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Types of Joint bank account: Before opening a joint account with the bank one should be aware of which type of account he wants to open. Since there are more than one type of joint accounts it is advisable to know about each type of joint account before opening an account for you. Now you can check Complete details for Different type of Joint bank account from Below…

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Types of Joint Accounts:

Types of Joint Accounts CAknowledge

1. Either or Survivor:

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This is a kind of account which is available for two individuals only. This is most popular among the couple, father and mother, mother & son, father & son etc., In this account either of the join holders can operate it and make the transactions happen. On the occasion of the demise of any joint holder then the balance lying in the bank account will be eligible for withdrawal   to the surviving joint holder.

This account is most suitable for any one of the parents & any one of the children together. Husband and wife also can open this account to have it most suitable for them.

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2. Any One or Survivor:

Any One or Survivor CAknowledge

All the features of this account are similar to either or survivor except the number of joint holders to open the account. This account can be opened by more than 2 joint holders. This account can be operated by any one of the account holders. At the time of demise of any one of the joint account holders the remaining survivors can continue to access the account.

3. Former or Survivor:

Former or Survivor CAknowledge.in

This account allows the only primary (former) account holder to operate the account. The secondary account holder cannot operate the account until the demise of the former holder. For example if a husband and his wife together open this account being the husband as primary (former) account holder, wife will get eligibility to access the accounts only after the death of the husband. But this will come to her only on fulfilling the formalities like submission of proof of death of the former account holder etc.,

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4. Latter or Survivor:

Latter or Survivor CAknowlede.in

This is very similar to former or survivor account. The only difference is that the secondary holder can operate the account. On the death of the latter the former holder becomes eligible for accessing the account.

In all the accounts if there is a nomination, on the death of all the account holders the nominee will be eligible for the balance lying in the account. If there is nominee then the legal successors would become eligible to get the amount.

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