Accrued Liabilities – Meaning, Definition with Examples


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An accumulated liability is a current liability and it occurs as a result of work carried out and acknowledged by CSC however for which billings are not yet due and for products provided and services rendered for which an invoice has actually not yet been received. Accumulated Liabilities In this post we supply the Meaning of Accrued Liabilities with Example.

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Significance of Accrued liability

Accumulated expenses suggest the liability which have actually been currently taken place (incurred) however incurred that has not yet been paid nor recorded through a routine transaction.

Accounting treatment

Debit… Costs a/c
credit … … … Expenses payable a/c


1. An entity may have bought and gotten products or services, however not yet paid for them since the seller used an instalment payment plan.This is a good example for comprehending accrual idea.

2. A business has a bank loan impressive, on which it owes interest that has actually not been billed still by the lender at the end of an accounting duration. Here the expenditure needs to be recognized as per Accrual idea.

3. Importance:

Accrual approach accounting is the opposite of cash method of accounting, which acknowledges economic occasions just where money is exchanged. The accrual approach is more common than the cash technique since it illustrates the true picture of monetary efficiency of the entity and companies frequently required to follow accrual system under many guidelines.

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