Filing DIR 3 KYC under the Companies Act 2013, Who is required to file DIR-3 KYC form?

Filing DIR 3 KYC under the Business Act 2013: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has gotten representations from stakeholders expressing specific troubles in submitting e-form DIR-3 KYC in accordance with Rule 12 A of the Business (Consultation and Certification of Directors) Guidelines,2014 Requests have likewise been made for extension of duration for filing such type.

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2. The matter has actually been analyzed and it is thus informed that it is being proposed that every person who has currently filed DIR-3 KYC will just be required to finish his/her KYC through a basic web-based verification service, with pre-filled data based upon the records in the computer registry, for ease of confirmation by the individual concerned. Nevertheless, in case a person wants to update his mobile no. or e-mail address, he would be needed to submit e-form DIR-3 KYC, as this facility of updation is not being proposed in the web-based service. In case of updation in any other individual detail, e-form DIR-6 might be applied for updation of the exact same before completion of KYC through the web-based service.

3. The change in the appropriate rules consisting of the amendment related to extension of time (allowing for adequate time) for conclusion of KYC through e-form DIR-3 KYC or the web-based service, as the case may be, is being alerted shortly.

4. This issues with approval of the skilled authority.

Which information are required to be filled in the kind?

Call (according to PAN database), Daddy’s Name (as per PAN database), “Date of Birth (DoB)” (as per PAN database), PAN Number (necessary for citizens of India), Personal Mobile number and Personal Email Address and Irreversible/ Present address.

Even More, Aadhaar is compulsory, if it is assigned. If not, then Voter ID or Passport or Driving Licence will be connected. Appropriately, copy of any one of the above picked details is to be attached.

Who is needed to submit DIR-3 KYC form?

For Fiscal year 2018-19– Anyone who has been set aside “Director Identification Number (DIN/DPIN)” on or before 31 st March 2018 and the status of such DIN is ‘Approved’, requires to submit type DIR-3 KYC to update KYC details in the system on or prior to 15 th September 2018.

For Fiscal year 2019-20 onwards— Every Director who has actually been set aside DIN on or before completion of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Authorized’, would be mandatorily required to submit form DIR-3 KYC before 30 th April of the right away next fiscal year.

After expiration of the particular due dates, system will mark all non-compliant DINs against which DIR-3 KYC form has actually not been filed as ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’.

My DIN status is ‘Shut down’. Can I submit type DIR-3 KYC?

Form DIR-3 KYC can be applied for status ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’ on payment of fee as above.

What is the cost for type DIR-3 KYC?

Kind DIR-3 KYC, if submitted within the due date of the particular financial year, no fee is payable. If submitted after the due date, for DIN status ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’
500( Rupees Five Hundred Only) shall be payable from 21 st September to 05 th October 2018( Both days inclusive).

Who are the signatories in DIR-3 KYC form?

The DIN holder and an expert (CA/CS/CMA) licensing the kind are the 2 signatories in form DIR-3 KYC.

Please keep in mind that in case of People of India, the PAN mentioned in the DSC is verified with the PAN pointed out in the type.

In case of foreign nationals, the name in the DSC attached must match with the name entered in the kind. DSCs affixed on the type ought to be properly registered on the MCA portal.

Is it necessary to enter a distinct mobile number and e-mail ID in type DIR-3 KYC?

Yes. It is mandatory to enter your individual mobile number and individual e-mail ID in the form DIR-3 KYC and the same needs to be verified by an OTP process. Even more, the mobile number and e-mail ID need to be special such that it is not currently linked with some other individual in the DIN holders’ database.

Whether non-resident directors can provide Indian mobile numbers?

In case the DIN holder is a homeowner of India, the address needs to be an address in India and mobile number need to be an Indian mobile number

In case DIN holder is non-resident, foreign address and foreign number shall only be enabled.

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