What is Duty drawback and cases when it is not applicable

What is Task disadvantage and cases when it is not applicable. Find Total details for Duty Drawback and Discover cases information when it is not suitable. In this article you can find all details regarding What is Responsibility drawback and cases when it is not suitable like– Intro for Responsibility drawback, What is Responsibility Drawback ??, Cases where Responsibility Disadvantage is not permissible. Now you can scroll down below and examine more details for ” What is Responsibility drawback and cases when it is not applicable”

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What is Duty drawback and cases when it is not relevant


This short article is particularly quite relevant for current period as every company desires some relief from the federal government as a part of refund or remission or task downside, however does not have the details about them. So this short article especially focuses on such concerns.

What is Responsibility Downside??

Responsibility Drawback means credit/rebate of the custom-mades task and excise task paid on inputs used in export of end product. Disadvantage Rates for all items are decided by Principal Commissioner or Commissioner of Central Excise. There are various rates for various products. Task disadvantage is covered u/s 75 of the Central Import Tax Act. There are some items which are re-exported once they are imported back after export of the same item since of some technical problems in the product and for this reason needs to be re-exported, then rebate on such re-exported items is also offered u/s 74 of such act. The event of service tax is likewise calculated for calculating the drawback.

Cases where Responsibility Downside is not allowable:–LRB-

  • Case where assesse has actually made a Bond with Federal government mentioning that the input products which are imported by the assesse are for export purpose than no task will be charged at the time of import so no concern occurs for its downside.
  • The Responsibility downside is of Import tax and Customs only and not of any other taxes like sales tax, octroi and so on
  • The production by EOU or the products which are produced in Special Economic Zone, they are not liable for payment of Import tax and Customs so no disadvantage is required.
  • There is special exemption for claiming downside in case of jute batching oil and its components where drawback is not permitted and another exemption is the location exemption, that if they are exported to Nepal/Bhutan, downside is not available.

    Special area 76( 2) discusses the unique disallowance for claiming the downside where commissioner finds some existence of the very same exported goods to be smuggled in India, then they may prohibit individually.

    The only principle for claiming the duty disadvantage is that the assesse or the individual claiming it needs to not get double advantage for the exact same and the objective of the very same ought to be proper. This exemptions are supplied to assesse only for the generation of foreign exchange in the nation which in turn increases the development rate of the nation

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