ICAI to take strict action against Defaulter Students: Advice to Students

In the most current assessments held in Nov 2017, over 90 cases of infringement/ offense of Directions to Examinees, which suggests to use of unreasonable methods, were reported.

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( 1 ) Writing on the concern paper [other than Student’s Roll Number at the specified place].

( 2 ) Composing in the response book or additional book of evaluation, e.g. Roll Number [other than the specified space]/ Registration Number, Call, Mobile number, inappropriate Remarks, irrelevant notes and so on

( 3 ) Possession of product inside the evaluation hall/ room/washroom/ other reachable premises, e.g. writing/copying product/ books/ notes/ composing on desk/writing on writing pad/geometric box/admit card (appropriate for the day of the evaluation or otherwise), cellphone [either in switched off mode or otherwise], I Pod, tablet and so on

( 4 ) Looking for sympathy/making appeal on response sheets, e.g. moms and dad or relative died, consulted with mishap/ was hospitalized/ award marks/minimum needed marks, temptation to examiner/writing irrelevant and unassociated remarks etc.

( 5 ) Writing/making in the answer book or extra response book differentiating marks– e.g. religious signs, prayers, Om, Swastika, 786, and so on

( 6 ) Other violations For e.g.

  • Not handing over the response book at the conclusion of the defined time
  • Taking away the answer book home
  • Misbehaving with the assessment functionaries.
  • Use of various inks, Highlighter.

    The above cases are thought about by the Assessment Committee of the institute in accordance with the provisions of Policy 41, checked out with Regulation 176, of the Chartered Accountants Laws,1988 The choice taken by the Committee includes cancellation of result and restrain from appearing in the assessment in future.

    In view of the above and to keep themselves disciplined, trainees are recommended to download the Directions to examinees (Students) supplied along with the confess card, from the site, read them carefully & familiarize themselves with the same to prevent falling within the ambit of unfair ways causing preventable problems like cancellation of result and limit from appearing in the assessment in future.


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