Difference Between Private Limited Company VS LLP (All Details)

Difference In Between Private Limited Business VS LLP: Typically there is a confusion amongst the startups in India about the nature of the entity to begin their business with. In order to solve their confusion, they do great deals of research online to choose the very best ideal nature of entity for their type of service and scale of service. Usually due to lack of understanding, they go with a less appropriate type of entity and later it produces more issues for them. In order to figure out this concern, we have currently done our extensive research on Personal limited business VS LLP.

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So, now you focus on your service operations and let us look after your compliances and regulative requirements.

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In a nut shell, if you are into a little or mid-size business and you do not look for any financing, you must ideally opt for an LLP.

Both LLPs and Private limited business are to be signed up with the ministry of business affairs. And both has nearly similar process for registration.

Difference Between Private Limited Business VS LLP

Basis LLP Personal Limited company
Number of members Min– 2, Max– no cap Min– 2, Max– 200
  • a. Earnings tax @ 30%
  • b. MAT @185%
  • c. No requirement for Dividend distribution tax
  • a. Earnings tax @ 30 %
  • b. MAT @ 18.5 %
  • c. Dividend distribution tax @ 20.4746%

1 lakh

Personal Liability Limited to the extent of the contribution to the LLP Restricted to the extent of the overdue capital
Foreign Nationals as shareholder/ Partner A foreign nationwide can be a partner A foreign national can be a shareholder
Conferences No such requirement 4 Board of directors conferences a year and an annual basic meeting is mandatory
Yearly Returns Annual statement of accounts and solvency & Yearly Return has actually to be submitted with ROC.
Audit Required just in case contribution is above 25 L or if yearly turnover is above 40 L Compulsory
Dissolution Less procedural Extremely procedural
Endeavor capitalists preference Low High
Reliability Low High due to stringent compliance
Conversion Can not be transformed to a private minimal company Can be converted to an LLP
Cost of registration Low High
Yearly ROC expense Low High
Esops Not possible Possible


Private restricted business are well developed in India, and has a wide spread recognition, whereas LLP being a reasonably new principle in India, Investors prefer investing in Companies instead of LLPs.

Now in case you are seeking to raise fund or deal ESOPs to your staff members, private restricted business is the method to go. In case you don’t have any such requirement you ought to probably go for an LLP. Do take some time to think over it, as if you get an LLP registered you require to get all other registrations done on its name. And in future you think to change from an LLP to a Business, significant efforts would be needed.

Once you choose your nature of service, you can approach us for any sort of compliance requirement.


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