CA Articleship Registration Online (SSP): Fees, Form 102, 103

CA Articleship Registration Process. Step by step guide for registration as article assistant with ICAI.  As a user, you will have to login using the following URL: The user ID and password are shared separately with the users over email and SMS. Users need to use the same to login here.

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Details for Articleship Registration Form 112, 102, and 103 etc.

The unique requirement of practical training/articled training is instrumental in shaping a well-rounded professional and also ensure that students have an opportunity to acquire on-the-job work experience of a professional nature. Such a practical training…

  • Inculcates a disciplined attitude for hard work.
  • Develops necessary skills in applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations.
  • Provides exposure to overall socio-economic environment in which organizations operate.
  • Develops ethical values

Duration: Three years.

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CA Articleship Online Registration Form 102, 103

  • Enter your User Id in the User ID field.
  • Enter the password in the Password field.
  • Click the Login button. The following screen appears.

Student Login

Student Login
  • Click on Articleship Menu button.
  • Click on Articleship tab.
  • The icons for articleship deed form and auditship deed form appear
Articleship Registration

4. Click the Articleship Deed Form icon to fill the deed form.

  • Select the Date of Commencement of Articleship.
  • Enter the Membership No. of the Member / Paid Assistant under whom Articleship will be done and Click on Get Details button.
  • Select the Firm under which Articleship will be done.
  • Select the Date on which Deed is made.
  • Click on Submit.


  • Download the deed pdf.
  • Execute the deed on a stamp paper and keep a scanned copy ready.
  • Click on “click here” to edit the application and fill the registration form.
CA Articleship Online Registration
  • If you logout and login again after executing the Articleship Deed, Go to the Submitted Applications tab and click on Articleship Deed Form icon.
  • Click on view button in the Action column.
  • Click on “click here” to edit the application and fill the registration form.
CA Articleship FORM 103
  • Verify the Personal Details displayed on the screen. If any changes are required, use the Profile change form to make the necessary changes.
  • Enter the mandatory details and click on Next button.

3. Verify the Qualification Details displayed on the screen. If any changes are required, use the Profile change form to make the necessary changes. Click on Next button.

4. Verify the CA Course Details displayed on the screen. If any changes are required, use the Profile change form to make the necessary changes. Click on Next button.

5. Verify the Articleship Details displayed on the screen for any previous articleship. Click on Next button.

6. Select Radio button Yes or No for Whether the articled assistant/audit clerk is actively engaged in any other business or occupation during the articleship period? and Whether the articled assistant/audit clerk has taken up any other course of study – academic or professional? If yes is selected, you are required to fill Form 112 using the Other Forms tab before final submit of the Registration Form. Click on Next.

7. Verify the Member Details displayed on the screen. Click “I Agree” and Click on Submit.

Member Login

1. Now the member is required to login, verify the details and approve the registration form. The member can view the details using the “Forms for Approval” tab.

member Login articleship

2. Once approved by the member, student is required to download the PDF, get it signed by the member and upload the scanned copy of the PDF in order to complete the registration process.

3. For uploading the signed copy of the PDFs, the student is required to login again, view the registration form in the submitted applications tab, click next on all the screens and upload the signed and scanned copy of the Deed (Form 102) and Registration (Form 103) PDF on the last screen.

4. Click on Submit and Make the fee payment, if applicable.

Member Login documents final

When to Commence

  • Foundation Route students can commence after completing Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) and passing either or both groups of Intermediate Examination.
  • For direct entrants coming through Graduation and Post-Graduation route, the practical training commences immediately after registration in Intermediate Course and completion of four weeks ICITSS.
  • Students who have passed Intermediate level Examination of the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India or the Institute of Cost Accountants of India can commence only after completing ICITSS and passing either group or both groups of Intermediate Examination.

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CA Articleship Registration

CA IPCC Result is Declared and Soon after completion of ipcc every student search for a good CA firm to spend his 3 years of articleship. Despite searching many firms one may not get good firms which fits his purpose. Here you can read our article how to search a good CA firm for articleship……….

  • How to Choose Top CA Firms for Articleship Training

After fruitful search of good CA firms one may get into it by qualifying all the rounds of their recruitment process which may varies from firm to firm. Soon after joining a firm one needs to complete their articleship registration as early as possible without any delay. In most of the CA firms partners themselves communicate the trainees about how to register and how to proceed further.
But the duty of completion of articles lies in the article assistants. Here I’m giving some basic information about registration of articles .

Soon after joining the CA firm it is advisable to take the e stamp paper (non judicial) which acts as a bond between the article trainee and principal. Usually it is called as deed of articleship.

At the time of commencing articleship training, the CA Student has to intimate ICAI that he is starting articleship and furnish all relevant details regarding the same. He is required to purchase Form 102 and Form 103 on payment of Rs. 50 from ICAI for articleship registration and furnish all details by filling the forms before sending it ICAI.

Form 102 and Form 103 for Registration of Articleship can also be downloaded from the website of ICAI.If he downloads from website then he has to send a DD for 50 rupees to icai while sending the form after it is filled up.

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Offline Form 103 and 102

Students can commence articled training by submitting Form 103 and an agreement on training is to be entered with Principal in Form 102. The entire period of practical training can be served with a practicing member or it can be served partly with a practicing member and partly in an approved industrial establishment as an Industrial Trainee. The period of such industrial training may range between 9-12 months during the last year of prescribed period of practical training. Only students of Final course are eligible for industrial training.

In order to ensure that articled assistants get due training, students who are undergoing practical training can upload the details of work performed by them in web based e-diary system.

(1) Form – 102 :

While filling form 102 care should be taken so that

  • (1) The deed of articles is executed on a Non Judicial Stamp Paper or Special Adhesive Stamp paper.
  • (2) And it is executed for a period of 3 years.
  • (3) Duplicate copy is retained by article assistants whereas the original one is kept with principal. Both article assistant and principal have to sign on these.
  • (4) Unless in any cases of extreme delay in registration from the date of joining it is not required to send form 102 to ICAI.

(2) Form- 103 :

Form 103 contains triplicate copies among which each one is for article assistant, ICAI , principal. This is also should be signed by both principal and article assistant. Along with form 103 following also should be attached before sending to ICAI :

(A) Attested Copy of completion of ITT and Orientation Program

(B) Required amount fees(in the form of DD or cheque)

(C)Attested copy of mark-sheet of IPCC Exams.

(D)Attested copy of Secondary/ Higher School Certificate as proof of Date of Birth.

All these forms should be Attested by the principal under whim one is getting registered as article trainee.

Articleship Registration Form 103 along with the requisite documents and fees should reach ICAI within 30 days from the date of commencement of articleship.

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Fees for Late submission :

In case, if it is unable to submit Form 103 within 30 days, Form 103 should be accompanied by a hand written letter stating the reason for late submission of the articleship form. This application letter is an application for Condonation of Delay and should be signed by both the article assistant as well as the principal.

The article assistant is also required to pay a fee for delay in submission of the Form. The fee is as follows:-

Period of Delay Fees for Condonation
30 days beyond the specified period Rs. 100
31-180 days beyond the specified period Rs. 300
Beyond 181 days Rs. 1,000

On processing the lately submitted form 103 ICAI may further ask for the following to ensure that the delay is due to valid reasons

  • Attendance Record of the Articled Assisstant
  • Original Deed of Articles in Form 102, executed on a non-judicial stamp paper
  • Certified Copy of the work diary of the articled assistant
  • Stipend Details – In the form of bank statement.

Form – 112 :

In case an applicant wants to pursue any other course along with articleship, he would be required to obtain the permission of ICAI within one 1 month of starting such course by submitting an application in Form 112.

Along with form 103 one is required to send the id card he got while buying the form 103, by attesting with the principal to ICAI.The Identity Card will be stamped by ICAI and returned back to the student in a plastic cover along with the registration letter.

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