CA Final ISCA Notes, Amendments, Updates, Study Plan for May 2018

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In today’s business world, accounting professionals have to interact with computer-based Information systems on a regular basis. As primary users of information systems in organizations, accountants participate in their design and understand their operations. Accounting managers must measure and evaluate the performance of Information Systems. Internal and external auditors must assess the quality of Information Systems and evaluate the accuracy of information input and output. The major share of the work of accounting consultants is in the design, implementation, evaluation and control of information systems.

The primary objective for the inclusion of the ‘Information Systems Control and Audit’ paper at the Final Level of the Chartered Accountancy course is to provide conceptual understanding of different aspects of IT risks, security, controls and auditing various aspects of IT processes. This paper enables to understand the enterprise level aspects of governance, risk, compliance, assurance as applicable to enterprises. While updating this paper, the primary rationale has been to ensure the coverage of the latest concepts of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), which has been a regulatory requirement not only for listed enterprises but also for all types of enterprises. Further, implementing GRC in an IT environment requires updated knowledge and skills based on the latest developments and best practices and this is sought to be provided through this paper. Students are advised to read these topics not only from examination point of view but keeping in mind the fact that these topics are highly relevant to their work as articles and in their careers whether they seek to be employed in enterprises or self-employed.

CA Final ISCA Notes, Amendments, Updates, Study Plan

CA Final ISCA Updates

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Study Plan

The topics have been given so as to link all the topics together from the macro perspective of Governance, risk, compliance and assurance to the micro perspective and implementation level so that a blend of both concepts as well as the practical aspects could be provided. This knowledge will equip CA students with holistic approach to IT assurance rather than function oriented IS control and audit perspective. This will provide the required competency to meet the challenges of IT environment, which they face in their work area.

  • To understand the key concepts of Governance, Risk and Compliance aspects in enterprises as relevant to IT;
  • To identify and review IT risks, security, controls and risk management approach;
  • To assess impact on controls and organisation structure on account of integration of technological applications and resources into operational processes;
  • To assess Business Continuity Plans of enterprises for adequacy from perspective of going concern;
  • To assess information systems acquisition, development and implementation strategy including review of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process;
  • To understand how to perform auditing including collecting and evaluating evidence in an IT environment;
  • To understand the relevant regulatory procedures, guidelines and standards; and
  • To have an overview of IT best practices and impact of emerging technologies on enterprises.

CA Final ISCA Guideline Answers

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CA Final ISCA Best Reference Book

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CA Final Examination related tips

  1. In the paper of ISCA, first question may be based on a case study. These case studies may be from the practical oriented topics such as GRC, SDLC, Protection of Information Systems, BCP/DRP, and IS Audit Guidelines/Standards etc. The case study may also be based on the concepts taken from 3-4 chapters of the study material. Hence, students should read the case study carefully and identify the relevant concept/s based on which, the questions are to be answered.
  2. It is observed that sometimes students write the answers in brief while attempting long answer type questions and accordingly, they do not get good marks. Hence, before writing the answer, students should clearly understand the weightage assigned to that particular question.
  3. Wherever possible, students should try to include relevant diagrams, tables, rough sketch etc.
  4. At the Final level, sometimes, questions are also framed on generalized topics of IT, which may not be adequately discussed in the study material. To answer such questions, students should not feel any psychological pressure; rather they should write the answer based on their general understanding of the topic/s with reference to IT.

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