilizing the Track Payment Status center on the GST website under Solutions > Payments > Track Payment Status.

In the post-login mode, taxpayers can access their Challan History under Solutions > Payments > Challan History.

2. What are various payment status types?

  • 1. Started — If no intimation has actually been gotten from Bank (throughout the re-ping in case of E-payment)
  • 2. Paid — CIN gotten by taxpayer and status upgraded on website as PAID
  • 3. Not Paid — default status on challan generation
  • 4. Stopped working — Failure of any online deal started by taxpayer
  • 5. Paid at tax Workplace — When taxpayer pays at Industrial Tax Workplace counter (Enforcement Activity).
  • 6. Waiting For Bank Verification — In case of Electronic banking (Maker-Checker) till the time Checker verifies the deal
  • 7. Waiting For Bank Clearance — Instrument (cheque/DD) transferred in case of Over-the-counter mode
  • 8. Ended — No payment started within 15 days of generation of challan
  • 9. Cheque/DD Dishonored — Instrument dishonored due to inadequate funds or any other factor
  • 10 Deal Stopped working — On failure of deal started through Electronic banking or Credit Card/Debit Card.
  • 11 MoE Turnaround — Memorandum of Mistake not in favor of taxpayer

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