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Distinction In Between Convertible and Non Convertible Debentures: Examine What is the Distinction between Convertible and Non Convertible Debentures. Debentures are the long term financial obligation instruments issued by numerous organizations and business. There are lots of kinds of debentures in the market based upon their convertibility, security, redemption etc., Here we are going over about the convertibility.

In this post you can complete details for Convertible debentures and Non Convertible Debentures like– Benefits or benefits of Convertible Debentures, Drawbacks of Convertible Debentures, Advantages for Non Convertible Debentures, Disadvantages Non Convertible Debentures (NCD), Review of Non Convertible Debentures etc. Now you can scroll down below and examine difference between Convertible and Non Convertible Debentures.

Based on the ability to convert the debentures after particular period of time in to shares, they are said to be of 2 types as:

  • Convertible debentures
  • Non– convertible debentures.

Material in this Short Article.

1. Convertible debentures:

Debentures which facilitate the owner of these instruments to transform them into shares after a particular period of time are called convertible debentures.

Convertible Debentures CAknowledge


  • Given that they are backed by a facility of transforming into equity, at the times of conversion if the market worth of that particular company’s equity is succeeding then it will provide a substantial return.
  • As they carry lower rate of interest compared to non– convertible debentures, cost to the issuer is comparatively low.
  • Together with the efficiency of the equity in the monetary markets the rate of interest and the need for these convertible debenture varies often. One can take the cost benefit when the equity is on increasing trend.


  • Unlike non– convertible debentures these are not backed by any properties of the company company. Hence they are less secured relatively
  • A major disadvantage for the releasing business is that convertible debentures bring the danger of diluting the EPS of the company’s common stocks, and also the control of the company.

    2. Non Convertible Debentures:

    Debentures which can not be converted into equity are referred to as non– convertible debentures.

    Non Convertible Debentures CAknowledge.in


    • They carry an excellent rate of return when compared to convertible debentures.
    • Non– convertible debentures (protected) are backed by the properties of the business. In the case of monetary insolvency the holders of these instruments have an overriding right in claiming the earnings of the assets of the company.
    • To the provider the major advantage is that the ownership does not get watered down. Hence his (investors) control remains very same on the company.
    • Unlike convertible debentures these offer a set rate of interest whereas the interest rate made by the convertible debentures is highly affected by the performance of the equity in the market.


  • The rate of interest in higher than that is paid on convertible debentures which is disadvantage to the provider.
  • In case of unsecured non– convertible debentures they will be at extremely high danger at the times of insolvency in recognizing the claims from the profits of the possessions of the business which are scheduled to the protected instruments.

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