CA in the First Attempt – Check Complete Analysis

Pass CA Exam in First Attempt, CA in the first attempt Yes! It is like a dream come true for many aspiring CA students! And, it’s not that only those people work hard, sometimes the most dedicated & efficient people can’t reach out to the same. How to Pass CA Exam In First Attempt?

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CA in the First Attempt

So, let us take a look on the world from the eyes of both the people: The one who makes it at the first go! & the one who makes it later on!

First Attempt CA:

At the day of the result, you will be at the top of the world. It would be like you have achieved the goal of your life & no one can be happier than what you are. The feeling of the day can’t be expressed in words. Then later on, there will be other important issues coming up like What’s Next? Yes, there are a lot of people who have decided goals but again, there are many others who would go with the flow. It can also be a great confusion & you may face a big dilemma here. But you will definitely get a preference over the CAs’ who are not first attempt pass outs. Also, the tag that you are a CA in the first attempt would be a lifetime blessing for you & would be mentioned whenever you are being introduced!

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Yes, a CA, but not in the first Attempt:

So what? I am still a CA! Yes, no one can take that feeling away from you. On the day of your result, when you see the word ‘PASS’ on your mark sheet, you will feel so blessed. It would be unbelievable & the thing for which you have been working so hard & since so long, has finally been achieved by you. This joy is not less than what you must have felt in the first case! Initially, may be first attempt pass outs would be preferred against you. But in the long run, this will not make much of a difference. If you have good skills, knowledge, talent & you are dedicated, loyal & hard working, success will definitely be achieved by you. Also, you may at that time regret not clearing in the first go, but please think on this when you are worried: once you pass out, & eventually time passes by, say, after a period of 5 years, will this really matter? With your hard work & patience, eventually things will turn out to be in your favour! Also, you will agree to this later, that you learned from your mistakes of the previous attempts & improved further.

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So, what conclusion can we draw from the above? Well, no matter you clear in the first attempt or later on, there is not much of a difference. And if you are dedicated enough, you can turn out to be more successful than your fellows who had made it at the first! The most important thing in life lies in not giving up. You just have to give your best every time you try to do something & we guarantee you, you will be successful.

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