From the world to your wrist: countries of the famous watch brands

From the world to your wrist: Every ethnic touch of the world’s most well-known watches originates from your house nation. Like the hands of the clocks, the world goes round and round. And it was they who made watch designs from nations like Japan, Brazil and Switzerland reach every corner of the world, ending up being some of the most famous brand names today. In addition to the special food and culture, each nation has its fashion, design and innovation trends that have actually impacted the way we wear wristwatches today.

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From the world to your wrist

Far beyond pasta, gelato and pizza, Italy, for example, is also home to the style center, Milan, and a few of the famous watch brands such as Diesel. The Armani Exchange, born at the hands of the world’s most effective fashion designer Giorgio Armani, also came from the nation thought about the birth place of the Renaissance. These are just some of the brand names whose home country is worth a stamp in the passport!

Set the clock hands to count the minutes for your next vacation and start this journey through the interests of the world’s most famous watch brand name countries:

Not just chocolate is made Switzerland, nation of the Breitling Superocean and Rolex Daytona. Biggest watch company in Latin America, Technos uses high quality sees all over the nation. Founded in 1900 in Switzerland by the Gunzinger household, understood for its tradition in the watch industry, the brand migrated to Brazil in 1956 and in 1990 was purchased by a Brazilian, consolidating its leadership in the domestic market. Who would state that the mix of Swiss sobriety and Brazilian irreverence would work so well?

With less than 8 million inhabitants, Switzerland is an appealing tourist location for its attractive landscapes of over 1,300 lakes. Although small, the region that originated Technos and Tissot, another Swiss quality and accuracy enjoy brand established in 1853, has its appeal: its snowy mountain and blue lakes landscapes with an architecture of over 2,000 years of history. They are an invitation to tourism. Check out some interests:

  • Another curiosity is that four languages are spoken in the country: over 60% of the population speaks German, while French is spoken by 20%, compared to 10% of Italian and 3% of Romansh, a Latin language that is only spoken in Canton of Grisons. Those who desire to know Switzerland needs to take a safe trip to take pleasure in all that the nation has to provide, such as over 400 types of cheese and the most tasty chocolates in the world.
  • With a literacy rate of nearly 100%, a country where children are responsible for cleaning class like Japan reveals that a sense of company and discipline are part of the tradition that has actually led to famous watch brand names like Casio, Person and Seiko.

    It seems that the countries producing high-end watches offer many fascinating things besides their watches.

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